Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Sometimes I can be so ‘free’ with nothing much to do and I can just laze and procrastinate. And other times, the plate is just too full; not that I am complaining though. To me, got work to do means good lar. If no work hor, then 'jialat' liao. Betul tak?

And when I am trying to push as fast and clear as much outstanding work as possible so that I can go enjoysss cukup-cukup my holidays, I had to fracture a toe 10 days back which kinda ‘immobilise’ me– can hobble but cannot drive; I had to have blocked nose and sore throat since 2 days ago; and a small but none the less painful ulcer decides to take position in the mouth. Arrghhhh.......Murphy's Law!

The handphone too, chose to 'misbehave' - it had some minor software problems causing me to lose my playlist and pictures but luckily the contacts list was spared. Had to send it in for rectification and for the few hours that I was without the phone, I felt kinda lost but come to think of it, it was actually quite a peaceful few hours. Weird or not? I just got the phone back and it has been beeping non-stop. aiksss…….Looks like all of them decided to call me at the same time and … and….they want their things yesterday. Geezzzzzz.....

Nevermind. Let them wait a while…I wanna put up a short update here before I fly off tomorrow for my short horniday. Shall be back in 2 weeks.

To all my friends here……have a great day and stay beautiful, always!

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  At 7:02 PM Blogger angeles said:
Have lotsssa fun! Watch your step too ohhh hehe!
Happy horniday! LOL :D
  At 9:11 PM Anonymous Dawn said:
Hello Nyonya,

Yeah, I read your post on your poor toe, i feel your pain there. I myself had my little one broken, all because of my 100 pounds dog stepped and kinda twist it. I was hobbling around 4+ months and that was over the winter. Cilaka.

Anyway, hope you have a wonderful 2 weeks off and enjoy!
  At 9:36 AM Anonymous _butt said:
have a greaat happy enjoyable holiday! take good care of the toes oh :)
WA ! you lucky hor, can go 'Eat Air"
Have a good trip
  At 11:38 AM Blogger Pi Bani said:
Happy holidays! And don't be naughty ya?? ;)
  At 4:17 PM Blogger William said:
Hornyday? Hehehe. Sounds fun.
  At 10:24 AM Blogger Nightwing said:
Have fun now and remember to take pictures to share here..:)
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  At 12:24 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:
wahhh so fast horniday leow...heard that u met kopisoh wor,,, so the shiokness eh?? enjoy!!
  At 3:11 PM Blogger a^ben said:
I don wanna stay beautiful, I wanna stay leng zai` can or not zek?!? :D

why got mickey?are you going disneyland..I WANT! 'x'
  At 12:47 PM Blogger Kak Teh said:
nyonya, been a while since i was last here. Have a good break and come back with more stories!
  At 5:15 AM Blogger J.T. said:
Have a good horniday... :P

We will catch up when you return to update your blog.

  At 11:45 PM Blogger ikanbilis said:
ah nyonya cantik, take care and have good rest!

happy holiday!
Hai Nyonya...have anice day!
I like you red t-shirt given by your no. 2...lawwwwaaa la...

Happy belated birthday to you! :-)
  At 7:20 PM Blogger ah nel said: u no answer eh...i tink the roaming sexpensive hor? :P
  At 8:11 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:
Everybody headache for the money :)
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  At 1:07 AM Anonymous jomel said:
nyonya, very sweet of you to come back to say hi this afternoon lah. You look younger now you now.. I think it must have been the effect of the horniday *winks*. Donch forget to sms ok!! :)
  At 10:48 AM Blogger Bengbeng said:
hey, we miss u. update?
  At 11:32 AM Anonymous mott said: long ur holiday ah! more like 2 months! COME BACKKKK!!
  At 12:32 PM Blogger Jonzz said:
Happy Holiday!