Friday, February 22, 2008

Do I Look Like A BIG LULU?

The car battery died on me when I was at the tint-shop to collect the car. Aisehman, I can remember clearly that it was not too long ago that I changed a new battery and a quick call to the motor workshop, CITIREAN AUTO SERVICES SDN BHD at Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya confirmed that the battery is less than a year old and still under warranty. The guys at the tint-shop helped to jumpstart the car so that it can be driven straight to the mechanic. Test..test here and test, test there….okie….the battery is faulty and the warranty stands.

Then the lady boss of CITIREAN AUTO SERVICES SDN BHD said that they no longer carry this particular brand of battery and that I leave the faulty battery there for her to claim a new unit from the HQ of the supplier. And as she now no longer carry/sell this brand, she suggested that I buy another new unit of another brand from her at RM320 per unit and then she will claim the replacement unit from the supplier.

“Wah so expensive ar this new brand?” I asked

“Aiyoh…batteries increased price a lot loh.” she answered.

I told her I remember I bought the existing one at RM280 only.

“That brand also increased price now. It should be RM320 or thereabouts liao”, she said.

I then asked her what am I suppose to so with an extra battery. She said that she will give me a cash refund for the faulty unit and then she will sell the new unit. Okie. But then I asked here how much refund she is giving me? I expected nothing less than RM280, so that means I will have to pay her RM40 if I were to take the new XX brand. Wah. …she twisted and turned and spun a tale and was non-committal on the price. I pushed on and she said she will refund me the price that the supplier charged her, which is her cost price lar….which is definitely is very much less than RM280.

“Hey, mana betul lidat?” I asked.

“Okie, lidis. I get credit note from supplier and I refund you the amount.” she said.

She wants to refund me the cost price and then sell the replacement unit at a marked-up end-user price. She thinks she is the only one with brains ar?


Preposterous!!!! Kepala otak dia ini…..she already profited when I bought the battery last year. And now when it is still under warranty she tried to pusing-pusing around and make from both ends. Warranty means replacement one for one and this cunning woman wants to profit from 3 ends - the old unit, new XX brand unit and when she sells the new replacement unit.

Do I look like a BIG LULU? hahahahahah..........

In the end I decided to deal direct with the HQ and I got a brandnew unit for free and without fuss. Thanks to CENTURY AUTOMOTIVE PRODUCTS SDN BHD.

Addendum: Can you all see the BIG NAME up there? hehehee.....

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  At 2:25 PM Blogger _butt said:
salute nyonyapenang! I think hor, if I were you, I'll kena telan by the lady boss bulat bulat... even reading this I had to sloowly digest the info... :(

Happy Weekend! :D
  At 2:36 PM Anonymous ehon said:
pandai! lol. why didn't u post the mechanic's shop name? then everyone knows mar. kekekeke. and u should tell the lady boss u're a blogger ler. don't play play..
  At 3:32 PM Blogger Nightwing said:
You go girl!!

Don;t let them take u for a ride..:)

But seriously..battery price really had gone up (come to think of it, everything is up except salary).

U have a great weekend now.
  At 4:25 PM Blogger angeles said:
wah liao... itu pompuan really *&^%$#@!@!
  At 5:06 PM Blogger PEARLY said:
wow lit that also can ka ... lucky you make a right move she is taking you for a ride , she really think you are LULU but you are NOT ler You are MISS Nonyapenang ... *clip clip thumb up " well done my lovely xxxxxxxxxx
  At 7:53 PM Blogger William said:
So greedy one! Harga plumbum melambung-lambung!
Hi _butt,

I just didn't expect that from her...the shop has been in the neighbourhood for years and we 'know' each other. Lidat also want to telan sama gua. sheeesssh....
Hi Ehon,

Gua followed your advice....I posted up the name BUSAR-BUSARRRR....^O^
Hi Nightwing,

It's a pity really, that these money-faced business people don't think of the consequences of their actions. They probabbly don't believe in building trust and customer loyalty.

They can con some of the people some of the time, but they cannot con all the people all the time.

You have a great weekend too. :)
Hi Angeles,

Itu pompuan insulted my intelligence and if she ever telan sama gua bulat-bulat, gua guarantee her INDIGESTION and CONSTIPATION together.
Hi Pearly,

We just have to be alert of these types....just too many around waiting to sink their teeth on unsuspecting customers.
This woman...maybe she thought I dunno how to count lar. hahhahaa

You have a great weekend with your loving family. :)
Hi William,

Ya...very greedy, indeed. I posted the name up...give her some wonderful publicity. hahahahah.....
  At 1:13 AM Blogger Will said:
wahlau... so greedy indeed...
  At 8:31 AM Blogger Bengbeng said:
Good for u! I didnt know batteries so expensive. The last time I changed batteries for my car it was Rm160 and was two years ago. I am driving a 1600cc car.

From now on, I will take better care of my car battery. But really inflation is terrible but the rich people in the govt do not seem to have noticed it
  At 10:24 AM Blogger Hazel said:
An award for you. Have a nice day.
  At 8:25 PM Blogger Kenny Ng said:
So tamsim ah... aiyoh...

Oh yah, come claim your award faster ah... hehe.
  At 9:46 PM Blogger frostier said:
u r quick witted. Luckily that you aren't Lulu after all.
Another lansi person. Sigh. These business people really like to tiok, tiok and tiok.

Anyway, have a good weekend!

sold out they want but claim back they dunwan....

all like this.....
wan profit oni.......
i hate dealing with car workshops.
SUPER HATE. next time i call you ya. LOLs!
  At 8:00 PM Blogger ah nel said:
everytime they saw girl go repair car they will chop n chop...
  At 9:16 PM Anonymous Sue said:
Ya like tat one mechanic shop...
trying to swindle a bit..
Hi Will,

She is so greedy, indeed.....openly wanna 'swallow' me whole. :(
Hi Bengbeng,

And I noticed too that batteries don't seem to last long...slightly over a year and then kaput liao. The workshop fellas will recommend "this one good, that one good...maintenance-free need battery water etc..." and this made in Malaysia unit I had, 'kaputted' within 10 months. Jialat hor?

This INFLATION's just like having a noose tightening round the neck...not too slowly but surely.
You going to the polls on Mar 08 2008?
  At 4:50 PM Anonymous suituapui said:
What car u drive, nyonya? How big is the battery? Why so expensive? Mine used to cost around RM80, but now inflasi...oredi over RM100.

And they usually last a number of years! U people sit inside aircon on, play romantic music...;that's why battery fast-fast go flat!

Once mine lasted 5 years, still ok...but I got it changed. Didn't want to get stranded halfway. Mechanic scolded me, said if depend on me for bizniz, no need eat oredi!
  At 6:07 PM Anonymous Pazuzu said:
hi hi .. Pazuzu from Kuching dropping u a big "HI~~~~~~~~" :D
Hi Hazel,

Thank you so much for your kind thoughts. You are such a sweetie. :)
I hop by soon....have been very busy. I am terribly late in my replies here too.

You have a nice day. :)
Hi Kenny,

I think she do business using parang wan hor? Semua kasi chop....chop...chop...

Thanks for remembering me with the awards. :)
Hi Frostier,

I almost laughed out loud at her face. Perhaps, she is the LULU to think that I am a BIG LULU. hahahaha..
Hi Day-Dreamer,

Very teruksss mia orang loh. Not honest hor?
Hi Pisanggoreng,

Doing business is to make money lar..and I am not against that. What gua takbleh tahan is she cuba telan sama gua bulat-bulat. :(
Hi Daniel Henry,

They are certainly not my favourite group of people to deal with but then, all that we are asking for is some honesty.
Hi Ah Nel,

But this shop hor, has been in my neighbourhood for soooo long liao, we practically know each other. See lar...what she tried on me? Boh lor eong wan!
Hi Sue,

The thing is that it's a neighbourhood shop and we are familiar with each other. I have sent my previous cars to her over the years and she just have to spoil the relationship this time around. Stoooopid lor!
Hi Suituapui,

Wooei...mana lu beli itu EXTRA LONG LIFE batteri harga RM80 mia? Since the day I started driving, I have never bought a battery that cheap. The cheapest, if I can remember, was something over RM120 or so AND the longest they lasted was 2 years plus nia.

Nowadays, they promote these maintenace-free batteries, supposedly less hassle and easier to jaga BUT very short life one. :(
Everytime they will also say, "Eh, you dunno meh? Battery naik harga veli, veli high loh!"
Hi Pazuzu,

Welcome...welcome to my little space here. I hopped over to your place but I regret to say I cannot read Chinese but you do post great pictures. I like them. :)

Do come by and visit again whenever you are free.

You have a great day.
  At 12:11 PM Anonymous cibol said:
lucky u go deal with the HQ .. gud la, practice our right owes. :)
  At 10:44 AM Blogger doc said:
shows that women can be cunning & business-minded.

i wonder if she would do the same if you were a man?