Friday, May 04, 2007

Are You Titled?

I had a doctor’s appointment for 2.30pm yesterday and I arrived at the clinic right on the dot. In the waiting room and spilling outside were about 10 other people whom I assumed were there for their appointments too. The clinic nurse was no where to be seen and after a short while, she appeared from the consultation room and called out for the next patient to go in. I then reported to her that I was there for the 2.30pm slot and she told me, “You gotta wait.”

Me : For how long?
Nurse: 4 to 5 more patients.
Me : But my appointment is for 2.30pm.
Nurse : You have to wait. All these came earlier.
Me : But you told me to come at 2.30pm? I cannot wait for so long.
Nurse : You have to wait. Got VIP here lar.

Nurse then walked towards another room. I followed and gave her a pissed-off smile, and through gritted teeth, I whispered to her in a most civilized manner, “Listen here. VIP or whatever, I am not here for free. I PAY FULL fees FULLSTOP”

I was called in next.

What’s this pre-occupation with titles and VIPs and whatever? And at clinics too?

Apparently, everyone was given an appointment at 2.30pm but when at the clinic, it will go ‘first come, first served’. Don’t they understand the meaning of the word ‘appointment’ or is it a different application at clinics only?
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Wah... the point of making appointment is that we don't have to wait, no?

What nurse is that? So bad attitude! Hahaha...
  At 12:09 PM Anonymous JL said:
You go Kak Nyonya...

orang macam tu no need to give face one...

I've the same experience before, like you, i gave the nurse a huge grin followed by a long winded lecture ;P

Anyway hope you're alright... sakit apa ni?
  At 12:14 PM Blogger Wennnn said:
Way to go Nyonya!! Wah must gip them a go la... Beh chai si this nurse hor tell U got VIP tell her U r the VVIP!!
  At 12:47 PM Blogger Chen said:
Nyonya manyak bagus :D
wat's the point of giving appointment if everyone is given the same time?
no logic wan..
  At 1:01 PM Blogger eve said:
Ok i time watever or whoever it is that i m seeing , kalau nyonya datang je..I let u in first..ok?..Latuk ke , latin ke..wa tak peduli..
  At 1:22 PM Blogger angel said:
I also dun understand the term "appointment" at clinics.... always tipu wan... ppl make appointment liao also hv to wait...
  At 2:28 PM Blogger ilene said:
Wah NyonyaPenang, you really terror lah! I can't bring myself to be so forceful for fear of being treated unjustly in my next follow up check ups. But this is the kind of attitude we get over here what. Have you been to any government hospitals lately? Huh, I suggest you don't wear your kebayas to these places in case it starts to burst at the seams due to heavy breathing couple with 'smoke' blowing out from all over your body! hahahahaha!
Go, Nyonya Go! No need give face.
But ah, many clinics and DRS are liddat. Ask you to be there at a certain time, but it's still 'first come, first served'.
  At 3:15 PM Blogger famil said:
I never complain one..
but usually will change clinic..

scared if I make a fuss, she'll put extra anaestatic. or use recycled water for gargle.

luckily up till now only changed one dentist...
  At 3:30 PM Blogger AceOne118 said:
Nyonya..maybe that VIP got emergency case leh. Perhaps something fall off!!! muahahaha!!
  At 3:49 PM Blogger May said:
so glad that bigshots here in Oz don't get any sort of royal treatment here, except for the Queen, of course. they have to sit through traffic, queue up like the rest, and nobody takes any sort of cr*p from them... LOL!
  At 4:44 PM Blogger mumsgather said:
I just wrote something similar about gomen hospital. Its only a little bit worse than clinic!
  At 6:18 PM Blogger J.T. said:
What is the point of making an appointment when you have to wait? OK, I will allow it if the person before me is still in there (usually dentist take a bit longer), at least I know I am next in line. But it is so ridiculous to have 4 or 5 people before you when you are entitled to that appointment time.
Just like gomen clinic (when I was in Malaysia). Go at 10am (because they give that time) and then find out you are number 45! After that incident, I went at 7:30am and wait at the door. That too, all rushed in and I managed to get number 10. I changed to private clinic and asked for appointment. "We cannot make appointment. Come in anytime between this time and this time." arrgghh...
In your case, NyonyaPenang, they are trying to fit in walk-ins with appointments. More fees can be collected what?
Good for you that you put your foot down.
  At 6:41 PM Anonymous mott said:
Good on you for tellin' her off through your gritted teeth....!!!

I normally don't smile.

  At 6:56 PM Blogger U.Lee said:
Hi Nyonya, good for you! I had a similar experience here with a doctor some years back. Told me appointment set at 11am...made me wait 20 minutes. He then called others. I asked him why he asked me come at 11 and still have to wait in line. He said "I finish with two more I see you".
Told him in a loud voice, "doc, you should learn how to spell the word appointment"! Took out my pen canceled my name in his appointments book before he could stop me and walked out. Got myself another doctor.
BTW, re titled VIPS...our Datuk Bandar here goes to office by subway, no escort. Three MP's take the bus to work. Two City councillors cycle to work.
Last year the Mayor in nearby city got a heavy fine for speeding. Our own mayor got a parking ticket.
See our Provincial Premier, just say "hi Mr xxx", kow tim.
Any VIP try throw his weight around, the media will goreng and bbq him or her, or the public will.
Have a great day, Nyonya. UL.
precisely! we make appointments for more effective time management and yet, we have people who does not understand this simple concept. :(

bila dia tell me ada VIP, (you guess what she was trying to imply) gua terus keluar asap ler.
gua also like jl have learnt a bit of the art of smiling through gritted teeth. hahahaha....

thanks for your kind concern....i am alright. just some minor complaint nia lar. :)

hahahah...wennnn said the nurse beh chai si. ya lar, she must be not very brilliant one lar.

dr chen,
There was one time I went late and I missed my turn and had to wait very long lar. But this time, I was punctual and she had the nerve to tell me got VIP. Noo...noooo....gua tak mau terima alasan ini.

eve, nid lar. must be fair to other patients. if got emergency case, gua pun must stand one side lar.
this brings to mind an incident years ago at a clinic in d'sara utama. gua ini got a bad cut and was bleeding baju and pants stained with blood liao. i rushed to this clinic and asked for emergency treatment and you know what? the blur clinic nurse asked for my i.c., gave me a form to fill up and register and wait for my turn. i took back my i.c. and walked over to the next door clinic. **sheesh**

and here we are talking about specialist clinics in private hospitals! since these clinics give everybody appointments for the same time, i think better we go in late afternoons, when it's near closing time.

i understand that the queue at gahmen clinics/hospitals are always long because there are just too little doctors for too many patients. the last time i waited in the queue was a long, long time ago and yes, the nurses were a grouchy lot. but i think now there's improvement liao because just recently, i met with some wonderful doctors and nurses when my late brother was warded. i have nothing but praises for them.
at least they didn't tell me, "Got VIP lar".

king's wife,
if gotta wait for half-a-day for consultation, then what's the point of this 'by appointment' business?
would understand if the doctor gotta rush off to attend to an emergency or sumthin.

hahaha...takut retribution ya?
come to think of it, you got a point jugak. aiyerrrrr.....recycled water!

of course lar, if the VIP got sumthin jatuh or jammed up on the zipper, i'll willingly give up my slot. gua ini bukan hati perut lar.

that's the way it should be, right?
and here i am not even tokking about King, Queen, Sultan or Sultanah.
hi mumsgather,
i went looking for your article but can't seem to find it. can you please direct me there?
well, re: gahmen hospitals, i don't really have much experience with them but recently, i was impressed with what i saw and observed at the Penang GH.
thanks for dropping by.
you have a nice weekend! :)

i don't see the point either.
i agree with you re: if the patient is still in there and not finished with the consultation, i'll wait. no problems with that. what riles me was being told to wait because 5 others chose to 'arrive' earlier than my appointment time. mana ada logic, huh?
i guess you are right there, re: they trying to fit in those walk-in patients because i saw a few busy filling in the forms for first-time visits.
i gotta use my 'negotiating skills' because i don't have the whole afternoon to wait out at the clinic. at least, the nurse finally understood me. :P

errr...try the 'smile' technique first and most of the time, it works. hahahah.....
Uncle Lee,
errr...Our maraysian interpretation of the word 'appointment' at clinics/hospitals, I think different from canadian wan lar.
And of course, I think our favourite past-time is called 'throw your weight' and many have perfected the game too.
My personal favourite is 'throw a smile'. :)
Have a great weekend, Uncle Lee.
  At 9:10 AM Blogger ah nel said:
khaimah...r u ok?how kam owes c lokter wan?
It's nice to be important ...
But it's more important to be nice.

I don't understand what's so great about being a VIP.

Once when I worked in Bangkok, I was queuing up to pay for a book in a famous bookstore in Bangkok. There's actually a palace next to the shopping center where this bookstore is.

A Thai Princess was actually right behind me, and she actually refused to be sent to the front of the queue to pay ahead of everyone else, despite the bookstore manager giving her preference. I think they even offered to give her the book for free !

In Thailand, when the Royal family is so revered, it's amazing they stay so down to earth !

That is how a REAL VIP behaves !
  At 9:29 AM Blogger Jonzz said:
So annoying if the clinic practices such lame 'appointments'!

Bravo for giving it to them!

VIP indeed... Very Inconsiderate Person more likely
nyonya, my place : only first come first serve. No appointment system at all, as I don't see the point of having it
  At 3:23 PM Blogger _butt said:
this kinda thing only happened in our Boleh-land. tsk, tsk.

have a good weekend! hugs
i dunno about other clinics..but for gynae appointments..first come first serve basis...too many patients mia pasal..
  At 10:49 PM Blogger Sasha said:
Like dat no need to make appointment la. Apa susah susah.?
  At 12:36 AM Blogger Kenny Ng said:
So what VIP? Who contribute the money to them? All also from our money right? I really hate with the VIP or VVIP status people especially in heavy traffic jam.
ah nel,
i am fine, thank you.
just some regular follow-ups, nothing serious.

moz monster,
fully agree with you.
i have a few friends from the royal family but they are so down-to-earth and humble. they prefer to be addressed without the royal title. and of course, i have met others who wants to be addressed as latin, latuk, tan sli, puan sli, tun, toh puan, etc...

I also dunno why lidat wan.
If they had told me clearly it's on a 'first come, first served' basis, then I'd understand. But this clinic got an appointment book and i was slotted for that particular time. And telling me got VIP, it certainly didn't go down well with me.

fair enough, if that's the system at your clinic and your patients understand that, barring emergency cases.

my dentist practices this appointment system too and he follows it to the T.
so far, so good.

you have a great weekend too! :)

if it is made known upfront that it's 'first come, first served' then i am ok with that. but this one fixed time for me wor. and the earlier visit, i was late and was made to wait lar....i kept quiet and waited lar. and the woman reminded me to be on time next visit. **roll eyes**

i think the clinic nurse tak faham how 'by appointment' works.
  At 12:14 AM Blogger doc said:
you have been a victim of a "system", which is arbitrary & doesn't always work.

in a busy clinic, your apptmt is meaningless, unless you are the 1st apptmt of the day, or you are a Datin.

usually the doc (or his nurse)will fix 2-3 patients at 1 particular time eg 10am, & he does that on the assumption that 1 will be late & the other may not turn up. however, should all 3 turn up on time, then someone will have to wait, & those fixed for the later time eg 10.30am, like yourself, end up waiting even longer.

but you are right, someone with a later apptmt (or no apptmt) should not be seen before you, unless it's a emergency.

of course, rude nurses don't help at all.

someone joked that these days, the waiting (to see the doctor)will kill you before the disease. & if you are still alive after that, the medical bill will definitely do you in!!

be glad you are still alive!!
  At 3:58 PM Anonymous Angeleyes said:
woah Nyonya! I'm going to use your style next time!
hi doc,
"the waiting (to see the doctor)will kill you before the disease. & if you are still alive after that, the medical bill will definitely do you in!!
- fully agree with you on the above.

what riles me up was when the clinic nurse said, "Got VIP lar."
if only she had been more diplomatic.

have a nice day, doc!