Sunday, November 25, 2007

A Hungry 'Suakoo'

I passed by the shop at about 6.00pm and saw a queue and told myself, “Nevermind….come back later, say, 9.00pm or so." It should be a better time...the dinner crowd should be gone by then and I would be able to enjoy my meal in peace sans people with hungry faces standing round my table willing me to finish up quick. I just hate that.

9.30pm and this was what I saw….the narrow street was practically dark and quiet, save for this corner shop. Just look at the queue spilling onto the road. Holy Honey! What is so special about the food that people are willing to risk life and limb standing patiently at the roadside by a dirty drain? The only way to find out…I go join the queue myself.

After 25 minutes or so of waiting, the young ‘hostess’ pointed out a table that was being cleared. She told me that I can go fill up my food tray while she gets ready the sauce pot. By that time, my tummy was already growling and I was in no mood for niceties. .... I went straight for the food counter and returned to my table with this to be dipped into a pot of boiling spicy peanut sauce sitting on a stove.

A ‘suakoo’s’ first taste of Satay Celup Melaka.

Taste-wise, bolehlah. It is similar to ‘lok-lok’ in KL and Penang….only difference is the cooking style. For 'lok-lok', we dip the skewers of food in a boiling pot of water and then into the different bowls of sauces, as per preference. For Satay Celup Melaka, we ‘celup’ the skewers of food in a boiling pot of thick peanut sauce. hmmm...made me wonder what they do with the leftover sauce after each group are done with their 'celups'.

Price-wise, cheaplah……flat rate @ 60sen per stick only, irrespective of meats, gizzards, seafood, fishballs, sotongballs, eggs, taufoo, foochuk or vegetables…. all….semua…hampalang pun 60sen per cucuk nia.

And oh ya….even those sticks of good-sized prawns, which normally go for about RM50 to RM60 per kg at wet markets, are priced the same, a mere 60sen per stick. BUT these extra-large prawns are never displayed at the counters but only offered to patrons who eat a lot of the other types of 'sticks'. The towkay and his assistants will walk around the tables and see how much you have eaten. The more ‘cleaned-out sticks’ you have on your table, the more big prawns he will send your way…...a ‘bonus’ of sorts.

Me? I was rewarded with only 2 big, juicy prawns because I did not polish off that many sticks of the other foods. Suakoo or no-suakoo, I still gotta look after the waistline, right?

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  At 10:20 PM Blogger angel said:
I lagi suaku lor... I haven't tried before... last time we were in Melaka, it was too early, no open yet..
reminded me of the satay that i missed so much! arhhhhhhhhhh :P
  At 5:29 AM Blogger PEARLY said:
OOOO MY GOD ... it just remind me the day me anuty penny and her whole family my dad and wen and my 3 money went to PJ for a good food like wat u got there I love it la .. wish I were there with you sit side by side to enjoy it xxxxxxx
  At 9:09 AM Blogger Wennnn said:
Waaaa U made my mouth water lor!! I wanna go bek and hv it la...
  At 2:50 PM Anonymous suituapui said:
What? This suakoo halfway across the world has eaten that!! Last time Jalan Petaling got!!!Last time stayed Hotel of the better hotels but not as famous as today!LOL! But I don't like to cook the things in satay sauce like dat!!! In Singapore, Newton Circus...they provide boiling water for the cooking...and then u dip in satay sauce served in a bowl like eating satay satay!
  At 3:04 PM Blogger Nightwing said: long as enjoy the food, no need to worry abt waist line...:)
  At 3:35 PM Anonymous shooi said:
Wah looks good! Makes me feel like heading towards the nearest Lok Lok stall after work.
Hi Angel,

Togeder-geder suakoo lar.....hahahaha... First time seeing lok-lok lidat one...terus dip into the peanut sauce.

Can arrange another trip to Melaka liao....very near nia need naik kapal terbang wan.
Hi Winniethepooh,

We can go for satay celup when you are back here for holidays. :)
Hi Pearly,

oooh....on your next trip back here, we must go together and sit next to each other....I celup for you and you celup for me....:)
Hi Wennnn,

We go and 'celups' togeder-geder when you come visiting again. :)
Hi Suituapui,

I have eaten 'lok-lok' but it was my first time tasting Satay Celup Melaka whereby they 'celup' straight into the sauce.

I also prefer the type you mentioned....cook in the boiling water first, then dip into our choice of sauce.
Hi Nightwing,

Must jaga waistline. If out of shape then cannot fit into my kebaya, how?
Hi Shooi,

hahhaha......another foodie who enjoys lok-lok. Go....have your fill. :)
  At 9:25 AM Anonymous JL said:
oooh... the famous satay celup... gua also belum pernah coba wor...
  At 11:25 AM Blogger Pi Bani said:
If waist already out of line, can melantak or not?
hope the already celup sauce would not be 'recycle' again...he..he..
I remember satay celup! Very nice and very addictive too. But I haven't had them in ages, cos only in Malacca got, right?
  At 10:49 PM Blogger ilene said:
Aiyoh, long long time no eat this 'lok lok'! Must revisit all my favourite eateries, if they're still in existence lah!
  At 1:51 AM Blogger Winn said:
kl also got meh??????? i only had this once in mlk..
  At 2:11 AM Blogger J.T. said:
Oh gosh... it has been years since I had Satay Celup. I love it and it seems especially delicious in good company.

I should make it a point to feast on it the next time I return to Malaysia. With so much to catch up on, I wonder if I will get a chance to eat it. :)
  At 11:44 AM Blogger savante said:
While digging around the pot, did you find any leftover goodies? It's like a treasure hunt!
  At 3:20 PM Blogger may said:
I ate this also, long long long LONG time ago! after awhile I didn't think it anything special, also 'cos I'm not too crazy about the satay sauce...
  At 5:01 PM Blogger William said:
Sendiri bawak the sticks so that you can simulate being a good customer!

I've never had satay celup before...
Hi jl,

Same-same like lok-lok oni but you celup directly into the sauce.

Macam gua, belum coba, then mesti coba satu kali. :)
Hi Pi Bani,

Eat then go for 2-kilometre jog. :D
Hi Sweet Jasmine,

A very warm welcome to you! Come...come...let me serve you roti bakar and kopi.

Err...they kept topping up the sauce pot as we were eating and when we finished, the almost-full pot was taken back into the kitchen. What they did with it, I am not too sure.

Thanks for popping by and do come again, anytime.

Have a nice day.
Hi Giddy Tiger,

This type of Satay Celup is a Melaka original, I think. KL and Penang-types are those cooked in boiling water first and then dipped in sauce.

I am not too crazy over it but can lah...can sapu a few sticks once a while.
Hi Ilene,

Got time must go jalan-jalan and look for good makan....ahh....this one, my favourite past time.
Hi Winn,

I don't think I have seen this type of Satay Celup in KL. We have our KL lok-lok.
Hi j.t.

You are taste specially good in good company. :)

When you are back here....go one round feasting on all your favourite food and you may end up 2 kg heavier when you fly home to US. :D
Hi Savante,

Left over 'goodies'???? Errr...errrrm...aiyerrrr.....someone's dentures? HAHAHHAHAHA......
Hi May,

I am not really into it also. Gimme...gimme tiramisu or any other sinful desserts, anytime. :D
Hi William,

Good idea wor! Make sure you bring your own packet of seasoned/used sticks...and feast on the huge prawns. Happy Celuping!
When I went to this stall at about 11pm,(the last time I was in Melaka) the queue was just as looooong!
  At 1:37 PM Anonymous suituapui said:
BTW, they count the sticks after u finish eating, rite??? Like dat, can break the sticks and hide inside the satay sauce!!! Eat free! LOL!!! 'Nya...whan ur waistline like mine, then u can start worrying! Now body shape like hour glass!!! How many hours in the gym everyday?
  At 10:00 PM Blogger Chen said:
i love satay celup. I had it three times in the past. Haven't eat those good stuff for years. I think the last time I ate it was... 6 years ago? The last time I visited Malacca was in 2004, but didn't have time to try the delicacies :(
Hi Dr Chen,

Looks like it is time for you to go for some yummylicious celup-celupssss.
  At 4:49 PM Blogger doc said:
what left-over? the gravy is continuously recycled & you know what the secret is??

the more it's recycled, the more tasty it is. now, just think how many people had shared that pot with you that day???!!!

that's why i stay away from that stuff!!
  At 7:06 AM Anonymous mama bok said:
At 60 cents a stick..! i wanna live in Malaysia too...!!