Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Nothing To Worry About

As ‘supposedly’ disciplined as I am with the visits to my dentist and doctor for my routine check-ups and screenings, this cannot be said of my visits to the beautician or esthetician or whatever you call them. Those were the days when I was quite regular, as in I visited them at least…. at least four times a year but the last of my visits, I cannot even recall now. It was that lonnnng ago. It’s not that I dislike pampering but I find it too time consuming and often times, after an hour and a half or so at the salon, I’d head straight home, climb onto the bed and go to snoozeland and my whole afternoon would be gone just like that. **tsk..tsk..tsk..**

So, a couple of Sundays ago, I drove around the Uptown area in PJ and my goodness, there were just so many beauty salons, slimming centres, spas and what-have-you. I parked my car and walked up to one and rang the doorbell. A young lady hurried out to open the door and I told her that I am interested to do a facial.

Young Lady : Soli, we go by appointments oni.
Me : Oh, I see. Thank you and bye-bye.

I drove around again and then eyed an inconspicuous outlet. Rang the doorbell and this time, I was in luck. They do take walk-ins and I was quickly ushered to one of the small cubicles and without further ado, the beautician got down to work on my grimy face. After an hour or so, I came out with a much cleaner and brighter face. Gua suka…. Price? Less than RM100... mmmm...reasonable enough. I was impressed; more so that they did not ‘motivate’ me to buy their whole range of skin care products. I went back for a couple more times after that and last weekend, after I was done, the lady boss offered ‘consultation’ over some warm teas. I was actually feeling very sleepy already and was dying to go home and hug my pillow, but she said it will take only 15 minutes or so. OKie, let’s get over with it.

She started by telling what other treatments the salon offers and the benefits and I thought she specifically highlighted some glowing testimonies too, and bla…bla…bla.…..Just too bad, at that moment, my brain was almost in the sleeping mode and therefore I was not fully concentrating on what she was saying at all…..bla…bla…and more bla… as she droned on. Hey! Wait a minute, I thought I heard her mentioning something like RM4200. In an instant, I awoke from my reverie…took another gulp of my now cold tea, my eyes wide open. She must have noticed the incredulous look on my face because she quickly gave a light tap on my hand and said something like not to worry and that the amount can be paid by a painless zero-interest instalment scheme and all I needed to do was to flick out my credit card and sign on the dotted line. To fork out RM4200 for some dunno-what-you-call-it-treatments and she told me not to worry! Hahahah….I took another gulp of the tea and quickly regained my composure and told her that this is some big-bucks we are talking here and I need to consult my financial planner first, said my ‘thank you’ and bade lady boss bye-bye.

Wuah….facials/beauty treatments now cost an arm and a leg and they have all these ingenious credit schemes to help you pay them in advance. Sorry, I am totally blur in this….I must have been really out of the loop for a long, long time already. As I don’t have the money to throw this way, I guess lady boss was right to a point - there is actually nothing to worry about.
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dat's why i don't go for facials oso..i really do need one badly..but just toooooo lazeeeeeeeeee
  At 5:57 PM Blogger may said:
ya wor, they say buy one session get this free, but in actual fact they keep adding on, sure got catch wan... cheh! home salon better. I buy you one tube mud mask ok? sendiri buat...
  At 6:45 PM Anonymous angel said:
RM4200 for 20 sessions kuar...

Sometimes, it's really really nice to be pampered and of course, the other thing is the "extraction" part... the part yang paling sakit... take out all the blackheads and whatnots... tho' I go every month, the beautician still say my nose area there quite "congested"... -__-''' if dun go, dunno become what... "Major Traffic Backlog"??

And the bestest part is shoulder massage... wah lao... syiok habis...
  At 6:47 PM Anonymous mott said:

I also want pay me lah..

I guarantee give u GOOD facial...and I'll throw in a free massage also.

*wink wink*

how about it? ;-)
  At 6:53 PM Blogger U.Lee said:
Hi Nyonya, wow! Rgt 4200?
I have not seen you in the flesh, Nyonya, only can imagine, think or fantasise but as I imagine you around 5'3", shoulder length hair, nice sharp features, body like Julia Roberts, lips abit like Angelina Jolie, legs like Shania Twain....voice like Anne Murray, most probably a contestant for Miss Asean,
Suggest you keep that money, just buy red Nina Richi lipstick, Penang bedak sejuk for face cooling, Camay soap...then balance of Rgt 4100, buy a 46 inch Plasma tv, more enjoy, ha ha. Or take a trip to ? To? Ahh Canada? Save some belanjar Angel and me fish head curry in PJ?
Ha ha, just kidding, you have a great day, Nyonya. UL.
You have every right to feel offended, Nyonya.
Tell that lady, "What? 4.2k? Are you trying to tell me that I look so teruk that I need so many sessions????"

I geranti she won't push you further.
I can recommend my fren salon! guaranteed satisfied and cheap! and guarantee no need to buy things wan!
atcherly, i do enjoy the pampering, this rate..**sighss, i cannot print money fast enuff.

ya lor...must arrange for home-sessions among us...okie..i bring scrub. :)

i think it's for some 12 sessions nia lar...but pay them so much $$$$ in advance, then that fella chup-lap and run away, how leh?

you have good skin, so i suppose they have to say your nose area congested lar...if not, you won't go so regularly.
all said, the pampering very seronok leh.
gua pun suka massages...whole ka liao

you are a beautician too?
Uncle Lee,
Wowwww... your very fertile imagination. hahhahaa...
Thanks for the suggestions.
1/Lipsticks...have quite a few sticks on the dresser and handbags.
2/Bedak one big jar in the cupboard....home-made by my sis-in-law in Penang. I do use it once a while.
3/Camay soap...hahaha... funny that you should mention...I think there is still a dozen bars lying in the cupboard too.
4/46"plasma TV....existing non-plasma still in working condition, so no need to buy lar.
5/Take a trip...ah..this sounds more plausible as I like travelling. To Canada?? hmmm....interesting...interesting! hahahah...

Uncle Lee likes fish head curry ar? Come..come be my guest, anytime. When are you coming? I talipon Angel and book table.

Have a nice day, Uncle Lee.
cocka doodle,
kenot get offended lar.
lady boss was soooo nice...
she said hor, to maintain and enhance my *exquisite beauty*, i need top-of-the-range products lar.

i'm sure you'd understand the logic lar. like your big and expensive cars, the maintenance also more expensive mar.

monk[+]icon, got frens in this line also? good..good. :)
They very smart nowadays..Sell packages and get paid upfront. It's just too much to fork out in 1 go. I'd rather pay one-two hundred each time I feel like it. At least I won't feel the pinch so much. But then again, I don't go for facials. :)
  At 12:33 AM Blogger Kenny Ng said:
Luckily I'm a guy, no need to do such thing. So expensive, I rather use sand paper to smoothen my face lor... LOL
  At 1:11 AM Blogger Winn said:
i cant remember where was my last..i m lazy..and i hate being pushed to buy their products
  At 9:26 AM Anonymous suituapui said:
Eee...ur doll looks like me, "bo-geh" (toothless)! LOL! Nobody bothers to sell me any beauty products. I guess that says it all! Sob! Sob! Sob!
  At 9:55 AM Blogger Jonzz said:
Eh what doll is that, looks so familiar..

RM4200 for facials... SWEAT!
  At 4:51 PM Anonymous zeroimpact said:
I also got go la
But most is pay for 5 session upfront la
I think just go for the facial and stuff not the product
You will not do it yourself or at least correctly
But then quite taxing leh, one session for me is like 3 or 4 hours leh
But long time no go edi
king's wife,
you are blessed with good skin, so no need to go mess it up. LOL
ya lor, i also find it 'cheesin' to pay so much upfront. just like you, i'd rather pay per visit.

kenny ng,
haiyahh....sandpaper! lidat also can ar? hahahaa....

you have good skin too, so no need to spend this type of money. :)

you're as cute as this doll? hahaha...Lidat very easy to recognise you lor.
And if you're like this doll, face so smooth, no need to use any beauty products liao. :D

here, i give you tissue to wipe your sweat. LOL
and that's a cabbage patch doll. :)
but sorry, i don't know the name of the dolls in your blog. :)

oh, you indulge too! good lar, now look after...then can delay the kedut-kedut. :)
  At 8:01 PM Blogger alison said:
rm4200??? pengsan! one aunty in melaka rekomen me to one home base beauty salon, facial rm30 only, others got massage, suana & got that special treatment of push and firm up your err... boops summure! so keng one! i tell you this 60 year old aunty is the testimony of her weekly visit to that house salon! she is so "hot"! i must go when balik kampung!
  At 12:16 AM Blogger doc said:
now you know why i don't go for buffets - pay rm40++ & you want to gorge yourself till the eyes pop out.

nah, if you pay rm4200, you'd want to go to the salon every 2 wks to make full use of the offer . since you already have "exquisite beauty", just go on a need-to basis.

believe me, every sen counts these days!
  At 2:57 PM Blogger William said:
I only go twice a year. So I guess it's not so "painful". Hehe. But take care of your skin while it's still not too late leh... :D
  At 3:44 PM Blogger eve said:
I dun go for facials..somehow i find somethings can be done sendiri..why waste money leh? doubt the massage syiok la..hehe
  At 3:45 PM Anonymous _butt said:
lucky you cabut fast fast..
  At 7:19 PM Blogger savante said:
Seriously hope you didn't turn out looking like a Cabbage Patch doll after paying that much :)
The only thing worthwhile for a woman to worry about is not being pretty hahahah!

Long time no see NP!
RM30 oni??? quick, go grab hold of that auntie and get her to bring you there.

sure, every sen counts. that's why i cannot afford to throw money like this. :)

good to know that you take pains to look after your skin. :)

you understand skin better than many of us. i must go and consult you one of these days. :)

cannot take out the money, so cabut saja ler. :)

i don't mind having skin as smooth as the cabbage patch doll though.

hi ianfluenza,
long time no hear. how are you doing? must be busy, huh? thanks a lot for dropping by.
worry about not being pretty enough? in this case, i think she should worry about why she is worrying about this in the first place.
you have a nice day, ian. :)
  At 4:41 AM Anonymous Jemima said:
Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. ;)