Sunday, April 15, 2007

Until Next Year, Doc!

These 3 items, I jot into my diary beginning of each year to remind me:-
1/ Dental Visit 2X
2/ O & G Visit
3/ Medical Check-Up/Physical Examination

I am very compliant with the first 2 items; no ‘ifs’ and no ‘buts’ and I just take it in my stride and go through with it. I have decided long ago that I want to keep my chompers for as long as possible and therefore, have been a regular contributor to my dentist’s bank account and I also contribute a fair bit on behalf of my 2 boys too. So, the word ‘toothache’ does not appear in their vocabulary.

As for the O & G visits, I have been told and made to understand that there are no two ways about it. Many instances of pre-cancerous growths have been detected through screenings and tests and appropriate treatment given in time to save lives. So, I comply and go for my appointment without a squeak.

Arrrrhhh….seeing this line boldly printed in my diary…..this is enough to trigger me to go into my “Excuses’ mode. I just don’t know why but somehow, I’d delay picking up the phone to call the doctor for my appointment. It’s always, “OK, tomorrow…tomorrow I’ll call…” and there’s always a tomorrow. **sighsss** It’s not that I can’t find the time or I can’t find the money or I hate needles or whatever. It is more like I fear to know the results of the tests. What is this? Want to do the tests and yet afraid to know the results? Silly me.

So I woke up one fine morning last week, skipped my breakfast, showered and went straight to the hospital. The tests were all done within 2 hours and by then, I was so hungry I could eat a horse. As I walked out of the clinic and passed a cozy café, I spied some sinful tiramisu and …mmmm ….”I must have it…I must have it”, I heard the little voice within me and I obediently indulged myself.'s soooooo lips-smacking good!

Two days after that, I went back to see my doctor for the test results and consultation. Eeeeyerrr….this, I dislike and fear the most…so afraid of what would turn up. As always, a 10 to 15-minutes wait at the doctor’s waiting room seems like an eternity and I’d be flipping through those outdated and dog-eared magazines and shifting uncomfortably on my seat until I heard my name called. “Ms Tan..” and I almost jumped. Took a deep breath and walked right in. The doctor and I greeted each other and he remarked how cold my hands felt and I laughed nervously. We chatted for a while to put me at ease and we went through the paces and the results. Yippeee……Results all in order. To repeat tests next year. Yippeee….I wanna hug and kiss my doctor but I restrained myself. A handshake will suffice. "Until next year, Doc."

As I walked out of the clinic and passed that cozy café again, this time I saw some freshly-delivered carrot cake and I decided to reward myself for being a good nyonya.

mmmmm…’s yummlicious……’s heavenly…..

Yes, until next year, Doc!
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  At 7:45 PM Anonymous mott said:
wow..good for you! wish I had your discipline!!!! I only do the dentist bit..coz like you...I wanna keep those

  At 8:05 PM Blogger Wennnn said:
Hheheeheh good for U Nyonya sayangzz... yes yes must keep it upnv regular check up s ya.. be kwai kwai... Get U sumore nice cakes....... Wennn sayang Nyonya.. muaks muaks
  At 8:50 PM Blogger said:
Good job, nyonya jie. And congrats
  At 8:50 PM Anonymous zeroimpact said:
I had tiramisu yesterday
And it's really a good thing to go for these checkups and regular visits
I hope I will have that discipline when I need to
As for now, I think I only visit doc when I got flu
Congratulations and hope you will be fine for long long time to come
wah, very healthy nyonya indeed... nowadays I very lazy go checkups too...ahhaha...
Yay! Same here. All done for this year. :)
Tiramisu seems to be very, me, LB and Zero..
  At 9:20 PM Blogger Chen said:
nyonya very kuai :)
Glad to know that everything goes on well :)
  At 9:57 PM Blogger Kenny Ng said:
Sorry ah K-ma... just wanna wish you Happy belated Birthday to you.
  At 11:55 PM Blogger AceOne118 said:
Good for nyonya!! Every things is in order.
  At 12:16 AM Blogger angel said:
Sigh! I'm a bad girl... :(
  At 12:37 AM Blogger zewt said:
call me stupid but what is O&G?
stay healthy nyonya....

and to zewt
i think is oncologi and gynecologi kot?
You didn't go and get your bor bor clamped like KW did meh?
...or was it becoz they didn't have the plates that reaches to the knees?? Muahahahahha!!!
  At 2:08 AM Blogger U.Lee said:
Hi Nyonya, here's to your good health, now and every year and always. ***stand up, face East, lift my glass of ice coffee**.
Best regards, UL.
  At 9:05 AM Anonymous JL said:
cheers to good health! :)
  At 9:13 AM Blogger ah nel said:
when the weight go up then its helly... ;P
  At 10:15 AM Blogger Sasha said:
hey i have been delaying my visit for my pap smear too..sigh...sked sked..jalan kangkang after that.
  At 10:38 AM Blogger Jonzz said:
I think you need to find another clinic in a cake-free zone. ROFL!
  At 12:57 PM Anonymous cibol said:
well, I was about to ask the same thing .. what's O&G .. oil and gas ah?
have choice...don't do..kenot tidur properly. :)

gua suka cakes...wennnn bake yummy cakes for me can?
**sayangzz to you**

thank you.
gua memang 'keng sei' wan. :D

you like tiramisu also? yum-yummmy..
even though you are young, you can also start going for regular check-ups too. :)

make some time to go for the check-up. it'll give you some peace of mind. :)

king's wife,
congats! more tiramisu for you. :D

dr chen,
gua kiasi ler. :D

kenny ng,

gua kiasi kenot go shalalalala mar.

I know you are a GOOD GAL!

no stoopid ler...
sorry, O & G is Obstetrics & Gynaecology.

pisang goreng,
am trying to stay healthy. :)

cocka doodle,
wuahh....i am AMAZED with your intellect.

Uncle Lee,
Thank you.
Here...**Cheers** to your good health and longevity too.
Have a nice day! :)

**yammmmmmmm sennnngggg...

ah nel,
weight goes up ar? tak mau lar....
gemuk liao...boh sui lar....

adoi...what did you doctor use on you??? hahahaha...
go look for one doctor and tell you opt for 'no jalan kangkang' test.

ya lar...or maybe can suggest to the hospital to sell only wholegrain breads.

hi cibol,
a very warm welcome to you and thanks for dropping by. feel free to do so anytime, ya.
hahaha...your intepretation of O & G, you are right jugak hor. well in my context, it stands for
Obstetrics & Gynaecology
  At 4:56 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:
Wah..nyonya you so disciplined la. All the check ups you go to. As for me I rather die not knowing what illness I have cos at times I feel when we do not go for check ups, no sign of any illness. Once go for check up, sure ada ada aje. Anyways, I was the anonymous who posted the comments on the RapidKL bus fares and forgot to leave my name. Love dropping by your blog and I do that everyday.
God bless you,
Jackie (my mom's a nyonya too)
wah nyonya so too lazy fact i was due for my hep jab since 2 years ago!!!!
I haven't seen a dentist since ... I can't remember ... must be close to 20 years now ...

I envy your ability to keep to a plan.
  At 8:31 PM Blogger may said:
good on you, nyonya! glad to hear all is in order for your health. I'm a bad one when it comes to medical exams, took me forever to do 1 and 2. and as for 3, I had to do one this year because I was leaving town! lol! what a way to make myself go through it...
hi jackie,
I see it this way...I send my car for servicing twice a year, so for me...the least I could do is to go for my screenings once a year. I have to do it for myself.
With the advancement in science and technology, many diseases could be cured if diagnosed early.

Thanks for dropping by. Feel free to drop your comments too...I appreciate them very much.
Have a great week ahead. :)

be good and go for the jab soonest. gua sayangzzz lu. :)

moz monster,
hey, you lucky devil.... you sure got good teeth. how i envy you. :)

i force myself to go through it becos gua very kiasi. :))
oh, I mentioned your momma is a nyonya...penang or melaka?
my greetings to her too. :)
Thanks for you work and have a good week
  At 7:29 AM Blogger savante said:
Doctors are nice friendly folk! Go visit them often!
  At 9:09 AM Anonymous suituapui said:
I'm a toothless dragon! All smoke and bite! Just had the last of my molars on the left removed Sunday morning. Now dependent on the right. If those also gone, have to eat baby food!!! Kesian!!!
  At 10:30 AM Blogger eve said:
amboi amboi....cake indulgence eh?..nvm la..once in a while reward sikit takpe....glad to know that u got a clean bill of health...keep it up..ehhe..
  At 12:45 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:
hi nyonya,
my late biological mom (dearly departed) was a nyonya from malacca and my adopted mom who is in her late 70s now is a many generations Penang nyonya (pakai sarong, tak pakai seluar dalam, we used to tease her, joking ya) but she was born in Mentakab, Pahang.
Love all the nyonya food she cooks! Love Penang food too...often go up there just to pig out! Jackie.
  At 12:48 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:
By the way, I should go for my medical check ups but I fear treatment if i am found to be inflicted by just any illness...i am not very good at taking medication and cannot even keep a pill down. Anyways, will find the courage to start doing what you do so well every year nyonya. thanks for the advice! jackie.
  At 2:24 PM Blogger erinalaw said:
wah really discipline lor. Me hor, still not yet go n see my dentist yet. *shy*
  At 3:41 PM Blogger William said:
This comment has been removed by the author.
  At 3:43 PM Blogger William said:
I'm one year overdue for my blood test... Cholesterol!

I'm one year overdue for my dental appointment... Compacted wisdom teeth!

Glad to hear you're hale and hearty.
david santos,
you're welcome!
thanks for dropping by and you have a great week too. :)

^o^.....when can i visit you?

go for implants...was told it'll last forever.

i indulge and reward myself ever so often...hahahha..

melaka and of both worlds; that's just great.
my late momma is an excellent cook too, and my sis-in-law picks up everything from her. me? cooking is just like hit-and-run nia lar.
pigging out in penang? hahaha...tell me about it. whenever i am in penang, i'll be out sampling all the hawker food.

jackie, i fear not the treatment. rather i fear I CANNOT FIND THE TREATMENT.

have a nice day, :)
hi erinalaw,
a very warm welcome to you.

discipline, you say? i guess i have to because gua very kiasi. :P

thanks for dropping by. just come and sembang-sembang here anytime, ya.
you have a nice day! :)

william, that cholesterol thingy, ya.
you mean impacted wisdom tooth? oh dear, it can be very, very sakit lor....adoii.....
better go visit your dentist soon.
My visits to dentist very irregular, something like every 3 years? Part of the reason... so expensive!! polish here, there $XXX oledi.
las montanas,
errr... maybe can bring your singapore dollars and get the job done in m'sia.
have a nice day!
  At 8:57 PM Blogger Bernard said:
Nyonya, just for check-up izzit? Got mammogram or not? Saves lives.