Saturday, December 01, 2007

Poket Kosong

I googled ‘Retail Therapy’ and found this:-

Retail therapy is shopping with the primary purpose of improving the buyer's mood or disposition. (1) Often seen in people during periods of depression or transition, it is normally a short-lived habit. Items purchased during periods of retail therapy are sometimes referred to as "comfort buys."

When you EFNTD and you are bored stiff and have had too much sleep, the next best thing to do would probably be shopping…yeah…hopefully, some retail therapy to bring cheer and put a smile back on the face. What with the year-end holiday mood and the deluge of SALES and more SALES all over the place…. the stores are stretching themselves max to pull in the crowd to SPEND and SPEND some more. Cool comfortable surroundings, breathtaking displays, enticing discounts and freebies, eye-catching, heart-melting and ego-boosting stuffs….wahhh….all also I want….I want…I want…


One look at the price-tag followed by another look into my purse…Waaaa…..WAAAAA….I wanna go home and curl under the comforter. How can it be therapy when the prices give me heartburn and makes me feel unwell? How can it be therapy when it did not improve my mood or disposition but instead makes me feel so lousy? How can it be therapy when I am ‘diagnosed’ to be afflicted with ‘money-not-enough’ syndrome?

**Yankee, Yankee....thao mor chang-chang, tay-yar khang-khang....chiak pah ore phi-khang.......** ( an old Penang Hokkien rhyme poking fun about someone being 'hip'....Yankee pants, spiky hair and all, but poket-kosong......)

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  At 9:46 PM Blogger Chen said:
I'm now few hundred bucks poorer after the "retail therapy" in PC Fair :P
  At 2:10 AM Blogger angel said:
Kakaka... wa mia tay-yar beh sai khang-khang!!!

Tapi, tadi gua mia poket ada sikit khang-khang liao! Faster tell how to 'isi balik' itu poket!
  At 9:23 AM Anonymous suituapui said:
Aiyo...what therapy is that?? After spending, then feel guilty...even worse!!! Best thing to do is go out mam-mam with suituapui!!! Garenti enjoy one!!! (At least, I will!!! LOL!)
me just like to hv a nice spa and massage treatment rather than 'retail therapy'..will always end up regretting what i buy during that 'therapy' session hahahah :P
Hi Dr Chen,

But now you are a few gadget-richer after coming back with your loot. :)
Hi Angel,

Gua pun same-same....feels no confidence whenever tay-yar going to khang-khang...then cepat-cepat go 'geen-hang' and **teet...teeet...teeet....**
Hi Suituapui,

When will you be in KL? We can go for mam-mam therapy. Sure happiessss one. :)
Hi Winniethepooh,

ahhhh...SPA and MASSAGE.....okie...okie.... I must go make appointment liao....
  At 10:07 AM Blogger J.T. said:
When I was working, I did lots of retail therapy and the budget was larger. My purchases were never put on a credit card. To me, that was asking for trouble. :)
Now that I am a housewife, I still get a dosage of the same therapy but on a smaller budget and less often (in fact... very rare). Even if I come back with a hair clip, that is therapy enough. (pitiful but it helps). :D
i poket kang..kaang..go and press atm lah....!
  At 8:00 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:
Looking at my watch, checking my clothes, checking my watch, hidding behind a pillar,
what is that sound, it is but the heart, but soft, what lights yonder, it is Eva......
  At 9:59 AM Blogger Nightwing said:
Helo Nyonya,

Wow..never knew there is a thing called 'retail therapy'...:)

Although last time when i watch 'Friends' of the characters always go and buy things when she was stressed up or nervous abt something....:)
Hi j.t.,

If I were to put all my purchases on credit cards and then leave it unpaid...then that will be 'RETAIL CATASTROPHE'!

I guess each one of us indulge in different 'doses' of therapy...some needs 'heavier' shots than others. :)

You have a great day.
Hi Sweet Jasmine,

hahaha...And with just a press of a few buttons and we will know if the poket remains khang-khang or not.
Hi Anonymous,

The watch stopped and time stood still....
Oh Eva, what anticipation, what thrills.....
It's winter now and the heart is cold and numb....
Let's dance to the sound of distant drums....

Another season, another day....
True friends remain, come what may...
Just like flowers blooming in Spring...
See, what Eva and friends may bring....
Hi Nightwing,

Ah....'retail therapy''s most of the time 'self-diagnosed' and followed with 'self-prescribed' treatment. hahahahaha.....
  At 12:06 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:
The drums have sounded, a message it tells, a morning sun as yet to appear. A wait, a pillar no more, a comb unsheath, but of six weeks of haunting, but beautiful dreams forever more.
Nor dreams of past, nor dreams of why, but of dreams of yesterdays.
  At 3:15 PM Blogger Pi Bani said:
Shopping as retail therapy?! If you're using someone else's money maybe! Otherwise it is good therapy only for the retailers...
You are so right. Retail therapy can be fun but the after shock is real shocking at times.
I am now in Ipoh going to KL soon and the exchange rate is not bad.
Might squeeze in some retail therapy when I am in KL. If there is time.
Have a great week.
  At 2:31 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:
A brown jacket, a pair of black gloves, A pair of sneakers exchanged for high heels, an anxious look there, everywhere, oh where, oh where is the colour red?
Corn Flakes, Milo, hello.
Yawn, yawn a snuggle, awake awake, a drink I offer. A white cup, rich blend oasis coffee. A finger or two of sugar, yes please. And Eva awakes all but a dream.
  At 12:06 PM Anonymous Giddy Tiger said:
I'm someone who lives on retail therapy. And it works. :)
  At 1:32 AM Blogger PEARLY said:
hello ..... so chil ka retail therapy .... mmmmm gud gud but not for me I guess I dun like to walk around shop this time of the years , every shop full of ppl getting ready for xmas gift ,I just hope to just sit in front of the pc and do my online shopping no pushing and waitting on the QQQQ .
anyway I havn't start my xmas shopping yet I will wait until the LAST MIN .COM kekekkke.sooooo can have the 50% sale kekekekkekkek
Hi Pi Bani,

Using someone's money? Got ar, lidat?
Hi Aiyah Nonya,

It's not always fun....looking at those eye-popping prices can be traumatic at times.

You bring Singapore$$ and shop in KL...wah...all also very cheap leh...Enjoy your retail therapy. :)

And Merry Christmas to you and family.
Hi Giddy Tiger, swear by it, huh? Good for you. :)
Hi Pearly,

You are a very smart shopper...don't want to join in the crazy rush, shop a bit later and enjoy the 50% discount. Great savings, you will have there.

Merry Christmas to you and family. :)
  At 12:20 AM Anonymous LVER said:
You still awake?
  At 10:20 AM Anonymous seefei said:
truly agree, spending money can be very theraupeutic. i once budget $200 to lose at the club jackpot and i actually did. it felt good.

oopss! gambling is not shopping hoh?!
  At 11:21 AM Anonymous kat said:
Have been meaning to ask you, can you email me your home addy ah?