Monday, January 14, 2008

How Come So Busuk?

The no. 1 walked into the house, wrinkled his nose ** sniff…sniff..** and then asked, “Ma, you cooking salted fish ar?”

“Errr…no lar. Kitchen's closed today.” I answered.

“Then how come so busuk? Smells like dirty socks or something….hmmmm…” he continued

“Err…maybe neighbour’s cooking lor…”, I replied and then carried on with my reading. A couple of paragraphs down and I too, began to sniff something unsavoury. I walked to the kitchen, opened the back windows wide but there was no ‘fishy’ smell. I then walked back into the living room and instantly, that funny smell wafted into my nostrils…something a bit burnt and something kinda putrid.

No mood to continue reading already…..I must go look for the source of that offending odour, same time praying that not another rodent has decided to commit suicide atop the ceiling boards. I recalled a horrible experience years ago when, after enduring a few days of horrible stench coming from dunno-where, live maggots started to drop through tiny crevices on the ceiling boards into my bedroom….ewww….geli betul….I was home alone at that time…kids were in school and I had just woken up bleary-eyed and all and was toddling towards the bathroom when I saw small white clumps along the floor skirting. I walked closer, bend down and rubbed my eyes and I freaked out.…tolong…..kiew miah…kow meng….Aitelyu…..I raced down the stairs, reached for the phone and practically dialed all the numbers that came to mind for help, short of calling 999!

An inspection up the ceiling boards revealed more crawlies and a huge clump of hair and a long tail….yucksssss…..the carcass had rotted away. Don’t ask me how they cleaned the place….I was outta house by then and only returned home late evening when confirmed 201% that everything is betul-betul bersih and thoroughly disinfected.

And back to my story of the latest episode of putrid smells. I checked the whole house…drawers, cupboards, the pantry, the fridge, behind the chairs, underneath the beds and just about any other place that I can think of but was unable to locate the source. However, I noticed there was no smell upstairs…somehow the smell was stronger in the living room. I turned out the shoe cabinet to check for any unwashed socks but nopes….it's not there either.

Woke up the next morning and the minute I opened my bedroom door, I was instantly greeted by that offending smell. I quickly went down to the living room, opened the door and switched on the ceiling fan at full blast to blow out the foul air. Standing near the switchboard I sensed the smell was stronger...more pronounced…..some kind of a funny burning smell…..I reached out to touch the ELCB and gosh! it felt warm and then I saw this....

Melted ELCB cover on the outside and a burnt ELCB on the inside.

**shudderssss...**My whole family could have been roasted alive, no thanks to slipshod work done last year by a supposedly reliable and qualified wireman.

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  At 1:37 AM Blogger angeles said:
wah liao... apasal liddat geh?? really lucky din 'pao char'... can sue the contractor??
  At 6:06 AM Blogger H.C. Tan said:
yea..u shud sue the electrician..FYI: last yr my house in penang kebakaran la due to faulty electrical circuits..nasib baik that time it was 9pm so we all bz playing mahjong downstairs...if midnite...all bcum bak kua adi..
Wah... gao lat!!

Thank God you're all safe and sound. Sigh, sometimes electrical this kinda stuff, you can't see it until something happens.

Be careful and take care o!
wah lucky wor. overload is it? last time my office i kena something like that. scary. thank goodness you not turned into bak kwa before chinese new year.
These things happens, and you should always check for them when you detect burning smell in the home.

I've had this happen twice to me before, and both times, I was lucky to have found it before anything untowards happen.

The TNB electricians who've come told me it's not really the electrician's fault, it's more like it's either they are using cheap parts from China, or there are too many electrical systems loading the home.

Nowadays, we do a visual inspection of both the meter and the ELCB once a month, just in case.
  At 11:52 AM Blogger Nightwing said:
Wow..lucky nothing happened. Hope it did not cause a trip?

Have u contacted the electrician?

Really thank God nothing happend.
OMG! So scary! I better get an electrician to check my wiring and electrical points. Cannot play play. I don't want to be a roast pig!
  At 12:23 PM Blogger Pi Bani said:
Ah, I've experienced both types of foul smell - the rodent type and the electrical type. The rodent type ok lah, geli only. But the electrical type, memang dangerous lah. In my case, the electrician who fixed the thing said the earlier electrician did not properly pasang the thing. Haiyah... Nasib baik I tak kena panggang hidup-hidup!
  At 1:48 PM Anonymous suituapui said:
mistipurple...dat nyonya can't become bak kua lah!!! If suituapui, ummm...memang lemak dan sedap one!!! Ha ha ha ha ha!!! Aiyor! Nyonya...u talk about maggots lah...I no appetite to eat oredi lah! Thank God u and family all ok! Nanti I go KL, can't get to see nyonya's guitar figure anymore! LOL! These days, have to be careful lah! Itu MADE IN MALAYSIA punya barang! But they say MADE IN CHINA cheap...but even worse!
  At 3:13 PM Anonymous kat said:
Aiyo, nyonya. Really lucky nothing bad happened!! So many times we read about fires started from electrical short-circuit!!
Yes, good to spread the word around esp to those who just had re-wiring done. Nowadays all the barang-barang quality really sucks. :(

On a lighter note, I've also experienced what you experience re the maggots. Unlike you, I had the unfortunate task of cleaning it up with gloves, tongs (the long ones you use to pick up charcoal) and gallons and gallons of dettol! Till today, whenever I smell dettol, I feel sick!! :D
  At 6:21 PM Anonymous zeroimpact said:
Wow, normally it should trip
It took us so long to look for a faulty extension plug the last time when part of the office trip the other day
Hassle I tell you!!!
suituapui suituapui! come come i chase you all the way here to cium cium. banyak penat.. pant pant..
Hi Angeles,

If pao char.....gua become BBQ-Nyonya liao lor.

I did not call back that lausai electrician. In fact, I did phone him many times to come and check because it kept on tripping but bayang pun tak nampak. :(
Hi H.C. Tan,

OMG, your rumah kebakaran???? Nasib baik did not result in any bak-kwa or soi-too.

These workmen...we orang tak faham and we dunno trust their advice and judgement. Mana tau, got these lausai-tukang running around putting lives at risk. :(
Hi Day-Dreamer,

When I saw that melted cover and the burnt unit, I was shocked, to say the least. That lausai electrician...summore highly recommended by the contractor. 'phort kwai sei hoi'
Hi Mistipurple,

Don't think it's overload. The new electrician whom I called to replace this burnt unit showed me that the previous electrician did not fix the wiring properly. No wonder tripped so many times.
Real 'eow-siew' lar!
Hi Moz,

The smell was kinda funny...macam 'hum-yuee' lidat. Mana tau it was the melted plastic.

In my case, I lay the blame squarely on that lausai electrician. He was the one who supplied and installed the unit. I don't remember him asking me if I want the good quality ones or the Made in the Backyard ones.

Now I am thinking if I should apply for 3-phase wiring. Your advice?
Hi Nightwing,

That burnt unit was actually newly changed last year and after that, at the slightest sign of thunder and lightning, it will trip repeatedly. I called that lausai fella and he told me over the phone that this meant that the unit very sensitive and very good. I called him again a few times but he did not turn up. :(
I will curse him to his grave.:(
Hi Eastcoastlife,

Ya lar...I think it's a good idea to get a reliable and professional electrician to come in and do a check once a year....just like annual health check up.
Hi Pi Bani,

That was exactly what the guy told me...that the first electrician did not do a good job. is so sad these workmen can be so lackadaisical!
Hi Suituapui,

Soli...soli...erase what I have said...You must get back your appetite...PREGO awaits you. ENJOYS!
Hi Kat,

The more I think about it, the more upset I get with the lausai electrician. His charges were not cheap leh. I think he took me for a 'LULU' lar. :(

The problem with rodents and other 'unwelcomed guests'...sometimes, I think stay on the 30th floor and higher better lar, hor? My friends staying in high-rises say no problems at all.
Hi Zeroimpact,

This unit tripped soooo many the slightest thunder/lightning, and that lausai electrician told me it is supposed to work lidat.
I just found out the problem....he did not fix the wires properly into the was found hanging loose! Celaka betul, dia ini. :(
Hi Mistipurple,

You penat ar? Nevermind...Suituapui can take you for mum-mum at Prego. hahahaha....
  At 3:33 AM Blogger PEARLY said:
Thank god you all are safe and you find out ASAP .
I always check if I smell something funny I will look everyway inside out until I find the problem , i also trust no one to fix my home the only Personal I trust to repaid is hubby , I am lucky his is good from eletrica to fix the house keke also safe money la .
becareful from now on ok take care
  At 7:20 AM Anonymous suituapui said:
Wah...ini nyonya wants to play matchmaker kah? Prego's entarnce big enough or not for suituapui and mistipurple go in sekali??? Once they see us, sure they pay us to eat elsewhere - not enough, and other diners oso dont want to eat there liao...nanti end up looking like us!!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
  At 12:58 PM Blogger Nightwing said:
Do u have the company name of the electrician?

Complaint to government....maybe to Housing ministry...gantung their business lisen.
hi first visit.. nice blog
Thank God you and your family are unharmed.
The funny thing is your no. 1 asked if you were cooking in the kitchen pulak.
  At 7:31 PM Anonymous suituapui said:
Ha ha ha ha ha! Yes, giddy tiger, u're very sharp! Nyonya's cooking must be really busuk hor!!! LOL!
Hi Pearly,

Thank you for your concern. :)
Agree with you that we have to be careful and alert at all times to avoid nasty accidents.

You really have a gem in Derek. :)
Hi Suituapui,

Eh...that one gua belum layak lagi....matchmaking is one very serious and important undertaking..cannot play-play loh.

BTW, I don't think you need matchmaking services so well known the whole of Sarawak, Singkapoh and Malaya. Just snap of fingers nia...the resumes will pour in. hahahahha.....

Prego @Westin....ada class one..they will welcome fehmes Cikgu with open arms. :)
Hi Nightwing,

Can ar, lidat gantung lesen? Must go look for the bill first.
Hi Constance Chan,

Welcome! Kopi-oh atau teh-oh for you?

Thank you so much for visiting. Do come by again when you're free. :)
Hi Giddy Tiger,

The house is small and sometimes the odour of strong-smelling foods such as salted fish and belacan linger on for quite a while. :P
Hi Suituapui,

Ya...especially food with kiamhoo and belacan...adoi...the pong! And don't even mention cincalok. hahahah....
  At 9:36 AM Blogger Sue said:
Wah hiam chai you found out..really lucky, thank your lucky stars.. terrible lo the people who do this type of wiring...chek ak...
  At 12:36 PM Blogger Hazel said:
a simple tag for u hope u like it
  At 1:19 PM Blogger Helen said:
Thank God you're OK. Those electrical stuffs are dangerous. :-)

Talking about stinky smell, those dried dead lizard can really give out the most foul smell. Who would have thought dried lizard is so potent? They're usually found stuck behind the door...
  At 1:22 PM Blogger Hazel said:
wah so dangerous!
  At 2:28 PM Blogger Sasha said:
dangerous! luckily u found it fast! samo burnt until like dat got lubang edi
Hi Sue,

I dunno what to say of these type of workmen...just one word, I guess - IRRESPONSIBLE! :(
Hi Hazel,

Thank you for having me in your mind. hahahah.....Gimme some time...or rather more time because I am very, very poor in doing tags and memes. My apologies.

Oh ya, re: the burnt ELCB....if it had caught fire, gua terus kena BBQ liao.
Hi Helen,

Ya, I was lucky I found the fault. Dare not imagine if it had burst into flames.

Re: those pesky lizards, funny they can't run fast enough to beat the closing door.
Hi Sasha,

A few friends here also kena lidis before. Lausai workmen using cheap parts = human bak kwa. :(
  At 9:25 AM Blogger J.T. said:
Hi Nyonya

I am back ... temporarily. Just updated my blog with a tag.

It was a good thing you found the cause of that putrid smell. If it went on longer, I would hate to think what could have happened to you and your family.

Recently we moved house. This house was vacant for a while. So you can guess what insect had conga party going on lar. I tell you, every three days or so, I am ready with the spray to kill a stray one found wandering about after dark. Now I put roach traps all over the place. I am hoping they will take the bait and kill themselves off eventually. :) yucks... I cannot stand those creepy things.
  At 1:50 PM Anonymous JL said:
thankfully you and your family are alright!
Hi J.T.,

So nice to have you back. Had a good coffee break? Would love to join you for coffee/tea one of these days.

Ya, thank GOD, my sense of smell is quite acute; if not, there will be sad news.

Oh dear, looks like those 'conga party kakis' are now turning up to introduce themselves to you and you are being kept busy serving 'party food'. hahahahah...
And roaches...they multiply faster than I can kill them. :(

You have a pleasant day.
Hi JL,
Luckily I insisted on going around looking high and low for the smell. Kalo, gua buat tak tau ke, sengaja tak peduli, adoi...high chance gua sudah kena BBQ liao.
  At 12:09 AM Blogger savante said:
Aiyah! Ganas betul! How did that happen!
Hi Savante,

According to the chap that came to replace this burnt unit, the previous fella did a lousy job. :(
yah know it's funny.. help is tolong and "tulong" in our country is like "help" too.. then the adoiii... sakiit..sakit is like ouch or something... hehe.. which country are you from?