Friday, June 22, 2007

And Keep Smiling, Always

Hi Friends,

My a million apologies for not updating my blog and I am yet to reply to all your lovely and heartwarming comments in my previous posting. This is soooooo NOT ME! I promise I shall go back to reply to each and every one of you and I value and treasure each and every single comment. Just keep them coming, ya! And I sayangssssss all of you.

I am at the moment very, very tied up with work…you know…whereby I have people hounding me down and reminding me the deadlines were YESTERDAY! Well, I am not complaining. In fact, I am very happy that I am sooooooo LAKU! ^o^ And of course, the $$$$$$$...I AM NOT COMPLAINING TOO!

Okie Dearies, I‘ll sign out here and would like to wish all my beautiful friends here a very pleasant weekend. Stay Sweet. Stay Beautiful. Stay Happy. And Keep Smiling, Always.

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  At 11:11 AM Blogger Wennnn said:
Smilling at Nyonya.... Heheheheh me also long time no update la... Where U disappearing to ah??? I also wannna follow..
  At 11:50 AM Blogger angel said:
Happy weekend!
  At 12:11 PM Anonymous Jemima said:

Happy Weekend,Kak!

  At 1:03 PM Blogger eve said:
Wahhh...reading this post of yours just lifted up my mood..tenkiusss...Sayangssss you too..
  At 2:42 PM Anonymous doc said:
of course, we also know that smiling uses less facial muscles than frowning.

PS. i sure would like to meet you at a future bloggers' gathering.
  At 2:51 PM Blogger said:
Haiyo. I look like that meh.
Thanks for coming back.
(hmm... I thanks ... what eh?)
Ok. Thanks for the blog update.

Hope you really did enjoy your holiday.
  At 3:38 PM Anonymous zeroimpact said:
Hope you have a great weekend
  At 3:50 PM Blogger Will said:
khai ma: don't work too hard... :D
  At 5:20 PM Blogger AceOne118 said:
Come lets go "tong sui" again.!!!Happy weekend.
  At 6:47 PM Blogger ah nel said:
khehmak! khehkia sayanggggsss u oso... :)

kia we go limteh! ;)
You have a great weekend too!
And to start it off....some scrumptious dessert tonight! ;)
  At 8:30 PM Blogger William said:
'Tis the season to be swamped at work. Hang in there.
How wise and true of nyonyapenang, "Most smiles are started by another smile" mine just started with ur smiley gorilla! hahaha now how to stop laughing that I dont look silly?? :P

have a great weekend nyonyapenang! :)
  At 10:36 PM Blogger U.Lee said:
Hi Nyonya, No smile is as beautiful as those that pass thru tears (of happiness).
Have a great weekend. UL.
ps, first time seeing a white king kong. Must be orang puteh one. Ha ha.
Nyonya add oil!! *hugs*
  At 11:49 PM Anonymous Angeleyes said:
wah Nyonya.... so laku... oz everyone LOVES Nyonya!

Hope you have a lovely weekend!

Btw, did you received my mail?
  At 12:45 AM Blogger may said:
we sayang you too. happy weekend!
  At 4:16 AM Blogger J.T. said:
And the whole world smiles with you.... :)

Happy Weekend and sayangssss you too.
Hi ! Have a great weekend.
  At 1:05 PM Anonymous mott said:
that errr.. baboon(?)'s smile made me smile!


hope u'll hv a great weekend!
  At 1:08 PM Blogger Chen said:
but not tersengih-sengih type of smile
we all sayang & lup u :)
  At 1:13 PM Blogger Sam said:
We're still coming. :) Always fun to read your blog. :D
  At 4:23 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:
this is misha... it is my first time here :)
  At 4:55 PM Blogger a^ben said:
wahhahaha nyonya manyak $$$$$$ must belanja zhor` :D
  At 5:57 PM Blogger PEARLY said:
hi dear :
don't worry I will wait untill you finish with your make $$$$$ .

have a lovely weekend xxxxxx mis you
  At 7:21 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:
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  At 10:01 PM Blogger Winn said:
hi wenwen,
gua not playing disappearing act. gua balik kampung and then come back to a pile of work to clear.
gua memang very guilty for not updating regularly and not visiting all my friends in blogosphere too.
mesti kena rotan liao hor, lidat? hahahaha....

hi angel,
happppppiieee...happpppie weekend-WITHOUT-end. yayyyy...

hi jemima,
happy and pleasant weekend to you too! :)

hi eve,
we sayangsss each other....**hugsss**
hi doc,
mmmm...that's doctor-speak. i likesssss....hahahah...

a meet up? sure, if time permits. just drop me a line at nyonyapenangatgmaildotcom

hi zeroimpact,
you have a great weekend too :)

hi will,
work with gusto and play to the hearts content. :)

hi aceone118,
you ring-ring me lar. :)

hi ah nel,
you also another one...must ring-ring me lar. :)

hi king's wife,
desserts? i lau hau sui again.

hi william, season one ar? okie...okie i go tie one harness.
hi winniethepooh,
a very kind and wise friend shared that most meaningful quote with me.
and i am glad the handsome gorilla brought a smile to your face. :)

have a wonderful weekend.
Hi Uncle Lee,
Yes, smile + tears = HAPPY TEARS

I think so too...that one orang putih king kong. Or is there one called polar gorilla, just like polar bear...white colour one? hahaha...

Have a great weekend, Uncle Lee.
hi day-dreamer,
thank you. i'll certainly tambah minyak lagi. :D

hi angeleyes,
wah...gua HAPPY gua LAKU! ahhahaha...

oh ya, gua ada receive your email kamsiah banyak-banyak.
hi may,
okie....a special delivery of a load of sayangssss to miss may in sydney.
** keep warm**
have a great weekend.

hi j.t.,
show the SMILES, hide the frowns.

here's wishing you and mitch a wonderful weekend. :)
hi aiyah nonya,
here's wishing you and family a pleasant R & R weekend. :)

hi mott,
that handsome white gorilla...i think i'll call him polar gorilla.hehehee..

have a great weekend. :)
hi dr chen, macam-macam mia smile ar? the smile that i can see it in the eyes...that is the most beautiful and heartwarming smile.

gua sayangssss lokter and ah boy. :)
hi sam,
thanks so much for your support. i really appreciate it very much.
one of these days must go yumcha with you and kor-kor, okie? :)
Hi Misha,
A warm welcome to a beautiful princess all the way from Hong Kong. Come on in...let me bring you a cup of hot chocolate. :)

Thank you so much for dropping by. Please feel free to visit again anytime.

And here's wishing princess Misha and her lovely momma a wonderful weekend.
hi a^ben,
come...come....anytime...the pleasure is mine. please remember to kring-kring me when you fly this way again. :)
hi pearly,
you are soooo kind...gua sayangsssss you lots. and i miss all of you too.
hi winn,
smile BIG-BIG and smile TRUE-TRUE. :)
  At 1:06 AM Blogger ah nel said:
This comment has been removed by the author.
  At 8:43 AM Blogger ah nel said:
i free i ring u ya!

*sure u free kar as u owes bz wan*
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