Monday, September 03, 2007

Say Nothin'

Someone commented that of late, I am kinda missing-in-action…have been inconsistent and erratic in my updates and almost non-existent comments from me over at other blogs.

My a million apologies.

On the first part of inconsistent and erratic updates, I plead guilty. The first excuse would be work and more work, and with my less than perfect time-management skills, I slack in my updates. The second poor excuse of an excuse would be that the computer is less than co-operative at times. And the third, a thin-veil of an excuse is that sometimes, I do not have topics which I would feel good to write about and also worth your time to read. I hold by this rule – If I Have Nothing to Say, then, I Say Nothin'.

Going on to the second part of almost non-existent comments from me over at other blogs…..I recycle the above 3 excuses. But another fellow commented too, that commenting at other peoples’ blogs cannot be that time consuming, right? After all, it’s just 2 lines and not that you need to write an essay for a comment.

I agree, yes, a 2-line comment is as much a comment as a 3-paragraph comment BUT I beg to differ thenceforth. Past months, I have learned through personal observations of how people comment and respond and I have the good fortune to read some very sincere, honest-to-goodness-from-the-heart and thought-provoking comments and replies. Those were truly engaging, to say the least. And of course, there are those 'courtesy' and 'show-of-support' comments too, not any less appreciated though.

I have picked up valuable pointers from more experienced bloggers on commenting etiquette – do not comment for the sake of commenting and please, to shut the gap if there is nothing good to say; follow that golden rule – If I Have Nothing To Say, then, I Say Nothin'.

When time permits, I do blog-hop but I do not always leave my comments. For me, I’d like to give it some thought and I will try to give a meaningful and topic-related comment and sometimes, I have to admit that the subject matter really makes me scratch my head a little and often times too, I am lost for words. The words chosen, the sentence construction, the punctuation marks, the cheeky symbols (frownies and smileys) and the ‘tone’ of the words, etc….makes or breaks the comment. Even commenting on a hilarious and funny posting requires some thought to come up with a witty remark and come to think of it, it is not any easier because, ‘WIT’, like ‘STYLE’, you either have it or you don’t. Push the envelope and it may just reflect poor taste.

Have A Great Week Ahead!

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People start blogging for different reasons. I still hold on to my tots and reasonings as to "why i started my blog in the first place".

I think people shouldn't expect other fellow bloggers to keep updating even as what Nyonyapenang mention 'when we hv nothing to say'. I think one should not question why people have not been updating as everyone can be buzy with their life; or their circumstances changes and so do priorities. The real concern is only when your fellow bloggers (whom I'm sure some have become friends in real life) stopped blogging and the situations need ones to show some sincere concern (situation such as when they are sick, they need time to sort out certain situations etc)

Other than that, I really dont think anyone owes anybody an explanation as to why they hv been inconsistent, erratic or non existent. Bloggers blog when they want to share something. Readers have the freedom to choose when and what to read and so does the writer, the freedom to choose when and what to write. It is a priviledge that that fellow bloggers are willing to write and share their life (sometimes intimate stories of their life even), please do not take that as a right.

To Nyonyapenang, I have always enjoyed reading your posts. Thank you for sharing :)
  At 2:53 AM Blogger U.Lee said:
Hello NyonyaPenang, well posted, straight from your heart. Nyonya, I am one of the many admirers of your blog postings.
This much I can say about you, you have class. You have style, not to mention your evergreen eloquence. It is always a pleasure visit you.
And your this new Blog page with the red rose displays your personality as a gracious, charming lady, a real Nyonya lady, someone I am privilaged to have 'met' via blogging. Hope to really meet you in person some day, Nyonya.
I too have visited, been peeking at other bloggers postings, some I take a peek and run faster than a bank robber reading what they posted. Some are really down to earth lively, interesting postings that can be thought provoking or humourous or hilarious that calls me back again and again.
You can roughly judge a person's character and personality from his or her postings, and especially their comments, the good, the bad, the ugly.
I fully agree with you, if got nothing to comment, then go have a drink rather insert something that is uncomfortable to the author.
I believe, Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else.
If you cannot be a poet, be the poem.
You must have control of the authorship of your own destiny. The pen that writes your life story must be held in your own hand.
Nyonya, good posting. You have a nice day, UL.
  At 8:05 AM Blogger J.T. said:
Hi Nyonya

Good post and I am glad you said something about saying nothin'.

Leaving a comment in other blogs does not just take a minute of two. Reading a blog is one thing, leaving a comment is another. It can be time consuming especially when we want to put out well-thought opinions.

I believe as time goes by, most bloggers begin to have preferences. They will read and flock to blogs they like and comment, even if they have to re-visit to do that. Sometimes they remain silent.

I echo Winnie's comment - "I have always enjoyed reading your posts."
No matter how long you take to write an entry, I am certain when a new one comes out, it is worth every line and my time. You take care and thanks again, for this post.
  At 10:10 AM Anonymous suituapui said: about long comments and see what you get. Nyonya so busy...making money, more money and even more money, where got time to post so often. ya? LOL!!! So pandai cari money...dig, dig here and dig, dig there, terjumpa money also!!! Sigh!! Wish I had luck like that!
  At 10:18 AM Blogger may said:
it's ok, my dear. I know you're there, in the background, somewhere. I believe the memories shared outside of blogs are to be cherished more than comments on posts! ;-)
It is Ok with me.
I too at times do not know what to write about or how to comment. So, don't worry.

Have a nice day
  At 1:27 PM Anonymous mott said:
ha ha ..have to agree to agree.

i have seen many "just for the sake of' comments in feme blogs... and wonder if they're really sincere.

the fact that you've visited my blog, already makes me very happy.
  At 2:35 PM Blogger Pi Bani said:

Errr... no, I don't think we should even call that a "courtesy comment" lah... haha...

Yeah, you're right. If we have nothing to say, then just don't say anything. Why take the trouble clicking on the comments link just to say "no comment" in the comment box, right? :)
i think the 'heart' says it all. sometimes we 'know' when someone truly cares; with or without words. :)
  At 5:19 PM Blogger Winn said:
remember how ppl scribble the ' james wuz here' on the tree trunks or on the wooden classroom table? hehee......
  At 7:39 PM Blogger Chen said:
my dear nyonya, u dun have to apologise leh for inconsistent updates. Don't worry. I know u r somewhere out there ;)

Hopefully can meet up with u again. I will be in KL for few days end of this month :)
  At 9:48 PM Blogger PEARLY said:
Nyonya penang darling :

I am so glad you post this la , some time I like to look at all post of other blog but I don't know wat to comment on it or sometime I don't really wanted to comment cos like you say Nothing to comment ... you are dam right ,, nothing to say is better then saying something then ppl might not like , so I do agree with you .
Is your blog don't care want ppl think ,if someone don't like it one word .....(pppp off )

Cheer my lovely lady YOUR post is THE BEST I enjoy reading them xxxxxxxx
  At 8:51 AM Blogger a^ben said:
got update no update, next yr must find time to meet up with me for some dates` ahhaah! :D
  At 10:01 AM Blogger Ah Pek said:
Hahahahaa... you are finally a real blogger. That's why I don't comment much.

And for the same reasons you stated,

i oso don't reply to comments too much..
  At 10:53 AM Blogger savante said:
Take your time, nyonya. There's certainly no need to rush.
  At 12:44 AM Blogger Jonzz said:
We all have our goals when we started blogging but somehow along the way, we inevitably get influenced by the feedback from readers.

Maybe that's why so many bloggers stop blogging. They forget the joy and the purpose they started blogging when they stop blogging for themselves and blog to please others.
That is a sign to take a break and reflect. LOL.
  At 4:21 AM Anonymous Firehorse said:
I am kinda slowing down too so I cannot comment much for I totally understand where you are coming from :P
  At 10:31 AM Blogger Will said:
khai ma: take it easy... i agree with winnie's comment on "I really dont think anyone owes anybody an explanation" when it comes to blogging. ;)
  At 11:20 AM Anonymous suituapui said:
Yup! I oso agree! Just blog about wat u like...and when u like. In this world, u can't please everybody so just please urself!! Anybody doesn't like...don't read! Go read own blog or other people's lor!!! Why have to complain, complain??

P.S.: Gee! All call u khai ma! Wat I call u leh? Ah Moi??? Mei-mei??
  At 10:08 PM Anonymous Dawn said:
Very good post, you said it right! *Short and sweet*
Hi Winniethepooh,
Thank you so much for your understanding and for your kind words. I appreciate it lots.

You said it so well, Winnie and I couldn't agree with you more. We blog for our own reasons but somehow, sometimes, for me, I do get carried away...wah.... I see regular updates by other bloggers and I wish I can be as eloquent and 'productive' as they are. But then, something gives....I will write only what I want to write and not to 'pressure' myself to write just to fill up some space.
Same thing with posting comments....I want to be able to write relevant and meaningful comments.

You keep writing too, Winnie - I may not leave comments all the time, but I do take a peep.

Have a good day.
Hi Uncle Lee,
Thanks so much for your kind compliments and I am happy to know that you enjoy my most humble posts.

It is with encouragement from wonderful people like you that gives me so much motivation to write my thoughts and share my stories and I assure you, I am still learning and trying to improve further and I know I can count on you as one 'seasoned' blogger to share some valuable pointers.

I always look forward to read your comments, Uncle Lee...they motivate, titillate and humour me no end. Please keep them coming.

I am thrilled to know that you like my 'new look'..ah...the red-red rose...each time I log on to my own page and I smile to myself...its a real beauty and I like it very much too. I know you like roses, Uncle Lee - the post you put up on the many types of roses, all so breathtakingly beautiful.

Its my privilege too, to get to 'know' you here and sure, it will be my pleasure to meet you one day. I'll look forward to the day we can **clinggg** our glasses and say "Cheers!"

Thanks once again for your sincere support and motivation. You have a great day, Uncle Lee.
Hi j.t.,
Thank you...thank you....for your encouragement and support which means a lot to me. I enjoy reading your thoughtful comments and also your point of views which help to open my eyes. I have learnt alot from you, j.t. - from your writings in your blog as well as from your comments and replies. Just keep them coming.

You have a pleasant day.
Hi Suituapui,
Long or short, I appreciate them all....sincere, honest and straight from the heart. It delights me no end to know that the writer makes time to pen his/her meaningful comments and I am thankful for that.

Make money and more money and more money? No lar...make enough to live and to be able to indulge in my favourite past time...blogging. and of course, eating too. hehehe..

It is true to a point jugak...we blog what we like BUT then for me, I believe in self-censorship. Certain things I deem 'unbloggable' or 'uncommentable', then I stay away...never want to risk going over the line. :)

Ya lar.....these young fellas...they are ever so polite, so its 'khehmak/khaimah' for them.
You? can call me 'glam-mei' - short for glamorous mei-mei. HAHAHHAAH....

Have a nice day.
Hi May,
How are you? Busy 'creating' more beautiful memories? hahahaha...
I agree with you....beautiful memories to stay forever.....
Hi Aiyah Nonya,
Thanks alot. You are always so kind. Gee...if only I can post half as good as you do. You keep those posts coming, at your own pace, of course.
Hi Mott,
Thank you for your kind understanding.

Oh, I wish I can visit and comment at your place more often but I will try, nonetheless.

Take care and rest well. :)
Hi Pi Bani,
You are always so witty. hahahaaa..

For me, its more like I dunno how to comment, so you think I can type "TAK TAU KOMEN" ?
Hi Mistipurple,
Ya, we call that heart language!
Hi Winn,
Ya..ya...sure I remember. Now you remind me to look out for "Winn Was Here." :)
Hi Dr Chen,
Thank you...thank you.

Yes...I am somewhere out here waiting for Dr Chen to appear and we go for mum-mums and more mum-mums.....
Hi Pearly,
I always like your style of commenting...simple and straight from the heart.
Ya lar...many times I also stumped and don't know how and what to comment. So instead of simply talk, I'd rather read the other comments at the blog and then I learn from them.

You are so right too about not simply writing comments that people may not like or worse, we offend them. I blog because I enjoy making friends and no, I don't want to offend anybody at all.

Thank you, Pearly, you are always so kind to me. You have a nice day.
Hi a^ben, talking about those sweet-sweet dates from the Middle East for buka puaka wan ar? Can....can..this one, I likessss also. heheheh....
Hi Taikor Ah Pek,
So nice of you to pop in here. How have you been keeping? Heard you making pots of money and honey. hahhaah....Congrats!

Oh, I learned something form you already...a 'real blogger' talk less and listen more!

Thanks for dropping by. You have a pleasant day.
Hi Savante,
Thanks so much. I think sometimes, I am taking much, much longer than desirable.
Hi Jonzz, are right there...we jalan-jalan and jalan and then we got side-tracked and de-railed. Thanks for the reminder....a break would certainly do me good. :)
Hi Firehorse,
There were a few times I wrote out something and then after reading it again, I was not too satisfied and I just deleted them all. If I don't like it, then I don't think the readers will like its a 'no go'.

Thanks for being here with me. You have a nice day.
Hi Will,
You got it right, Will. If there is any 'explanation' required, then it will be to explain and convince myself that a certain post is worth posting up.

Thanks for your kind thoughts.
Hi Dawn,
Thank you.

Dare not write too long...lest I bore my readers to tears. hahhaha....
Nyonyapenang, when you have some free time, pop over to my blog, have something for u :)
  At 10:44 AM Blogger Nightwing said:
Hi there...first off..this is my first time to your blog. I came over by way of Uncle Lee's blog.

hehe..visited a number of blogs from Uncle Lee's.

Any way, good posting on this one.

Comments by winniethepooh spot on.

Its the same as talking/speaking...if have nothing to say better keep the mouth shut. Words that come out should be a blessing to other people.

You have a great weekend ahead. Cheers!!.
  At 6:04 PM Blogger Trinity said:
I'm inviting you to a magical carpet ride:

Come, it;s fun!

Hi Nightwing,
Welcome! Come on in. Coffee for you?

Noticed that you have been busy visiting in blogosphere and I am happy to know that you took time to pop by here. You are always welcome and please feel free to leave your kind comments; I appreciate them.

You said it so well - "Words that come out should be a blessing to other people.". Thanks once again, for sharing your thoughts.

Have a pleasant day.
Hi Winniethepooh,
Wah...saw your special invitation and I quickly flew over to your place pronto, even before I reply you here. hahaha...
Thanks so much for keeping me in your thoughts. I am so blessed. :)

Have a great day, Winnie.
Hi Trinity, I glad you pop by again and this time around, you are so kind to invite me on magic carpet ride. Thank you...thank you....I'll go check out my gear first. hahahaha...

Okie, maybe I can make my wish here...I wish that we be blessed with wonderful friends all round...friends like you.

Have a pleasant day.
  At 12:42 PM Blogger Nightwing said:
Hello Nyonyapenang, thanks for the warm welcome and ur visit to my carpe diem...:)

There seems to be a tag game going on...hope u don;t mind next time i tag u..hehe.
  At 10:29 AM Blogger William said:
Blog when you feel like it. Blog when you have the time. :). I support you NyonyaP!
Hi Nightwing,
The pleasure was mine to be able to hop over to your place and I'll try to visit you more often.

Tags? Oh, this I have to confess....errr....errm...I suffer from 'taglophobia'. hahahha....

You have a pleasant weekend.
Hi William,
Thank you so much for your support and motivation. It really makes me feel so good to know that I have wonderful friends like you....out there, somewhere......

You have a pleasant weekend too.
  At 4:09 PM Anonymous JL said:
nothing to say nothing to say loh hoh... not a crime ma... no worries ya ... relax and don't stress...

Ka yao Kak Nyonya!