Thursday, January 03, 2008


First, I read of an 18 year-old Singaporean girl doing brisk business by putting up pictures of her worn-unwashed thongs, panties and bras as well as pictures of her posing in the undies, and selling the items online.....her ingenious way to raise money to finance her studies....

I was kinda incredulous when I read the above until I read something else…of a hawker’s helper by the name of Hong who actually called up the Press to find out where to buy the used/soiled panties. He was reported to be willing to fork out RM690 to buy a pair of worn and unwashed panties in the hope that it would change his luck. Apparently, his friend had won RM230,000 in a lottery after putting such panties on his head (this takes the cake!) six years ago. The friend spent RM460 to buy the panties.

Tolonnnnnggg....gua mau pengsanssssss liao........kedeboommmm....

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  At 2:02 AM Blogger angeles said:
Hahaha!! Sorry hahahaha I can't hahaha help it hahahahaha!! OMG hahahahaha! Wa hahaha beh tahan hahahaha!
  At 2:59 AM Anonymous Dawn said:
That is so gross!!! Yeah, I would pengsan myself!!
Must be some pervert!
  At 8:39 AM Blogger sengkor said:
can chck if my stained spenders can bring any luck to the ladies? i wanna sell them also..
I cant believe such things! How can people sell & buy such items? Geez! very gross! I am not only faint, but vomit reading this!
Hmmm, I got 45 pairs of underwear wor, maybe can do business but sadly they are all clean so boh tat keh i sapose.
  At 12:42 PM Blogger Sasha said:
like dat also can? i tot they say very SUEY after they kena the head? hahahah like firehorse i also have many torn undies.. i wonder how much they are willing to pay :D
  At 2:15 PM Blogger famil said:
that poor girl had to sell the undies to pay her uni fees..

she grossed SGD135 per undie. thats a lot for pasar malam undies oo..
  At 2:35 PM Blogger ah nel said:
mine got hole wan those lady wana buy bo as they can wear it as mask...i make sure thre a whole for yeyes,nose n mouth... ;)
Hi Angeles,

Just imagine him walking around with a pair of dirty panty on his head!!!
Hi Dawn,'s's disgusting.
Hi Stay-At-Home Mum,

How does putting dirty panties on the head help to improve his luck huh? I thought it's always, the harder you work, the luckier you get, no?
Hi Sengkor,

Why don't you send some pictures of you in those undies and post it up? I can help to be your agent. hahahaha..
Hi Rose,

The things that people are willing to'll just never guess.
Hi Firehorse,

Dirty ones fetch premium prices...clean one, get one free. HAHAHAHAH.....
Hi Sasha,

SUEY maybe during our great-grandmother's, must be very 'ornghh'.hahhhaaa...
Alamak...why you keeping torn undies??? To do patchwork ar? hahahah
Hi Famil,

Ya, that's what I heard too...very laku lar...
Hi Ah Nel,

Err...I suggest you keep those undies first...then when you become a fehmes 'politikus'...ah...baru take out to auction. Sure laku wan. ^O^
i come and bid for sengkor's spenders.. five dollahh..
  At 6:44 PM Blogger Pi Bani said:
Huh? Nyonya Penang sudah pengsan?! Call the ambulance... NO! NO! call the bomba... kasi spray water sampai dia bangun!!!

Aiyoh... the things people would do for money... GILA!!
  At 7:10 PM Anonymous suituapui said:
mistipurple, if together with the person wearing, how much u bid leh? 5.50 enough hor? Better bid for mine! XXXXXtra big, sure fatt BIG BIG chai!!! LOL!
  At 7:56 PM Blogger Nightwing said:
Hahaha....i just finished my dinner.:)
  At 8:29 PM Blogger jepunlauee said:
Wahhh..I didnt know never washed panties can be sold...hehe...if he contact me,I would not mind selling him mine...more easy for me,no need to wash...then I can buy new sets again when I receive his money...hahahah..Tapi pity the post man nia..coz banyak BUSUK lo,when he bring my panties to that man address...hahahahah
Hi Mistipurple,

hahhahaa....I like your style...bidding without seeing/checking the goods.

So, Sengkor...ok boh...5 dollars wor? Going once...going twice...
Hi Pi Bani,

Thanks for your quick action...the water nearly drowned me though. hahhaha...

If you have seen that girl's site, you would have fainted too. ^O^
Hi Suituapui,

You should auction a few pieces and help raise funds for the school building fund. As a farewell gift from a beloved Cikgu mar.
Hi Nightwing,

Hope it did not bring up your dinner. hahahahah....
Hi Jepunlauee,

According to that seller, the dirtier the panties, the higher price it fetch wor. **eeewwwww....**
haahhaaa! if sengkor slow to accept bid, i bid five dollahhh fifty for suituapui's!!
  At 3:34 PM Anonymous suituapui said:
Aiyor, mistipurple...mine is at least 5 times bigger than Sengkor's (My s'penders, I mean!!!) so bid lah a little bit higher! Twenty-five dollah...twenty-five going...going...
  At 10:00 PM Blogger Chev said:
really beh tahan
really pervert

especially the second part, regarding the hawker who wanted to put the soiled panties on the head. Really no eye see. LOLOLOL
Hi Chev,

Ya lor...dunno got something wrong with them or not?
  At 12:50 AM Blogger Marsha M said:
some people are just so damn desperate lah to make it rich! damn disgusting. if I want to become rich, that means I can put my own unwashed underwear over my own head and then go to Genting casino and win big money, rite or not?

I try and let you know whether I win or not, ok?
Hi Marsha,

What will they think of next? Beats me.