Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Chicken And Duck Talk

The phone conversation with my friend went something like this:-

Me : Woei...whatchoo doin'?

She : Washing the cabinet.

Me : Why?

She : Wash oni lar...nothing to do mar.

Me : New one ar?

She : Ya lar.

Me : New oso wash. Make sure they fix them up properly, k?

She : Ya...ya...betul....those not working one, kasi keluar...

Me : What??? New and yet rosak liao ar?

She : Huh? Rosak? What rosak?

Me : Your cabinet lar. Kena conned liao lor.

She : HAHAHAHAHA.....Apalah lu!!! Am talking 'bout Pak Lah's new Cabinet lah.

Me : HAHAHAA....Apalah...Gua talk 'chicken' and you talk 'duck'...HAHAHAHAA... And can talk so long summore....hahahaha

** She said 'watch' but I heard it as 'wash'.
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LOL. I guessed it when I was halfway through the post. Hehe.

Btw I went to Damai Laut many times before but couldn't recognize the place from your photos. :D
  At 2:23 AM Blogger angeles said:
bwahahaaha... hoh cheo nia...

but maybe the new Cabinet really need some 'washing' still, hor? heeee...
hahahahahahaha!! she washing Badawi mia cabinet! lol!!
  At 5:53 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:
Hi Nonya, reminds me of that fellow who requested the song, 'Ah Cheng Buay loh ti" at a niteclub.
Actually he wanted, "Unchained melody".
Okay, I go wash my TV now, Anon.
  At 6:25 PM Blogger Pi Bani said:
Aiyah... THAT cabinet oso need washing meh...
  At 9:26 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:
hahahahaha i already guessed it right the moment i saw the washing....
  At 11:53 AM Blogger Nightwing said:
Hi Nyonya,

Thats a good one..:)
Hi Day-Dreamer,

It was quite funny lor...can talk for a good 2 minutes, then only realised we were talking different things.

I'd love to go back to Damai Laut's so peaceful and serene. But only wish the food served could be better. :)
Hi Angeles, kong tang and gua kong sai...apalah..and can kong so much summore.

New cabinet needs washing ar? Maybe Laundryamah can help. hahahaha...
Hi Ehon,

I actually missed out one line...I did ask my friend to get her maid to 'wash' and she replied, "What for?" Gua then pun scratch kepala liao. hahahaha....
Hi Anon,

Errr...your TV need washing? hahahaha....

Your 'Ah Cheng Buay Loti' story veli funny leh. In fact yesterday, I watched something on 'YouTube'...some "IDOL" show. There was this lady singer, a non-English speaker...I think she is Spanish or something. She introduced herself to the judges and then she said she sing a Mariah Carey song titled "KEN LEE". Wuaah...the judges scratched their heads...never heard of that song before. The lady then started singing. She sang "WITHOUT YOU" by Mariah Carey but all the words were of her own interpretation and what's this 'KEN LEE'?'s the chorus of the song..."I Can't Liveeeeee.....If Living is Without Youuuuu....I Can't Liveeeeee......."
"I CAN'T LIVE" became "KEN LEE"
hahahahah.....The judges were rolling off their seats.
Hi Pi Bani,

Any washing job maybe can refer to Laundryamah. ahhahaha...
Hi Laundryamah,

Washing is your forte! yayyyyy!
Hi Nightwing,

How have you been? Nice to have you pop by once a while. Appreciate that lots. :)

You have a great day.
  At 10:55 AM Anonymous mott said:
Ha ha ha..this was funny.

thanks for that! heard about the new happenings.. what a big change to malaysia now.

i just hope it won't go downsouth from now...

how u anyway? sorry i haven't been popping by... sikit bz ..ha ha ha!
Hi Mott,

So nice to hear from you. How have you and the whole family been? Hope everything is all settled down well and good.

I did pop by a couple of times over your blog but as usual lar....I was 'suffering' from 'comments blockage'...errrr...cannot think right and dunno what to say. My apologies.

Here's wishing you a great weekend. :)
  At 12:35 PM Blogger Mafer said:
Haha... this really a rare joke...
By the way, nice to meet you.