Thursday, March 27, 2008

I Am So Indiciplined

It has been a long day. The sky was clear the whole day and I managed to move about more freely and covered more appointments, unlike past few days of inclement weather when the morning sun got covered quickly by dark storm clouds and then followed by lashing rain in the afternoons. A half an hour of heavy downpour is good enough to cause pools of water along the roads …a solid one hour and flashfloods is not uncommon. Driving can be treacherous.

And it was just one of the few evenings when I had to sit down and sort out the stack of paperwork I brought home. I don’t normally bring work home and the few times that I did, the papers just stayed where they were…in the bag. I would then bring it back to the office the next day for completion. Carry in and carry out. Silly, isn’t it? Honestly, I planned to finish the paperwork that evening but somehow, I got distracted……I’ll read the papers first lar…I’ll read the comics lar…..I’ll chat on the phone lar…..I’ll fixed the loose button on the shirt lar……I’ll catch some food reviews on the TV first lar…I’ll check my emails first lar…I’ll blog-hop a little lar...etc..etc.... Well, it’s everything else except opening my workbag and by the time I remember the work, most times my eyes refused to stay open and my brain just turn cottony. shuckssss……I am so indiciplined.

So I forced myself. Past couple of hours, I sat down and diligently completed my work and now I am wide awake….eyes big-big and brain sharp-sharp…good enough to bang the keyboard to string a few words for this post. And now, I think I should go and start counting sheep.

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I especially liked your second paragraph... because most of the time I am like that too. HAHA.
  At 1:54 AM Anonymous Jomel said:
i am worse than u. i told myself i will start work once i've settled in my new home. it's been 3 months and i am still shaking legs...
  At 2:03 AM Blogger angeles said:
pssttt... delegate delegate delegate... to Babapenang haha..
  At 8:26 AM Anonymous said:
procrastinator!!!!! just like me. there are so many things to be done when you have work, and nothing need to be done when you don't have work. :P
  At 4:46 PM Blogger Rose said:
Hi Nyonya Penang! I usually are like that, in office! Easily distracted by something else (i.e. phone, call for meeting, bloging, chatting etc), so at the end of the day, I realised I have a load of unfinished works! ;p
  At 6:38 PM Blogger U.Lee said:
Hi Nyonya, still got potential. UL.
  At 8:44 PM Anonymous kat said:
Hahahaha.. you read the comic section?? Do you laugh out loud oso?? :D

I know exactly what you mean. I have been putting off folding my laundry, now there are 3 loads still sitting there waiting for me!! :P
  At 10:46 AM Blogger Nightwing said: also in same no worries...u r not the only one.
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  At 6:55 PM Anonymous suituapui said:
Yalor...nyonya like dat, no problem! When anak in school, cannot! Double standard! Hahahahahaha!!!!!
  At 10:07 PM Anonymous zeroimpact said:
I have the same problems but I lack the determination
Work is just so tiring
  At 10:12 AM Anonymous dawn said:
Hi Nyonya, hahaha, same here too. But now I told myself I won't bring work home but cut my time bloghop at work! :)
omg. so funny. you force yourself to sleep, while i force myself to wake up!!! i just don't like being... awake lately. LOLs!!!
sleep sleep sleep sleep!!!
Hi Day-Dreamer,

I also think I got a fairly big lazybone somewhere in my body. :P
Hi Jomel,

Take your time...I know you got lots on your plate.
And shaking legs can be therapeutic loh. :)
Hi Jomel,

Take your time...I know you got lots on your plate.
And shaking legs can be therapeutic loh. :)
Hi Angeles,

We hold different portfolio wor? hahahaha....
Hi Ehon,

Ya...that's the word....'procrastinator' numero uno!
Hi Rose,

I am the other way the office leh, I can 'behave' but not at home. :P
Hi Uncle Lee,

Errr... you think so? hehehehe....
Hi Kat,

My boys and I got this habit - reading while on the 'throne' and ever so often, laughter can be heard coming from the toilet. hahahhaa....laughing ourselves silly reading some funny comics or jokes.
Hi Nightwing,

I guess I am not someone with the discipline to work-from-home.....the home is too comfy liao. :)
Hi Suituapui,

Last time gua mia cikgu said lidis."Do what I say...Don't do what I do!"
Hi Zeroimpact,

Actually hor, for those working day jobs, evenings are suppose to be for relaxation and wind-down time so that can go to sleep easily. For me, if I stay up too late to finish my work...wahlao....I cannot sleep leh. My eyes would be tired but the brain seems to be on overdrive.
Hi Dawn,

As I am out in the field most of the time during the day, at night is the best time to clear the paperwork without much interruption ...abuthen...gua ini very indisciplined. :P
Hi Daniel Henry,

I am trying to put some order in my sleep patterns..try to sleep early and wake up early. Ini ada susah sikit 'cos gua bukan a morning person.
  At 12:48 AM Blogger ilene said: so funny & original lah! That's why I love coming by every now and then to read your down to earth stories!

I also sama-sama. Bring work home, see tv, chat online, tidur liow! Next day, take work back then again bring work home...lie on the couch watching telly, eyes tidur liow! My body getting more and more lazier these days. Probably age and weather are the main culprits! heheheeee