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Those days when the boys were in primary and secondary schools are all long gone. Those days when I had to get up at the ungodly hour of 5.00am to prepare breakfast and get them ready for school…I don’t miss them days at all. 5.00am is the time when I find it best to curl and snuggle under the cosy comforter dreaming the sweetest of dreams and on mornings when it rains, ahhh….it makes it all the more difficult to get out of bed.

I am not a morning person but rather, a night-owl. Rise and Shine, they say. Sure, I will Rise and I will Shine, albeit a just a wee bit later and I shine best when I awake at 8.30am or after. Of course, there are days whereby I have no choice but to wake up much, much earlier…even before the cock crows, say, when I have a plane to catch or have some extra-early morning meetings, but then, these are far in between, so its fine with me and I would normally get to catch up with the sleep deficit later in the day. I need my sleep to stay sweet and pleasant and coherent.

And whenever I hear someone telling me that he has not slept the past 48hours or more or that for the past 2 weeks, he had been only able to catch 2 to 3 hours sleep per day, my heart goes out to him. Aiyoh...I’ll never be able to survive this torture. Sleep is very important to me. Period.

I have many friends whom I know are habitual early risers and they cannot sleep a minute too late. Bless them. They wake up like clockwork at the same unearthly hour each morning, nevermind if they had crawled in to bed only a couple of hours earlier and are none the worse for it - they would be wide awake and alert and as chirpy as a bird that had found a big fat worm….Amazing! And these perpetual cheerful souls have no qualms about calling you on the phone at 6.30am,.. gawd…. in their most bright and cheery voice, “You’re still sleeping ar?”
As if it’s the most unnatural thing to do. Geezzzz….

Sleeping-in a while longer is a little luxury I shamelessly indulge in and on days that I don’t go to work, I’ll wake unfashionably late. A friend once commented, “How can you sleep so late? As we grow older, we need less sleep one lar.”

A quick retort from me, "Hey, puleeezzz speak for yourself. Thank you."

See, when I am not sleep-deprived, I am sharp as a needle. Okie, I go

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  At 1:18 AM Blogger angel said:
But really lor... I see older people sleep lesser wan... hmmm... I also no agree... cos I can zzzzz and zzzzz and zzzzz till the cock crows 2x... (meaning, 2 days haha)

Good night!
  At 4:06 AM Blogger U.Lee said:
Hi Nyonya, I am one of those early risers. Whether to bed at 2am, I still get out of bed, latest 7am, on Weekends, weekdays at 6am.
I guess it was my father who would bang his tongkat on the staircase, a real loud 'bang' at 6am our young days that has brought the habit till now.
But you know..what I dislike are our relatives, in-laws and out-laws who keep forgetting we are 8 times zones and 12 hours behind KL local time.
Holy Smoke, imagine getting a call on a cold -minus 25'c winter morning at 3AM!!
And their, "guess who"? 3AM and we get a 'guess who' game!!! Then its "what you doing"? "SLEEPING, la"!
"Ohh, what time there now"?
"3AM"! Then its, "aiyohhh, solly ahh, solly..". But the worst part when the phone rings at this unearthly hour we get nervous think someone kick the pail and gone to Happy hunting grounds. Instead its, "guess who"?
Have a good snooze, Nyonya and may the Force be with you, UL.
  At 9:19 AM Blogger FireHorse said:
I can zzzzzz anytime of the day but night time come I am wide awake 0_0, have always been lidat datz why my night waitressing/bartending days were the best, we finish work at 2.00am syok nya. Oh I almost forgot, got time hop over sekejap got award 4 u.
me oso hv to wake up at 5+am when hubby goes to work..on his off days then can sleep in a little heheeh

sama like u, i need my sleep, if sleep deprive, me will get cranky and not so nice to get along for that day old liao, cannot keep eyes open pass a certain timing hehehe..

okie dokie, i want my nice, sweet nyonyapenang..i let u go sleep :)) sweet dreams!
  At 9:37 AM Blogger J.T. said:
I used to be able to go to bed after midnight and still wake up by 5:30am to get ready for work. That was more 8 years ago.

Nowadays, I wake up about 5am to make breakfast sandwich and lunch sandwiches for hubby to take to office, and then see him off.
After that, I go back to catch more than 40 winks. Ah! lovely. I feel more up to meeting the day and whatever comes its way when I get enough sleep.

Happy snoozing, Nyonya. I know I will be in a few hours. :)
Dunno. I used to wake up quite early 5.30am! to read newspapers, eat breakfast. But now cannot already, growing old so must wake up later. zzz sweet sleep. (No, still cannot bring myself to sleep past 10AM unless I have not slept the night before)
  At 10:49 AM Anonymous suituapui said:
Aiyo, nyonya...wake up so late kah?? What time u go to sleep? What u doing??? Ha ha ha ha ha!!! I retire in December...then, can sleep...sleep...sleep...!!!
  At 12:11 PM Anonymous JL said:
think i'm in the diurnal category... :)
  At 12:17 PM Blogger JoMel said:
High 5 Nyonya! I too need alot of sleep. Even 8 hours are just barely sufficient. Ideally 10 hrs. Hehehhe...

I usually go back to sleep for an hour after sending the kids off. Nice to be able to do that. :)
  At 2:02 PM Anonymous mott said:
I used to be able to wake up nice and early in the, i hate the idea of waking up. arrrrrrr...i know how u feel...zzzzzzzzzzz
  At 3:54 PM Blogger Nightwing said:
Hi Nyonya, hope by the time u read this, u would have a great snooze already...
  At 6:05 PM Blogger H.C. Tan said:
haha nyonyapenang...i really feel you. unfortunately i am those type that sleep at >1am..i am most active during everyday i look stimstim at work. or back in uni days..

dad says the best is to be in bed by 10.30pm though..but usually im not even at home yet at that time.haha
If I am rudely awaken from my slumber by an irritating SMS or phone call, the sender/caller will definitely get it from me. So, my friends know best when not to call me. Haha.

But then, I usually off my phone when I go to sleep.
Hi Angel,
Ya, I noticed too. They wake up at 5.00am or latest 6.00am but they take short naps throughout the day.

You can zzzz and zzzzz and zzzz till the cock crows 2X because you are still young like a baby....."oi..oi khoon...chit meh tuah chit choon..". hehehehe...
Same-same with me also...can zzzz and zzzz and zzzzz summore.
Hi Uncle Lee,
My parents were indulgent those days...they let me sleep in during weekends, public holidays and school holidays and I really snooze times, for 12 hours straight! :P

But when grandma came for visits, aisehman, no chance to wake up late.....she'd launch into her nyonya tirade..."charbor gee na, khoon kar jit thau phak kha chooi..." {young lady, sleep until the sun shines on the bum}.

Your relatives salah kira the time difference when they called you, huh? And they played the 'Guess Who?' game summore. hahahahhaa....

For me, I always try to make calls only after 9.00am and also not later than 10.00pm UNLESS its an emergency, for eg. like you said...someone took off to the Happy Hunting Grounds.

Really cannot understand those people, they'd call at 6.30am and asked, "Still sleeping ar?"
Should I answer, "No lar, am lying down on the bed waiting for your call." ?

Thanks, Uncle Lee for the 'Force of the Snooze'.

You have a great day.
  At 6:39 AM Blogger PEARLY said:
I am like you too I need my sleep even just a snook I need it badly ,during weekend I will sleep up to 10am untill derek bring me cup of tea in bed haahaaa no way I get out my warm bed unless need to drop brandon to the football .
yes la we women need our beauty sleep right .
Sleep is gud
  At 2:02 PM Anonymous keeyit said:
I hope I can sleep more. Recently really busy of my work.. =(
  At 6:48 PM Blogger William said:
I can't sleep past ten anymore and afternoon naps no longer appeal to me.
Hi Firehorse,
You are also a 'night person'. I am like you...most nights, my eyes open big-big. Day time - yawn non-stop. hehehehe...

Thanks for the are always so kind.

Have a nice day.
Hi Winniethepooh,
You are such a devoted prepare breakfast and have it together with your hubby. Wah...a great start to a day.

Those days, when I had to wake up at 5.00am...I'd hit the sack at 10.00pm latest and still, I'd yawn throughout the day. Just love my zzzzzz....

You have a nice day.
Hi j.t.
You are also a very devoted wife...make breakfast and eat with hubby, then pack his lunch and see him off with a kiss....then only go back to catch your 60 winks. hahahaa.....

Long, long time ago, when I had a helper at home, she made the breakfast for the boys and after they have changed and ready to go to school, I'd wake up, climbed into car, drove them there, then drove home and then I continued with my dreams for another hour or so. I really, really find it susah to get up early. Terukssss lar, gua ini.

Have a nice day, j.t.
Hi Las Montanas,
5.30am is the best snooze time...coool and calm...
Breakfast can wait...newspapers can wait too. :P
Hi Suituapui,
I sleep way past housework, got blog work, gotta read some papers, next morning cannot wake up lar.

That's why cannot become cigku, unless can teach only afternoon session. :D
Hi jl,
You are? What time do you go to bed? 9.30pm?
Hi Jomel,
Thought I was the only one who can drive the kids to school and then come home and continue with chapter 2 of snooze. :P
Some of my friends and relatives - they can never understand how a person can continue sleeping lidat. hahahaha...Its an art!
Hi Mott,
I remember when I was in similar condition like you, I could practically sleep the whole day.
Hi Nightwing,
Thank you. I need my snoozzzzze...
Hi h.c.tan,
Ohhh...I faham you jugak...'stim-stim look', ya? The kind with eyes open but looked blank one ar? hahahaha....I am good at that too, especially when attending meetings...eyes wide open trying hard to look intelligent. hahahaha...

You Dad is right...sleep by 10.00pm BUT then again, like you're not home yet.
Hi Day-Dreamer,
I don't off my phone but I don't expect 'casual' or work-related calls beyond 11.00pm, UNLESS something teruks for eg. someone kicked the bucket or something.
Hi Pearly,
It's so sweet of Derek to bring you tea in bed. Weekend mornings, my house will be very quiet because the noise makers all did not wake up yet.
Hi Keeyit,
A very warm welcome to you....Come on in...kopi-oh for you...

Must have enough sleep ya, if not your work will suffer.

Thanks for dropping by. Do come in again anytime you are free. And have a nice day.
Hi William,
I wake up abit later now, so I hardly take afternoon naps...not even on weekends. Was told that taking short afternoon naps is good...keeps one youthful. hhmmm...maybe I should schedule for an afternoon siesta.
  At 1:46 AM Anonymous kat said:
I am also a night bird! *high 5 nyonya!*

Aiyo.. now I am getting up at 5:45am and it very susah to drag myself out of my warm bed! Even on non-school days, I will be up before 8am as my son ALWAYS wakes up early! I have not had the pleasure of sleeping until 10-11am for at least 8 years now!!

And to think there are people who get up at 5am...
  At 2:09 PM Blogger may said:
I seem to want to sleep more nowadays, as I get older. ermmm... that theory may not apply to everyone kwa?
Hi Kat,
Another night bird, huh? hahahaha.....I am one since young....very young, and I remember being chased by my momma to go to bed early. Well, I'd then be lying in bed with eyes big-big and all restless, rolling here and there.

Your early morning routine now...I've been there and done that, paid my dues, so to speak. hahahaa....Now, I get to indulge in a little luxury of sleeping-in longer. Very soon, you too will be able to do decide to welcome another new little one into your family. :D

Have a great weekend, Kat.
Hi May,
Either the 'theory' is not right or that we are still young and needs a lot of sleep to grow well. I'd kinda prefer the latter one. hehehehe...

Have a pleasant day, May.
ei i like commented on sleeping in someone's blog like a few days ago..cant remember who now..derrr..or was it urs but i can't see it anywhere geh...ayooo i need more sleep lor..but i don't know why i can't sleep in..the sun comes up n amah RISES!!
suddenly i felt this post like dedicated to me... hahaha... due to my odd and weird working hours... so... i normally sleep 2-3 hours a day and on my night shift.. i don't get to sleep and of course the very next morning...i am just as fresh as whoever that just had their morning bath! -_-