Thursday, June 07, 2007

I Love You, Son!

My no. 2 has just completed his second year in college and a few days ago, was called to attend an interview for an internship programme. When he told me of the call, I was like shooting questions all over…”WHEN, WHERE, WHAT, WHY, HOW, etc…” which made him roll his eyes in exasperation. And as if that was not enough, I was literally hounding him, “Have you got your resume done?”/ “Have you got your shirt and pants pressed and tie and socks to match?”/”When are you going for your haircut?”/Have you practiced and rehearsed your script, you know, answers to those open-ended questions that interviewers are proned to ask?”/ “Go ask your brother and get prepared lar…please stop playing the on-line games lar…..tolonnnng…lar…”

The no. 1 cannot stand the sight of this big mother-hen all stressed out and flustered and told me to chillllllll…momma…chillll….” And no.2 was just coooool like a cucumber. I offered to send him for the interview but he declined. He said he wanted to go with his friends. Very well, I said.

On that day, he left the house early. I peeped from the upstairs window and when I saw him all dressed up like a smarty-ass, (unlike his usual droopy jeans and t-shirt), I felt my heart swelled with pride. Wah…my baby is a big boy already.

I then left for my office but I tell you, I could not focus…I was like sitting on pins and needles. I kept on reminding myself, “Cut it out, woman. He’s just going for some internship interview lar.” I just can’t explain why am I feeling all this jittery when I felt nothing of that sort when no. 1 went for his interviews and whatnots. Anyway, to cut the story short, I went home early that day and the minute he walked into the house, I almost jumped on him…”So how? Huh?...Huh?” That cool cucumber just smiled and said, “OK lar.” and went straight to his room. Arrrggg….he was not ready to talk and I left it at that.

A couple of days later, no. 2 and I was on our way home from lunch and he spoke.

He : Those questions that you said the interviewer will ask, there were none.

Me : Oh ya? What did they ask?

He : The usual stuffs like hobbies, what games I like, what movies I watched..bla..

Me : Like that niar ar?

He : Oh ya, they also asked if I blog.

Me : What did you say then?

He : No lar, of course.

Me : Aisehman, why lidat? You should have said,,”I don’t BUT my momma does.”
And give them my URL and promote my blog mar…

He gave me that ‘roll-eyes’ look and both of us burst out laughing. KAKAAKAKA….

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  At 2:00 AM Blogger angel said:
Promote your blog? Need help? Heh heh...

Good Luck, No. 2!

Momma Nyonya, mian kin cheong lar... he sure boleh wan! ;)
Wah... your son so big liao o...

All the best to No. 2!!
  At 4:34 AM Blogger J.T. said:
I like your punch line, Nyonya.

Also like your blog and if you need more promotion, I will do it for you. hahaha
I am yet to pick up the tag on favourite food. :)

Good luck to your number 2, your baby I presume? :)
mama nyonyapenang, must be as cool as ur no.2 :) U remind me so much of my mom, every exam, every interview that i went to, her reactions are sama like urs hehehe.."how, why, what, when, who...what they ask, how you asnwer, can or not?" hehehe mama are like that one ;)
  At 7:02 AM Blogger U.Lee said:
Hi NyonyaPenang, I can picture your anxiety, your worries and your happiness re your son.
Give or take another 5 to 7 years you will have fun with grandchildren, worry about their feeding, catching cold, mosquito bites, their schooling.
Angel got to find new kaki go karoaking or dim sum chats. Ha ha. Just kidding, regards to all of you at home, Nyonya. UL.
  At 7:06 AM Blogger Wennnn said:
MUMMY IS ALWAYS A MUMMY LOR... always soooo kan cheong one la.... chilll la mummy ah boy grow up liao lor now big boy oredi!!!!
  At 8:06 AM Blogger Pi Bani said:
Nyonya Penang, the internship interview with which kongsi? If it's with any kongsi you complained about in your blog, then better tell your son not to say anything about his momma's blog lorr... ;)
  At 9:39 AM Blogger Jonzz said:
LOL, nice bit of sharing there.

I guess parents will always be fussy and worried no matter how old their children grow up to be.

It's wired to your system ;)
  At 10:51 AM Blogger eve said:
Biasa ler..Wait till they bring home ur future daughter in law lagi kan cheong..
Haha. Nyonya jie, your blog already famous. No need promo lor
  At 3:52 PM Anonymous mott said:
wah! nyonya... you must impart more "motherly" knowledge la!!! both your sons doing so well..I can only say, the parents brought them up very well!!!
  At 4:14 PM Anonymous no2 said: was a good experience to go for the internship interview...but i prefer to go casual and also tanks for the love =)
Aiyoh, I can just imagine myself just like you in next few, 10 or so years.
Must have you as a 'sifu'.
Wishing you and your son all the best. :)
  At 4:20 PM Blogger JL said:
alrite... next time i go interbiu i'll mention your blog :P
Your son wear droopy jeans and Ts ah?
Can he rap and dance hip hop like me anot?
  At 7:13 PM Blogger may said:
good luck to your no. 2! you ask him to update his CV with your blog address lah... promote kaw-kaw!
ayo so kan chiong mia dun say time i think i lagi worse!! hahaha..i think it's bcos he's of the family huh???
  At 8:00 PM Blogger ah nel said:
congrat to ur son...

khaimah wana plomop blog i help u wokeiii!

i go plint banner,flyer advetise in tibi... :P
hi angel,
ya lor, need lots of help. can give some advice ar?

gua ini hor, ada panic-manic syndrome. **okie...okie...must learn to stay cooool like timun..**

and kamsiah seribu for your kind wishes.
thanks for the kind wishes.

you noticed i got a few khai chai bloggers here too? :)
hi j.t.,
thanks so much for your kind words.
wah...sure would love to have you help to do some promo for me. :P
okie, you do that favourite food tag and perhaps, i can go mum-mum with you when you visit next. :)

i have 2 sons and no. 2 is the baby.
his coooolnesssss sometimes drives me up the wall. :D

i do remind you of your momma? you said, proly most mothers are like that. :)
Hi Uncle Lee,
The 2 boys make me laugh, make me cry, make me happy and make me sad but I would not wish for anything else. I love them to pieces.
Grandchildren? I think I'll let the parents do the worrying...I'll do the spoiling. hehehehe...

And maybe I can bring my grandchildren to play masak-masak with angel's children, and we both can still do our shalalallala.

Thanks for the kind words, Uncle Lee. You have a nice day.
  At 10:45 PM Blogger AceOne118 said:
Next time I go interview I mention your blog ya! hehehe
gua ini kancheong-button mia ler. okie...okie...must learn to relax and chilllll.... :)

pi bani,
he is attending a few interviews but not with that big kongsi.
complaint? i thought it was feedback, no? hahahahaa....

i know of a doctor...he is already 70 years old and he still get calls from his 87 year old momma to remind him to drink more water!

hi eve, talking about meeting future daughter-in-law...adoi again..hahahha... Hope that I don't put on my sarong inside out. kakakakak....

hi yenjai,
no lar...this one low-traffic nia lar. i sure would be happy if you can help too. :)
hi mott,
thanks so much for your kind words. i play by the ear and am still learning to do our part and pray for divine help.
you have a nice day. 2!
is that all you have to say??
hi aiyah nonya,
whenever i read your blog, it never fails to bring back memories of when my kids were of your sons' ages. fast time flies.

enjoy and savour every moment with them and build memories to last a lifetime.
I can imagine you beaming with pride, as any mother would.

Good luck to No2....
as a reference?? hahahaha....
kamsiah banyak-banyak....

cocka doodle,
you giving private lessons?
i wanna enrol too...

thanks alot.
hahahah.....update his CV? good idea jugak hor.

i dunno think got ubat for this penyakit kancheongigitis or not? maybe should go consult dr eve and dr yenjai lar. hahahah

ah nel,
you help me plomote so pou-der-ful blogger wor.
tell them to visit khaimah's blog.
you mean that interview you conduct to help choose secretali wan ar? hahahaha....

king's wife,
thanks so much for your kind words. adalah...kembang sikit...and worry banyak-banyak jugak. :D
  At 12:12 AM Blogger Will said:
mom will always be mom... hehe you need not worry la, your no. 2 is a smart boy...
  At 12:38 AM Anonymous no. 2 said:
haha..i guess i miss out a few things to say in the first comment..well here it goes..i would like to say thank you to auntie angle for her wishes, cant dance as well as uncle Cocka Doodle, thanks for the congrat ah nel, and finally wanted to say I love u also, MUM
  At 1:57 AM Blogger jazzmint said:
wah why ask got blog or not haha..funny question for interview
Awww....super duper sweet post! Aiyoh...i dinch know you beranak pinak oledi...siap masuk college dah. read ur blog i thought you anak dara some more....keh keh keh!
  At 2:06 AM Blogger plink said:
Meanwhile, at another interview....

Interviewer: U got blog anot?

plink: Got! nyonyapenangdotblogspotdotcom!

Interviewer: *pengsan*
  At 2:07 AM Blogger plink said:
Best of luck to No.2!
  At 2:07 AM Blogger plink said:
Yay! I got Sam Patt liao!
  At 7:22 AM Blogger FireHorse said:
Good luck, No 2. Once a mom always a mom. Kenot switch off wan no matter how old our children get.
  At 9:24 AM Blogger daniel said:
soooo cutes... i wanna... see your kids... *evil glare*... HO HO HO...
hi will,
thanks for your kind words. know me, ya and your mom is lidis too? :D
i guess the question was just to get the interviewee to chat-chat only. :D

hi bibik nyonya,
kamsiah..kamsiah banyak-banyak.

adoi...bibik ni soooo sweeeeet jugak...guessing me to be anak dara...if only the clock can move backwards..hahhahaha....
nonetheless, you make my day.
jom...allow me to buy you kopi or ais keling. :)
hi plink,
you are so cute and farny...
you make me laugh so loud lar..
and thanks for the kind wishes too. :)

you are so right there...a mom is always a mom is always a mom is always a mom.....
and we wouldn't want it any other way. :D

thanks so much.
i wanna 'see' you too, but when i go 'knock' on your door, I macam kena wrong address like that. can help to direct me to your 'house', please?
  At 8:02 PM Blogger J.T. said:
I was working on your tag for favourite foods but lost it all one day. I don't know what I did to mess up my blog. hehe
I have your tag in mind and will work on it again... hopefully it will be out mid next week.

Next time I visit Malaysia (where are you living now? Penang? hehe), we can go mum-mum. :)
  At 10:57 AM Blogger sengkor said:
if the interviewer ask me if i blog, kill me also i say no.
I think when it comes to my son, I'll behave lidat too! Maybe tolong all my business kakis to kuan chew him. hehehe....
i am in petaling jaya.
and am sure looking forward to go mum-mum with you.
have a great weekend. :)

just tell them your momma got blog lar... :D

i dunno lar...gua ni one kan cheong momma. am trying hard to hang-loose abit. :D
you have a good weekend too.
  At 12:52 AM Blogger PEARLY said:
hi dear :
I love the end bit , ask your son to promote your blog hahahaahah is a gud one .

I love the way you act , I think this very normal as a mum we get more excite then our kids . there always as cool as ice .
like the old ppl say. Hope son become a dragon and hope daughter become a phonix . you know I always think my mum is so nag when I am young until I had my own kids , I sometime stop and look back hi pearl you just like your mum use to be . hahhha
wish your No 2 all the best good luck to him .xxxxx
  At 3:15 AM Blogger Kenny Ng said:
LOL... want to promote ur blog kaw kaw ah? U really a good mom.

Good luck to you No 2
  At 4:45 AM Blogger J.T. said:
Yay! you are in PJ. Going mum-mum with you is definitely do-able.
I will let you know when I plan to return to Malaysia next. :)
You have a great weekend too.
Hi Pearly,
Let me get you some kopi Malaysia. :D

I always joke and laugh alot with my boys and err...errmm....of course, I also guilty of nagging them lar. Sometimes, just can't help it when they are like soooo 'tidak apa' and I get all kan cheong.
Maybe, like our many friends here commented...mothers are lidat one. hahahah...

Thank you so much for your kind thoughts and for taking time to drop by.

You have a great day. :)
hi kenny,
ya lar....must grab the opportunity lar...hahahaha... Joking only.

and, thanks alot for your kind wishes.

hi j.t.,
i'll look forward to meeting you.

have a great day. :)
  At 8:18 AM Blogger Bernard said:
Congratulations to second son! :-)
kamsiah-kamsiah. :)
  At 7:00 PM Blogger Chen said:
hahaha... all the best to your No 2

I presume they asked whether he blogs or not to make sure that he won't spent too much time blogging or reading blogs during his working hours kua? Hehehe
dr chen,
you are right there. :)
we bloggers, know the tricks.
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