Thursday, March 06, 2008

There Goes $$$$$$.....

When the water meter shows lower than ‘normal’ readings, you can bet you don’t have to do anything and the Water Supply Department will send their guys over in no time at all. No need for any phone calls from your part….No need to make any reports….No need to feel flustered to being pushed from pillar to post. You can be quite certain the workmen will come by to change the faulty meter than gives ‘abnormal’ readings.

But when it is the other way around…when the meter reads abnormally high readings…ahhh….you gotta call them up and make a report and then they will send their guys over. Despite leaving them your contact number and giving specific instructions in the report for them to call beforehand, some how or other, they prefer to come by when everybody is out of the house during the day. You come home to find a note in the mailbox saying the guys were here at what time..what time and that the gate was locked and that nobody was around. The Water Supply fellas do that, the guys from Telekoms do that…the chap from Electricity Board does that…..sighhhhhssss……

And they said the water meter works fine. So, they suggested that only Syabas approved plumbers be appointed to determine the cause of the high readings and the plumber came by this morning. What else? The piping has to be re-done. There goes another bundle $$$$$.....

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These people all like that de. Same like TM. Bill late pay a bit, they cut your line so fast. But after you make all the necessary payments, they take so long to resume your line...
  At 1:01 AM Blogger angeles said:
Aihhhh... u got water problem, I got electricity problem.. dunno what happened to one of the fius... cis... very malang! :(
i think its the same everywhere else lar. here also same thing!! esp what day-dreamer said. they cut ur bill fast, re-connect slow. haihs!
  At 4:56 PM Anonymous suituapui said:
Same what! People overcharge u, u give them living hell! If they undercharge u, u quiet quiet walk happy! True or not?
  At 12:02 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:
Hi Nonya, next time you put on a soft about to go to bed voice and call them, say you about to have your shower, to please come repair the meter.
You'll hear skid marks a block away, heh heh heh.
And sure see at least 8 guys coming to repair your meter.
Maybe can think of digging a well in your backyard? Cheaper too. Bye. Anon.
i don't want to grow up to deal with all this issues!!!
  At 5:34 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:
nvm lor..$$$ don't go..bigger $$$ don't come in one...
  At 11:27 PM Blogger savante said:
Does sound like a pipe leak somewhere. Aiks. TIme to pay the plumbers.

Just hope he's cute :)
Hi day-dreamer,

Why does it have to be lidat leh? Service is down to the dumps! :(
Hi Angeles,

Someone once told me that the only place where there is no more problem is at the cemetery woh...aikssss.....
Hi Ehon,

Try cancelling the phone service and TRY to get back the deposit paid.....TUNGGGUUUUUUUU.....nia lar.
Hi Suituapui,

No lar....I only will ask back what is rightly mine...bukan gua mia...gua tak mau.
Hi Anonymous,

Aiyoh....lidat can meh? Sounds like it can only happen in the movies loh. hahahaha......
Hi Daniel Henry,

It's so 'unhappening' hoh? hahahhah
Hi Laundryamah,

Hi Savante, know of any cute ones? hehehehee.....
  At 3:31 AM Blogger PEARLY said:
hi dear :
every way the same even in UK you need them it take a week to arrive some more got to be their time , everyone seem to thing we have noting to do just sit at home.
by the way if the pipe proper should there repair it and not on your account ?
cos in UK if the pipe is outside the home make the bill sky up it as there say your mister is fine ,mean there didn't look after the pipe have a leak some way , you should tell them to get a repair or els you will give them eye pains on the phone .
I wish you good lucky on this . I hate this ppl too xxxxx
have a lovely weekend xxx
  At 9:53 PM Blogger Chev said:
very sien huh?
Hope everything is okie by now after the plumber redo the piping..
Hi Pearly,

Same-same over here. Supposedly to make appointment first but hardly ever follow through. I have experienced it with them telling me they'd come by say 10am but make me sit and wait until 12 noon. Really rubber time one!

The water guy came to check and can be expected they'd put the blame on us and said nothing wrong with their meter.
Hi Chev,

$$$$$$ fly out...peace reign again.yayyyyyy!