Friday, January 11, 2008

It Has Been Ages Since.......

Two evenings ago, we decided to take a drive from PJ to this place in Jalan Pahang, KL, said to serve one of the best hokkien-mee this side of the planet. Yup, those sinfully delicious, lip-smacking noodles that glisten in thick and black soya sauce. I like it when it is presented with generous amounts of meat, prawns, white sotong and vegetables.

We left PJ at about 8.00pm, thinking that the afterwork traffic would have eased up by then, but we were soooo wrong. Main roads and highways were chocful of vehicles after the earlier downpour and a couple of fender-benders along the way only made the crawl worse.

So after something like an eternity, we finally arrived in 'mum-mumland' and by that time the tummy was already growling. Heard that it is not uncommon to have to stand around and wait for seats but we were lucky…managed to get a table along the five-foot way so, it was alfresco dining for us. I quickly waved the chap over to take our orders. Err...not too friendly…no smiles…no hellos, no menu, just stone-faced, so I just asked him for recommendations. He mumbled something and I thought I heard him speak Cantonese that sounded kinda foreign. Not too sure if he is an orang asing from Myanmar, Tibet or Vietnam, I switched to bahasa pasar, only to have him respond loud and clear in Cantonese. Ahh….so he found his voice. And I thought I saw him rolling his eyes too..hehehheee…

As we were already very, very hungry by then, I looked to the table next to us and simply indicated to Mr Stoneface that we shall have just that. Service was reasonably fast and the food arrived soon enough…..piping-hot fried fish cake, a plate of sweet-and-spicy lala, a plate of greens and of course, the hokkien-mee. Then I eyed another dish….not sure what it was but it looked delicious so, I signaled to Mr Stoneface that we shall have that as well. Ahhh….I was pleasantly surprised……

This is pek-kueh fried hokkien style and it has been ages since I last tasted it. I like its chewy texture and I think it is made from rice and tapioca flour dough, cut into thin, thumb-length strips and then boiled. The cooked strips are then fried hokkien-mee style or served soupy-style with minced meat, gizzards or seafood.

3 of us cleaned out the plates and bowls in no time at all…**burrpssss….**

Tummies filled, we then decided to go for a spin.....slow and comfy… worries about my face turning green and then regurgitating the hokkien-mee. And it has been ages since I last went up on a ferries-wheel.......

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  At 1:36 AM Anonymous Kopi Soh said:
Mmmmmm....pls tar pau one paket for me....
  At 1:48 AM Blogger angeles said:
Mana ini Jalan Pahang ah? Izit near DBP? Wah liao, I so suaku...
  At 2:10 AM Blogger PEARLY said:
wow looking at all those empty plate I am very sure it was really yummy right ?

must try it too if I go back home Jalan Pahang ka ? wat is the name of the stone.
  At 6:55 AM Anonymous suituapui said: come nyonya banyak kuat makan, body still like number 8, hourglass one? U go to gym everyday kah? Jalan Pahang, ya? Next time I go KL...I go look myself. Dont want go with nyonya;nanti people look at plates...and at me, sure they think I ate all that myself! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!
  At 10:16 AM Anonymous eve said:
Err...I prefer the panmee la..less oil i think..hehe..lain kali ada chan , kitorang gi ye?..
  At 11:05 AM Blogger Hazel said:
hello first time here, ur blog is nice
  At 2:31 PM Blogger savante said:
Because of you, I'm sooo having hokkien me tonight. DELISH!
  At 6:30 PM Blogger famil said:
is it 'licin' because its really delicious or because youre hungry one?
  At 10:07 PM Anonymous kat said:
It been ages since I had hokkien mee too!! I think Ang Kee in SS2 also serves this pek kueh and good hokkien mee, so no need to drive so far and get stuck in traffic jam,leh.

I did the ferris wheel thing before we left. Who knows the next time I come back, boh liao.. :)
Hi Kopisoh,

And send by Fed-Ex! hahahaha....
Hi Angeles,

Jalan Pahang is where Tawakal Hospital is and this hokkien-mee is among the row of shops behind the hospital.

The road where DBP stands is Jalan Dewan Bahasa, I think. You small suakoo asking a big-time suakoo. hahahaha...
Hi Pearly,

Satisfaction guaranteed. hahahaa...

alamak...the name of the shop...I think it is Aik Yuen or something like that.
Hi Suituapui,

**nyonya go hide behind a tree..**
so shy lar....where got figure 8 anymore? I have put on a lot of qualify to to be lifetime member of Kelab STP. KAKAKAKA......

No worries about the empty plates. Just hide it under the table, can liao. hahahhaa...
Hi Eve,

Only if you take the soup pan-mee. The kon-loh version is quite oily too hor?
Hi Hazel,

Selamat Datang! Jemput masuk...come...let me serve you kopi-oh or di you prefer green tea?

It's nice of you to visit. :) Please feel free to pop by anytime...appreciate your comments.

You have a great weekend. :)
Hi Savante,

hey.....wait for me.....gua mau ikut.

ok, next time gimme a call first lar.
Hi Famil,

Both, I guess. hahahaha...
Hi Kat,

Been to Ang Kee before but we had something else. Errr...cannot really remember what, but it was not pek kueh. Must go and try next.

That Eye on Malaysia...if I remember right, it was supposed to have been dismantled quite a while back but of late, I heard that they will keep it until 31 Aug 2008. Got good response kua..
  At 8:53 AM Blogger Sue said: again...everywhere I go there are postings on midnite..hungry liao
  At 12:50 PM Anonymous suituapui said:
I know that Tawakal Hospital...last time, they said Sudirman died there (AIDS?). It's near Tasek Titiwangsa where the Eye of Malaysia is. See!!! Me, halfway across the world also know! Not so suakoo hor???
  At 12:55 PM Blogger Chev said:
Never try the pek-kueh fried hokkien style yet leh. But judging from the almost clean plate after the meal, it must be delicious :D

The nostalgic Jalan Pahang.. cos i stay nearby there (in Jalan Temerloh) for 5 years more than a decade ago :)

Before i had my motorbike, i always get down at the Tawakal bus stop (I still remember the mini bus no ~ No 14 or 49), and had to walk for almost 30 minutes across the Titiwangsa Lake to reach my hostel. That's the nearest bus stop to get down. Those were the days. Nowadays if u ask me to walk for 30 minutes to reach a place ah... Thank u loh. Hahhahahhahhaaahha...

I belum lagi naik itu Eyes on Malaysia Ferris Wheel yet :(
  At 2:59 PM Blogger William said:
Looks good! But me likey the drier variety.
Hi Sue,

Welcome...selamat datang!

Kopi-oh and some roti telur for you? hahahah...

Thanks so much for dropping by...'oo eng lai chay again, ya?
Hi Suituapui,

Wah....cigku mia goegraphy very good! Jawapan tepat! hahhahaa....

You been up on the Eye?
Hi Chev,

If you like chewy texture, then I think you will like the pek-kueh. have lots of memories of the Jalan Pahang vicinity...5 long years! You must know that area like the back of your hands...especially when you tiap-tiap hari jalan kaki. And fuiyoh...30 minutes walk, one way from the bus stop. hahahah....BTW, when was the last time you took a ride on public buses? Must go ride on one, for old times' sake. hahahaha...
Hi William,

You will like the is much drier than the pek-kueh.
  At 4:41 PM Blogger ah nel said:
u go find nice nice place to eat then next time i around u bring me thre...yipppeee

*by looking at the plate n experience i tink those guys will eat finish if u cant eat liao ho* :P
  At 7:47 PM Anonymous suituapui said:
Aiyor...u ask me go up Eye of Malaysia, sure cannot sampai 31st August nanti. Garenti runtuh! Today where got mini buses anymore? Last time 50 sen roller coaster ride. Used to go Tasek Titiwangsa, got floating restaurant - Thai food! Nice! 1986...nyonya still in kindy, ya? Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!
Hi Ah Nel,

Gua memang suka makan mia.....You know, right?

If you can see that the food tak habis, then you can tell it must be boh ho chiak. :)
Hi Suituapui,

No won't runtuh...Trust the operators to arrange the seating....Cigku on one side of the wheel and the rest on the other no worries of the EYE toppling over. hahahahahaa....

There are mini buses in Subang Jaya area. So when you come here next, must go for a spin..this time, around Sunway Lagoon.

And 1986? I was already riding in them pink mini buses. Strange that you did not notice me, standing next to you in the bus. hahhhaaa...
  At 10:13 PM Anonymous Dawn said:
Makes me crave for more M'sian food la, Nyonya. And some more Hokkien mee pulak. :)

When I was in KL, my friend wanted to take me to the Eye of Malaysia and take pictures, but the weather wasn't cooperating. Maybe on my next trip. *wondering* will it still be there?
  At 11:44 PM Blogger Hazel said:
thanks for dropping by my blog it's happy willing to come thanks ya
Hi Dawn,

You like hokkien-mee also? This particular shop serves on of the better ones.

It's a pity that you missed the EYE on your last trip. Ya, I was raining every other day then. Nevermind, on your next trip back, if this EYE is dismantled, I am sure a bigger EYE will be up.
Hi Hazel,

The pleasure is really mine. :)

You have a pleasant weekend.
eh. how come that ferris wheel is still there... i tot it's suppose to come down year end ga... YAYs! i get to sit it when i get back!?
i can balance suituapui on the other side of the ferris. :P
  At 10:15 AM Blogger Perky said:
Wow, that sure does look good. Perhaps i'll go there one of these days & give it a try.

  At 11:08 AM Blogger Chev said:
i think the last time i took a public bus.. was during my housemanship time in Kuching. And err.. that was almost 10 years ago? Hahahha... I never take any public bus in Penang woh :P

The long distance express bus is not counted lah of course.. Neh, the KL-Penang or Penang-KL buses :P

I still remember your experience taking the public bus few months back (the one u posted up in your blog) ;)
  At 11:09 AM Blogger Chev said:
And piak Angel for forgetting where is Jalan Pahang. She fetched me in Grand Seasons Hotel few months ago mah.. and that is Jalan Pahang loh.. Hehehhehhee...
  At 1:21 PM Anonymous suituapui said:
Oh...that one was u kah, nyonya? Owes wink-wink at me...especially last time, I was only "sui" but not "tuapui"! But I suakoo...came from overseas (South China Sea), see KL girl so lee-hai doing dat, terus pee in my pants! Sigh...and today already "tuapui", nyonya pun dont wanna wink-wink at me anymore.
Mistipurple oso my shape and size kah? Nanti Eye of Malaysia becomes square! LOL!!!
Gua mau, gua mau! Hehehe.
The hokkien 'tai lok meen' looks yummy.
Beats those over here any time.
Those over here are pale looking and have no fire (wok hei) to them at all.
Hi Daniel Henry,

Very pofular they are leaving it till Aug 31 2008. :)
  At 11:08 PM Blogger Will said:
the mee looks yummy indeed... :P
Hi Mistipurple,

Sure or not? But nevermind, just give a call and all of us will climb to your side. hahahaha...
Hi Perky,

Selamt Datang! Can I get you a kopi-oh? :)

Go try the hokkien-mee some day. It's sedapsssss....

And thank you so much for popping by. You have a nice day. :)
Hi Chev,

Penang now got new fleet of public buses mar....apa itu, BAS RAPID. Fully air-con one. Go try it one day.
As for the public buses in Kuching, heard from Ben-Ben that its very teruk stand and tunggu and tunggu and tunggu. :)

Si Angel may not have realised that the road where Grand Seasons stood is Jalan Pahang. It's always lidat...gua pun sama-sama...95% of the time dunno the name of the road. :P
Hi Suituapui,

aikssss.... no lar....that one wink-wink at you one bukan gua lar...That girl ar...sand masuk her eyes lar...
Gua leh...very smart....I wore dark sunglasses(mercury lens summore) to protect my eyes..and surely, you cannot see my eyes loh.

pssst......was told Mistipurple got body very shapely guitar...
Hi Day-Dreamer,

Open you mouth big-big....arrrr....ummmmm..
Hi Aiyah Nyonya,

This one cukup 'wok hei'...very sedapssss...And ya, I like it black...:)
Hi Will,

Highly recommended...You must go try it. :)
*pengsan* lol!
guitar shape ah? maybe more like papaya. come come i cium you today. swish with listerine already lah. suituapui want one also or not? hahaha
arrghhh that was me! sorries!
yumm ymm looks yummy :)) let me think...the last time i went on a ferris wheel is say hmm..3 years ago in genting hahha..thats when i was still dating hehehe ;P
  At 6:19 AM Anonymous suituapui said:
Wah...mistipurple aka goldiamondrich??? That's self-description kah? So rich kah? Yes, yes! Like dat, I oso want cium...! My body shape memang like guitar...that old-time bass guitar!!! P Ramlee's time one! LOL!
Hi Mistipurple,

okie...okie...this side of the cheek, I also wash clean-clean liao.
Hi Winniethepooh,

The hokkien-mee is really yummy. You have these at the Chinese restaurants over your place?

Wow....'phaktoring' on the ferries wheel in Genting Highlands...some sweet memories to last a lifetime. :)
Hi Mistipurple and Suituapui, classical guitar and one double-bass....very 'padan'...hahhahaha...
  At 5:02 AM Blogger zal said:
Hi! If you don't mind. Can you please tell me the best street food/stalls in Penang? Especially chinese food. I really need to find them.

if ok, please email me at