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Competition is HEALTHY and Rejection is GOOD

Doing Sales and Marketing is tough, they say. The competition is stiff and it’s a dog-eat-dog world out there. It sure is. Sales people are trained and re-trained and trained and re-trained over and over again and reminded that…Competition is HEALTHY and Rejection is GOOD!

When the answer is a ‘YES’, thank your Client for giving you the business. And when the answer is a ‘NO’, thank your Prospect for giving you his time. Be a true professional and never ever speak ill. Embrace these simple timeless rules and you will be rewarded manifold. All these sure make a lot of sense to me - and nothing too much and too difficult to follow.

Like an eager beaver, I dived into my new vocation full of spirit, drive and boundless enthusiasm. Soon, I was to find out the hard way that many don’t play by the rules. It seemed every single rule in the book was made to be bent, if not broken. I felt dejected and depressed. It was totally unfair, I wailed. It hurt and on a few instances, I almost crumbled. Fortunately, I have a good mentor – he is patient and he is kind and he is wise. He counsels well. “Just like anything else, there sure would be some who have different ideas and chose to do it their way, dirty tactics and all and it will be to their detriment. Honour your craft and honour yourself. Garbage belongs to the garbage dump”, my mentor drummed into me.

Over the years, I have heard just too many words spoken by others that got back to my ears. Oh, words that never fail to make me cringe in embarrassment. They sure don’t play by the rules and I bet it was a sad day for them when they opened their mouth :-

1. “You bought from her last time. So now you buy from me.”

The Client WILL buy from me. He believes in loyalty.

2. “Please give me this order. If not, I’ll be dead meat”

The Client will come to me. He DOES NOT want to deal with dead meat anytime now or in the future.

3. “She’s an old-hand already and don’t need your support. Please support me.”

The Client will buy from the confident ‘old-hand’.

4. “She has too many Clients. She is too busy and won’t have time to see you often.”

The Client will buy from a BUSY me rather than deal with someone who has nothing to do.

5. “She is soooo old-school.”

Thanks, dude. You just lost the order. ^O^

And a couple of days ago, a new client paid me a compliment. “Ms Tan, I was looking for this product and have met with many other sales people. They confused me. They harassed me. And they frightened me. But you impressed me – you kept it straight and simple, you gave me time to think and I appreciate lots. Thank you.”

Wah….what a soothing balm for any bruised spirit and a great boost for any sagging ego. I stepped out of the office with a spring in my step, a smile on my face and a song in my ear. Thanks Robin, you made my day!


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  At 8:22 PM Blogger U.Lee said:
Hi Nyonyapenang,
One of THE best jobs or occupations is in 'selling' and like a beautiful rose, it has lots of thorns on the stem, but if successful end or conclusion more than makes up for it.
I have had 35 years in sales/marketing and have always lived by this two tactics:
"Turn a problem into an opportunity.",
and , "The closing of a sale is the beginning of an obligation".
And both the above led me to a very successful business career and the fun lifestyle that followed. Regrets I have, but too few to mention.
Congratulations on your surviving and now reaping the rewards, Nyonya.
You have a nice day, UL.
  At 8:51 PM Blogger Will said:
yes, competition is healthy, but monopoly is better... haha just kidding

khai ma, you very keng lah... hehe
  At 9:23 PM Blogger ah nel said:

you are just you!

*honest person*

i understand ur healthy way owes wont get good return of money but at least you got respect...

we must trust ourself we can by not becoz of 1 customer/client gone to other hand we got mad bout it n loose confident to ourself...

life wont be fun when thre no challenges...when challenges come we can deal with it we realy proud of ourself eventho someone compliment we get it more by the other dirty way...

  At 10:32 PM Blogger J.T. said:
One thing I have always appreciated is an honest sales person. If I sense an ounce of aggression, it is "good bye and have a good day".

When we think about it, all of us are into selling something about ourselves every day - friendship, relationships - business or personal, etc.
Definitely, competition is healthy and rejection is good. It makes a lot of sense because we can grow from there.

I like what U.Lee said "The closing of a sale is the beginning of an obligation."
So true. We need reminders like these to succeed. I believe it is very useful for our personal lives too.

Congratulations Nyonya. You deserve the praise. :)
  At 10:46 PM Blogger angel said:
They are just desperate, I suppose...

If I did sales, I sure tak dapat cari makan wan...
I am not born for sales.

Well done for you, Nyonya!! :)
  At 11:44 PM Blogger Winn said:
i think a lot young ppl are doing a hit and run sales strategy to earn quick money now.
ya they are not sincere one. from the conversation with them u can tell they jus wan ur money!!
  At 12:44 AM Blogger a^ben said:
nyonya is Canggih lady~

*bring pompoms~*
  At 12:56 AM Blogger savante said:
Yeah, robin certainly deserves a reward too :)
  At 1:08 AM Blogger Jonzz said:
It's a dog-eat-dog world. Don't let it get to you.

I think your clients appreciate a person like you for your integrity.
  At 6:54 AM Blogger Pi Bani said:
Oh yes... I detest sales people who won't take no for an answer. Give me the non-agrressive ones anytime... I may not buy then, but if I do need the product later, I'd come back to this kind of salesperson - the straight and honest kind.

Kudos Nyonya!
Nothing beats being appreciated for your professionalism. Well done Nyonyapenang :)

I agree with Pi Bani, nice non aggressive sales person are almost alway the ones who came to mind first when I need that certain product and the worst are those ones when they want to close a sales, they are 'at your beck and call', when the sales is closed, they 'suddenly seems to response as slow as a turtle'..what kind of 'aftersales service' is that?

have a great week nyonyapenang!
  At 1:22 PM Anonymous mott said:'s impt to keep a honest relationship with your client, esp if you want to go long term.

well done, ms.tan.. you're the best!!!

  At 2:34 PM Blogger eve said:
Must make the clients feel that they are buying and not sold to..
Happy for you.
Keep up the good work, Ms Tan!
Hi Uncle Lee,
I have been cut and pricked and bruised once too many. I despair, but just for a while and I'll come back stronger and pushed on summore. And all it takes is just someone like Robin to make everything all so worthwhile.

'Turn a problem into an opportunity.' Yes, Uncle Lee, I have been taught to see that a problem is actually an opportunity in opportunity to learn, develop and grow.

'The closing of a sale is the beginning of an obligation.'
Yes, it's an obligation for both parties to perform well and deliver excellence.

Thank you so much for your kind words and meaningful advice. I value them lots.

Have a great day, Uncle Lee. :)
hi will,
i see your point....hahahaa
'monopoly is better'.
it's actually false victory. :P
hi ah nel khehkia,
you are sooo right there - 'life won't be fun where there are no challenges'. i fully agree with you!

we win some and we lose some BUT the most important is we know we did our best. we move on and we know that glory awaits down the corner.

thank you, khehkia for your inspiring words. have a nice day! :)
hi j.t.,
I approach and treat each one of my prospect the way I would like to be treated. I try put myself in their shoes and if I don't like the feel of it, I don't think they will like it either.

Ya, all of us are into some sort of 'selling' everyday and no matter what, there is no shortcut. Try to cut corners and do some shortchanging, and the end result will explain themselves.

And yes, Uncle Lee reminded us so well re: responsibility, 'The closing of a sale is the beginning of an obligation.'

Thanks so much for your kind words. I always look forward to your comments.

You have a great day!
hi angel,
Desperate times call for desperate measures? Unfortunately, oftentimes it lead nowhere.

We play to win BUT we know too, that we don't win all the time.
I like to WIN WITH PRIDE and if I have to lose, I WANT TO LOSE WITH DIGNITY.

"If I did sales, I sure tak dapat cari makan wan...
Lemme tell you something...some of the best salesperson today, used that line before. You got potential lar. :)

Have a happy week. :)
hi day-dreamer,
I don't remember anybody telling me I was born for sales either. hahhaha

BUT I know - We Are All Born For Greatness!

Have a wonderful day!
hi winn, the way you said it, "HIT and RUN". Ya, they may succeed in a 100 metre dash BUT unfortunately, they did not realise it's actually a MARATHON.

Selling is an art. If mastered well, the client will willingly and gladly fill your pockets and proud of it too. :)
That's how I see it. :)

Have a great day.
hi a^ben,
**clap.clap..clap..** watching a^ben with pompoms and eoh ka ch'ng.

kamsiah...kansiah... :D
hi savante,
he sure does! ^O^
hi jonzz,
My mentor said, "Don't focus on the money. Do the job well and the money will follow."

It sure took me quite a while to fathom that.

I sure appreciate all my clients - I am thankful to have their support, confidence and trust all these years and the least I could do to repay them is to stay true.

Have a great day, jonzz.
Hi Pi Bani,I
If they can see it properly and handle it well, the word 'NO' is actually a prelude to a 'YES'. Unfortunately many do not realise this and they went on an offensive and lots to lose for it.

And I value prospects and clients like you and I am proud to say that many have become good friends.

Thanks for your kind words. Have a good day. :)
Hi Winniethepooh,
The feeling of being's AWESOME!
hahhhaa....and it's ADDICTIVE too. :)

Selling is actually the easy part. And the 'after-sales' part -- ahhh...this will determine whether you stay or you pack and leave. far, I have not look for that bag to pack yet. :D

Thank you so much for your kind and thoughtful comments. Always like them.

You have a great summer day.
hi mott,
ya...i wanna eat i better behave properly long-term. hahahah...

thank you for your kind comments. i appreciate them lots.

you have a great, great week.
hi eve,
you are absolutely right.
let the client feel they are in control...they made the decision to BUY and buying means taking out their Platinum Cards willingly and happily.

have a great day.
hi king's wife,
thank you...thank you....

i work both ways - my client is happy, i am happy too. :)

have a nice day.
  At 11:43 PM Blogger PEARLY said:
hi dear :
If I am the customes I will look for persona like you to do business then someone who stab ppl back to get the bussiness, with me also I rather to go back to sameone I deal with ,unless I think he or she is not handless my case well I change , but if the sale rep honerty like you , I will turn around to the ass face salemen or women don't need your help piss off I stay with nyanyo .

weldone nyonya never let a ass face to bet you , as long as you keep it this way , no body wanted to deal with " Get sale and Piss off " ppl .
cheeeeeeeeeer for you xxxxxx
  At 12:00 AM Blogger Kenny Ng said:
You are the woman! We are proud of you. To me I'm not good in sales but only good in technical... and also craps... LOL
  At 1:15 AM Anonymous Angeleyes said:
Nyonya, you are doing great and keep up the good work!

I was taught the 3 C in Sales and I was lucky that I don't have to use beyond the second C. :)
  At 12:17 PM Anonymous suituapui said:
Hello, nyonya!! Long time no jumpa!!! Been so busy...with school work and activities, was in Melaka and KL last week...and this Saturday, going to Sg Petani via Penang. Bringing my girl there - she got into the TESL twinning program (Gpoing to NZ) - going to be an English teacher like the father. Kept telling her, no good become teacher - no money, but she won't listen. Go into bizniz and sales like nyonya, got heaps of money!!! Go holiday all the time!!! Just bluff clients - promise them the world, after buying, different story!! LOL!!! Nyonya x like dat I'm sure...but many out there are! @#%$*&!!!
Should attend more psychology classes on how to close deals.
Doing sales or marketing is tough, but there is always the satisfaction when a successful sales come through. And at the end of it, a pleased and appreciative customer. :)
  At 11:48 AM Blogger doc said:
err, excuse me, can you tell us what you're marketting??
hi pearly,
my apologies for the late reply. have been quite tied up.

oh, pearly, you always have the kindest words for me and i truly appreciate that. it is true pearly, we may not know many things but we sure knows what honesty is.

you have a nice day. :)
hi kenny,
thank you so much for your kind words too. not everyone is good in everything but we sure have have our
strength in other things.
you are de technical man, yo!
hellooooo suituapui,
adoi....mana kawan gua ni hilang, ya?
sure miss having you here and of course, your witty and cute comments.

Hey, you were here in KL and I missed the chance to have coffee with you? Guess you must have loads of things to do and now running around with your big girl. My heartiest CONGRATS to your girl and of course to the proud parents too.

Wah....I can just imagine cigku suituapui bursting with pride...a brilliant daughter following in your footsteps. She paid you the highest compliment and you deserve it.

Let me wish your girl all the very best each step of the way. :)
hi angeleyes,
thank you so much.

we learn and re-learn and learn and re-learn all the time.
hi las montanas,
all of us never stop learning. what makes the difference is whether we know how to apply what we have learned. and to me, the greatest teacher is ourselves...we learn from our own mistakes.
hi eastcoastlife,
you said it all and you said it soooo well. :)
hi eastcoastlife,
you said it all and you said it soooo well. :)
  At 10:35 PM Blogger alison said:
hi nyonya, noticed your posts are getting more serious la, not like dulu, vely funny. i used to come for laughs, skarang lagi lama lagi serious, relax sikit nya... happy happy ok! :)
hi doc,
errr...i sell ice to eskimos. hahahah...just kidding. :)
hi alison,
thank you.
it's a mixture of sorts we have here.
feel free to pop by anytime, alison. you are always welcome.

have a good weekend. :)
wah! song nya! i must learn from Nyonya la...when can give me lessons? i oso want my client to compliment me leh!
hi laundryamah,
i am humbled. hahahaha...
we need to learn from each other. :)
  At 12:30 PM Anonymous zeroimpact said:
People are just not professional nowadays
That is a sad sad thing
hi zeroimpact,
i believe in this - "do unto others what you wish others to do unto you." and i want to walk tall and walk proud.

have a great weekend! :)