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Uncle Lee wrote in his blog,”…. I worshipped money.....my restless ambitions knew no bounds nor loyalty....." WOW…WOW….WOW….and more WOWs…… the brutal honesty of it all. I like it very much. **clap-clap**.

I salute you, Uncle Lee. Seriously, not many a man or a woman dare to utter these words. I'd like to believe that I am someone who is honest with myself too. I was and still am totally candid when some people asked me why and how I came to be in the sales line, a low in the job prestige scale and hence at the bottom of the popularity polls too. I have faced many people…friends and relatives alike, who have no qualms about asking me, “Aiyoh…why lar..go and become a saleswoman. Sit in the office not nice meh?” and remarks such as these are just too common, “I can never understand how you can stand doing sales…bla…bla…bla..”

Never mind what others think and I will still sock it to them off the cuff….straight and honest..."I like the MONEY$$$$$ and I want the MONEY$$$$$." And not some crappy answers like, "Oh, I like meeting people./Oh, I like to serve and help people/Oh, I tell you, I am not making money from you wan.....etc. etc..." Oh, cut that out for me, please. This is soooo not me! But then of course, liking to meet people and serving people certainly makes the job easier. Marketing and Sales is definitely not a job for recluses or hermits. Anyway, it’s not a crime to like MONEY$$$$$ and to want MONEY$$$$$, right?

I resigned from my previous job because I wanted more MONEY$$$$$…I wanted some real MONEY$$$$$ in my hands. Ahh… MONEY $$$$$ is such a great motivator and believe me, I dived into something which I initially know nothing about other than with a simple and clear goal….I WANT THE MONEY$$$$$. I learn and I earn and I tell you, it can be intoxicating at times. …..you just wanna pull out all the stops and charge. Just fantasizing what a big and fat bank account can do, and I’d be on a high. No need for those motivational gurus or whatever…I’d be on auto-pilot flying after the juicy carrot…….MONEY$$$$$$

I just want to run faster, go further and climb higher to bring in more MONEY$$$$$, but thank God, I have my 2 lovely boys to keep me grounded and balanced and in checked. Going home each day to hold them in my arms, I am reminded that I am a mother first…my career comes second BUT not less important. As much as I want lots, and lots of MONEY$$$$$, I know I have to strike a balance. I want to be a mother and a career woman at the same time. I want to cook for them, send them to school and pick them up, sit down with them to do their homework, play with them (taught them how to play Black Jack and mahjong too..hehehe), talk to them, do fun and crazy things with them, watch TV with them, go for some movies and ice-cream treats with them, holiday with them, sit through a raging fever with them, wait out at the basketball courts for them, etc..etc. Time spent with them, this I realized, is what I truly can never have enough. I made a conscious decision to balance things out, time to make MONEY$$$$$, time for my family and friends and time for myself.

I settled for less MONEY$$$$$ then? Oh yes, I could have worked for more. It’s one thing or the other. The MONEY$$$$$$ I earned helped put my 2 boys through college and allows us some creature comforts and the occasional treats and I am thankful for this. Not rich, but can get by….3 square meals a day, a roof over our heads and clothes on our backs AND most importantly, TIME to build a lifetime of memories. My superiors have often goaded me...telling me that I am not pushing hard enough...that I am just like a 4.0 lit engine going at a mere 60 kilometres per hour and one fella even asked if I got a problem with earning too much money or sometimes on a more sarcastic note, if I fear that the money would bite me. hahhaha....What a joker…a silly man, he is! How much is enough, actually? Well, everything has a price and everyone has paid some and more. To each, his own. This is only so much I am willing to pay and this is so much that I am getting and I will always want to be the master and let MONEY$$$$$ be my slave.

I LIKE MONEY$$$$$. Do you?
Get this right - LOVE PEOPLE AND USE MONEY and you’re set. So have fun making pots of MONEY$$$$$, and of course, do remember to stop to smell the roses too, sometime. Right, Uncle Lee?

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Ah ...

I don't mind the money that comes with my job, it's enabled me to do a lot of things I never imagined possible.

But I really love the job, specifically, the part where I get to travel and work with a diverse bunch of people.

So, I love money, but it's not the strongest love in my life !
  At 2:39 AM Blogger angel said:
No Money, No Honey... how true hor?

But I make money, then I spend money... how to keep more money liddat? Ha... you dun hv to say it out! I know the answer :p

*still waiting to kena aceone mya ang kong ji*
  At 6:32 AM Blogger Pi Bani said:
I need money to live, but I don't want to live for money. So yes, you're right, we need to strike a balance.

But sales? Hehehe... not me... I make a lousy salesperson - if I go into the sales line I'd become poor! :)
  At 6:58 AM Blogger U.Lee said:
Hi Nyonya, Whoa...! Surprised see my name mentioned here. Thank you for the thoughts, Nyonya.
Ahhh, I can see you have a good, responsible head on your shoulders. The sales line is an honourable occupation and a profitable one. (a good car salesman here can make $70,000 {Rgt 226,000} a year vs a branch bank manager $45,000! {Rgt 145,000}) I had 45 years of it. But, you did not let the dollar sign rule you.
I did! It took a friend to twist my head and tell me I took the wrong road.
Average 12 cups of coffee a day, 3 packets of unfiltered Lucky Strikes a day, 3 to 5 glasses of Jack Daniels or Remy Martin xo almost every night, last flight out of KB or Singapore or Bangkok arriving home when everyone sleeping.
Yes Nyonya, I paid the price. What was the price? I never heard my children's laughter. I never saw them cry when they fall down. I never had my children fall asleep on my lap. I left my wife alone.
Today, I love my wife like I just met her yesterday.
It will take me my remaining years to make up for it.
Once again, kam siah. UL.
  At 9:41 AM Blogger ah nel said:
i so bz working nonstop coz of money oso...:D
  At 9:53 AM Blogger Jonzz said:
After finish reading, I only see $$$, HA HA HA HA.
  At 11:09 AM Blogger eve said:
Mata I blur blur liao..can oni see $$$ signs nia....
Well written!!

People say, money is not everything. True, but without money, everything is nothing right? LOL!

If I had lots and lots of money I won't be in Malaysia anymore. I'll go overseas to study. That's why I wanna earn a lot of money next time!!

$$$ rocks! LOL!
  At 11:48 AM Blogger William said:
Reminds me of ths standard resignation reply (to collagues la, not bosses):

"I resigned because there're nothing more to learn here."

But the reality is, I'm leaving for more $$$.
moz monster,
good job + great $$$$ = happiess and happiessss.... a great combination.
hi angel,
no money, no honey....it's no funny,
gimme the money & turn on the honey,
days will be bright & sunny,
be my honey & bring in the money.

**okie, okie, ang kong ji...coming liao...
pi bani,
i surely do need a little bit more $$$ to live these days.....look at the inflasi.....just breathing also can make me poor.

sales? come to think of it, everyone is selling something...maybe not a physical product per se. like you, you are 'selling' your 'ideas' to your patients/clients through your counselling and help programs, etc. and i see you as a very successful sales person in your own right.
and i'd like to think that your line of 'sales' is a very much tougher one and though it may not make you rich in the ringgit sense, you are very much richer in mind and spirit.
Hi Uncle Lee,
You inspire me...I like your style....the honest to goodness style.
If we cannot be honest with ourselves, how can we expect others to be honest with us?

And I believe that if we cannot even tell and convince ourselves what we really want, I think we are in serious trouble......

If we don't know, we won't seek. And if we don't seek, we won't find.

Be clear with what we want, and tolerate no moonga vongga....
tummmy in, chest out,
walk in tall and walk in proud!

Thanks alot for your kind words and You Have A Great Day!
ah nel,
at the moment, i am also working for money. would love to reach the stage whereby i can proudly say i work for FUN! :D

look smummmmmoreeee.... and the $$$$ will fill your pockets. hahahaha...

it starts from the eyes, then it goes to the brain and activates the body and then fills the bank accounts $$$$$$$ :)

thank you.

ya...ya...money is not everything,
BUT everything is money leh!

so gua have to be 'money-face' lar. :D

sounds quite right jugak...nothing to learn to help me make more $$$$.
  At 5:46 PM Blogger J.T. said:
Yes, I love money but it does not drive me to insanity. If I do not have it, then I don't spend it. :)
Money allows me to do stuff. To go places, to build dreams upon. It is good to have money. We need money to live. Money buys us a certain style of living.
If anyone says that money is not everything and wants to give it away, please contact me. I will give my account number to expedite transfer of funds. :)
  At 9:33 PM Blogger Winn said:
after reading this entry...my eyes all hin hin with $$$ sign oredi...
Sales is one tough professional..Apart from their aim to earn lots of $$, they have to keep their customers happy. I know I'll buy from salespeople who deliver as they promise; are honest, sincere,provide good customer service etc. To me, its a tall list of personality to fulfill be a good salesperson..
hi j.t.,
lucky it has not driven me to the point of insanity too.hahahah...
so far, i am happy that money gives me the choice to do many things.

okie, i keep my ears open to hear if there are any benefactors this side of the globe and i'll straight away ask you to send your account number.
you do the same for me over there, okie? hahhhaa...

oh why..tau hin-hin?
you not allergic to money are you?

the golden rule is to always do the things right and treat the customers well...no worries, the $$$$$ will follow.
  At 11:21 PM Blogger zewt said:
wahhh... all the $$$$$ sign makes me think you're a money minded person.

yup... that's right... dont care if you're a salesman... as long as you're making it... who cares?
  At 11:39 PM Anonymous _butt said:
I guess I won't love money yet, but that will change, soon.

*imagine mr money nyek nyek nyek in the corner*

hahahaa...like angel said, No Money, No Honey.
and see my reply to angel too>

ooooh...you have not fallen in lurve with $$$$$ yet?
coming soon you say?
  At 1:22 AM Anonymous marsha said:
This is someone who actually designed a website for a porn XXX DVD reseller because the client paid well, ok? $$$$ talks, man! I mean, not that i am lui-bin or anything (money-face) but this is facts of life. in order to survive and rule the clan, the leader of a lion pack kills off lions cubs fathered by previous leaders. watch National Geographic and see.

For us, we need to survive also what! so, never mind....$$$ is cool. as long as you don't go and rob, kill, rape somebody or abadon your children.

  At 5:26 AM Blogger FireHorse said:
$$$$ veli important part of life lah, altho I dunno how to make $$$ stay with me lah, everytime $$ come, it go out again wor.
  At 7:09 AM Blogger Will said:
well said, khai ma...
but hor... even though money is not everything, without money can't do many things too... i guess as you said... must strike a balance :)
This nyonya really blunt this time. Haha
I Love MONEY$$$$$!
It drives me to greater heights!
I'm not shy to declare that too. :)
Establishing your own business makes more money though.
  At 2:45 PM Blogger 13th Panda said:
Oooo la la

i like MONEY$$$ too!

  At 3:05 PM Anonymous zeroimpact said:
I have a different thought I love and hate money
I love spending it but hate making it
It enables a lot of things but not everything
Money talks. Loud and clear.
hi marsha,
I'd say that money itself is not evil. it's greed that makes man evil...to commits macam-macam mia crimes.

that's they way it's suppose to be..money comes and money goes. money unused is just paper. :)

money merely gives us the opportunity to chose.

no blunt lar....just plain honesty. :)

there you are...doing very well in your own business. :)

13th panda,
if you know ada siapa yang dun like money, tell him to just masuk to our bank accounts nia lar.
kan senang, lidis. :)

ya, it's a love-hate relationship.
and spending it is easier than making it only serves to make the relationship susah sikit ler.

okie...okie...i go practice how to make money a bit faster. :D

king's wife,
errr..sometimes it screamssss also. :)
  At 4:50 PM Blogger sengkor said:
pinjam can?
maybe can go check out wwww.supertaiyeeloong.com, see got or not jek.
  At 11:57 AM Anonymous Jemima said:
It's Friday!!!

HAppy Weekend, Kak... time to spend more $$$$$ :p
  At 7:15 PM Blogger just me said:
MY choice of career was motivated by how I can have more time for my family....thankful that it brings in the money, of course
  At 12:26 AM Blogger Chen said:
Moolah moolah moolah
start chanting for moolah :P
  At 7:53 AM Blogger plink said:
Teacher, teacher! I likes money$ or$o....
happy weekend to you too. :)

just me,
i believe all of us are looking for that elusive time to spend with the family and when you get both time and $$$, that's great. :)

dr chen,
hahahhaa....repetition is the first law of learning. :)

hahahaha....money gives us the choice to do many things, ya. :D
Maybe just have to plant MONEY$ tree? And if tree sprouts roses then extra bonus!

But seriously which sage said "money doesn't make you happy"?
Hi Tunku Halim,
err....you have those MONEY $$$$ trees that bloom roses as well, in Tasmania? maybe can bud-graft one for me, huh?hahhahaa...

"Money doesn't make you happy." - I don't know who that sage is either.
Well, to me, it does provide solutions to problems that make me unhappy. :D

So, how have you been keeping?
Saw your letter in the Starmag today re: the review by one Michael Cheang on your book.
I like the way you write. :)

Thanks for dropping by and G'Day!