Sunday, April 13, 2008

Look Before You Kick

Clumsy me kicked on the leg of the bed…OUCCHHHHH…ADDOIIIII…….NIAMAHHH....%$@#*&^%.....and I instantly fell forward onto the bed, hands reaching out for the injured foot. foot looked something like this…..

The fourth toe bent something close to 70 degrees towards the little toe. Seimou!…It looked so weird and on impulse, I gave it a push and I heard a soft ‘SNAP’ and the toe settled back into position. Ahh…looks as good as before. A cold compress and some Voltaren gel and then to roll it up in grib-bandage should do the trick.

Woke up this morning and I realised the foot is unable to bear my weight and there is swelling at the base of the toes. Went to the doctor's and had imaging done…oh…oh….there is a phalange fracture. Doctor’s prescription – a buddy splint and some oral medication to relieve pain and swelling and to rest the foot.

Lesson learned - 'Look Before You Kick.' And this has to happen when I am going off for a break in 11 days time. WAAAAAAAaaaaaa……….

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  At 4:53 PM Blogger angeles said:
fulamak... why did u kick the bed woh? apa babapenang buat to u?? haha..

must hv been a Great Kick... sampai your jari bengkok until liddat...

get well soon! *peluk*

and wooooo... your horniday jadi, eh?? hooray!
  At 7:04 PM Blogger Chev said:
sorry to hear that nyonya
i can imagine the pain.. :(

hope u get well soon.
Ouch !!!!

What have you got against your bed, eh ??? :)

I hope you will get well soon.
Take care.
Happy belated birthday, nyonya!

OMG @ your toes. Hope they recover soon.
  At 11:54 AM Anonymous Kopi Soh said:
Aiyo wa kha meh khee pai pai that in 11 days time u can go on your break. Please please ang khong heal Nyonya's fracture....pls pls pls pls
  At 1:02 PM Anonymous said:
why u hate the bed lar? nvm lar. give it 2-3 weeks should be ok liao. phalange fracture no big problem one as long as u give it VERY GOOD REST!
  At 8:39 PM Blogger sengkor said:
toe nail so long if wear socks how ah..? will bocor ka?
  At 8:40 PM Blogger sengkor said:
oppss sorry.. 'Get well soon..' :P
Hi Angeles,

Bad judgement loh....was not careful when 'sau korner' near the bed and terus tendang leg-on.... got the foot of the bed jabbed between toe number 4 and little toe.

Thanks for the peluk....gua peluk lu balik jugak. :)

Ya, itu horniday ar...aisehman...hoepfully boleh jalan properly by then. :)
Hi Chev,

Veli pain loh....I was yelping away "adoiiii....ayahhh.yahhhh....".

Thanks for your kind wishes. I need to get well soon....mau pigi kai-kai liao.
Hi Aiyah Nonya, nothing against the bed. Was my own carelessness...veli loon-choon loh.

Thank you for the kind wishes.

You have a great week ahead.
Hi Day-Dreamer,

Kamsiah for your kind wishes.

hehehehe....the toes really looked weird a tree sudah tumbang lidat. I straightened it up but now still got swelling a bit. Should be ok by next week.
Hi Kopisoh,

Ya...sure need your help to seek divine blessings. Kamsiah....kamsiah.
I want to enjoy my horriday. :)
Hi Ehon,

No hate the bed lar...hahahhahaa....

Sendili veli loon-choon lor.....Hope to get well enough to walk in 10 days time. :)

So for now, can 'kiow-khah' and need to do work...Just sit and boss people around...hehehehe....
Hi Sengkor,

Not long lar....My socks also no bocor. BTW what type of socks you use? Made of tissue paper one ar? hahahhahaa.....

And thanks for your kind wishes.
what did you kick at bed?

see at your toe it must be very powerful!
  At 2:01 PM Blogger savante said:
Aiks. Sakitnya. But I notice your lovely pink nails :)
  At 2:10 PM Anonymous melbie said:
ouch! That must've really hurt (duh!) ... hope you'll be fine when it's time for the holidays :)
Hi Pisang goreng,

Clumsy and careless = broken toe.

I think must wear safety shoes liao hor? hahahahah.....
Hi Savante,

Oh ya, it hurt bad. I was yelping away. But surprisingly, there were no tears. :P

And thanks for your compliments. :)
Hi Melbie,

It sure was painful then but now getting better can walk 'senget-senget' lidat lar. ^0^

I pray too that it heals fast for me to enjoy my holidays. :)

You have a nice day, Melbie.
aikes. pain pain lor, now how? better or not? jaga diri ya.... and selamat berholiday.
Hi Oscar's Mummy,

Now I can walk senget-senget and not painful unless I salah pijak. The foot still cannot tahan my feipoh weight yet. Doctor said should be OK by next week but have to go jumping like a monyet yet. ^0^

Thanks for your kind wishes and you have a great day too.
  At 1:30 PM Blogger Angeleyes said:
Adoi!!!! When I saw the bandaged toes I can feel your pain... Hope they recover before your hornyday!
  At 2:26 PM Blogger Nightwing said:

That sure is painful oo...

Hope by now it is ok liaw.
  At 3:06 PM Blogger Pi Bani said:
Aiyah, can imagine the pain even if there was no fracture whatsoever! Hopefully you'll get well enough before the holidays. Tapi nanti time holiday kalau kaki sudah baik pun you still walk senget-sengat lah... then can still boss people around... hehehe...
get well soon!
  At 10:31 PM Anonymous zeroimpact said:
Hope you recover soon and have a great break ahead of you
Hi Angeleyes,

It was painful but now healing well. Lucky thing past 2 days I had to attend full-day classes, so no need to walk too much. Now using slippers and I hope to be able to put on my walking shoes next week. :)
Hi Nightwing,

Still in bandage and healing well. I can walk senget-senget but have to be very careful lest someone stepped on it.

You have a nice day. :)
Hi Pi Bani,

It sure was sakiiitttsss! But I was surprised tears wor? hahhahaaa....

The good doctor said it should be OK by next week but reminded me not to over-exert it...definitely no break-dancing allowed. :P And bossing people around is 'encouraged' if it aids healing. KAKAKAKAKA......
Hi Daniel,

Thanks so much. **hugssss...**
Hi Zeroimpact,

Thank you so much. This holiday is gonna be a blast.

You have a great day. :)
  At 8:35 PM Blogger jepunlauee said:
Hope your toes is getting better now....must be very painful,hor???
Hi Jepunlauee,

Kena that time sakit loh. Now healing well. Thanks so much for your kind words.

BTW, how's the weather over your side? Must be beautiful spring time now. Read in the local dailies that on 4th April every year there is this Sumo Festival or something. hmmm...must make plans to visit Japan one of these days.

You have a nice day. :)
  At 7:00 AM Anonymous suituapui said:
Sumting wrong with my connection last few days! Couldn't comment! Anyway, hope u're better now!!! Why lah...u think u karate expert kah??? LOL!!! So go for ur break, no high heels, ya!!!! Have a nice time!!!
  At 1:36 PM Blogger William said:
Good excuse to take a break! Get well soon. :)
Hi Suituapui, karate lar...more like miscalculation. I miscalculated my step.

Definitely no high-heels for the next few months. Tua liao...feet cannot take the stress.

Thanks so much for your kind words. :)
Hi William,

but...but...I need to do a lot of walking during this break wor? I guess I'll just have to go gentle on jumping, no skipping, no hopping.
  At 3:35 PM Blogger frostier said:
ouch. like they say. No pain no gain

hehe.. anyway, get well soon
  At 1:45 AM Blogger Kenny Ng said:
I got it before on my last toe for both legs, I can felt how pain you were... get well soon.
Hi Frostier,

Thanks for the kind wishes. Aiyoh...veli mahfun lar...wanna go jalan-jalan pun takbleh. :(
Hi Kenny,

What??? You broke 2 of your little toes??? Playing football ar? Aiyah gua ini satu pun sakitsss so much...for you, it must be 2 times the pain.

Thanks for your kind wishes. You have a great wek ahead.
  At 12:33 PM Blogger JoMel said:
I am too late in Sayanging that toe!! Sorry.

Nyonya, can you send me your email address ( Thanks.
  At 1:01 AM Blogger zewt said: