Sunday, March 11, 2007

Baby Nyonya

I have been away MIA for the past few days and a little bird told me that I have been tagged AGAIN! This lengchai, Sengkor, wants to know what a baby nyonya looks like. So folks, this will be a hatrick of sorts for me....3 tags/meme back to back.

Sengkor, hope you like the 2 pictures. :))
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  At 4:28 PM Blogger just me said:
So cute!
  At 4:38 PM Anonymous zeroimpact said:
Nyonya so cute
somemore got tied hair
The 'younger' you really looks like the 'current' you.
Err... what did I just say? Forget it.

just me,
all babies are cute mah.
and kamsiah for your kind compliments. :)

hehehe....tied 'coconut tree to-chang'...a fashion statement ler. :D

that's what my 2 boys just said.
  At 6:13 PM Blogger Chen said:
i become a little bird?
nice meeting u leh, nyonya :)
eat eat & yak yak a while, 3 hours gone liao :)

very chu bee
wanna pinch

the second photo, look so like u liao
  At 8:22 PM Blogger may said:
I like!! I like!! *cubit pipi*
  At 8:56 PM Anonymous yenchiew said:
nyonya very the comel..
got a coconut hair right on top of the head..
  At 11:21 PM Blogger Sin Ling said:
woh, such a pretty and decent nyonya baby girl, can i pinch her? can i? can i? i can sense now you are a pretty girl too... :D
  At 12:18 AM Blogger FireHorse said:
Awww so cute, wow you oso have a lot of hair hor? Jeles only.
  At 12:33 AM Blogger U.Lee said:
Hi Nyonya, so thats how young Nyonyas look like? So adoringly, delectably cute. Nice big eyes too.
I bet must be daddy's doll too, huh? UL.
  At 12:59 AM Blogger angel said:
*scratches head*
Not same like you also...
*khi kuai*
dr chen,
the little bird sang sweetly to me lor. :D
i enjoyed the 3 hrs chatting/eating and more chatting/eating with you. Let's do it again. LOL
2nd photo look like me? of course, it's me lar. hahahaha..

hahaha....i remember i got a lot of cubits sampai the cheeks very sore.

coconut hairstyle my fashion statement lor. kakakaka.....

sin ling,
baby that time cute.
now? errr....maybe cuter ler. KAKAKAKA......

adoi, i think that one 1 1/2 years old, hair pun tumbuh lar. LOL

Uncle Lee,
hahhaha....not only Daddy's doll...errr...I think more like everybody's doll. kakakakak...

aikksss....betul ke? not like me ar? now cuter izzit?
  At 9:15 AM Blogger Wennnn said:
Wah liao sooo cute ah... Can't wait to meet the person itself.. I am kambinnnnn
  At 9:18 AM Blogger Jonzz said:
Cute photo. Question: if the hair is tied sticking up like that, is it called a topknot?
  At 11:29 AM Blogger aceone118 said:
No naked baby photo meh? Muahahaha!
Nice old photos. Ditto cuteness. Love Penang and Peranakan culture.

i really see your EYES in the first pic leh!!...LOL

still got the same eyes now :P
ya wor so cute leh...hahahah..i don't think i have any single photos of myself when i was a kid...2nd child mia pasal sad...
  At 3:30 PM Blogger eve said:
err....u didn't change much lor..looks same oni..
kambek also blogging ar? :D
how cute do you think i'll be when you tambah 40+ years to the pics?

errr...the hair ar? can call it coconut-knot lor. :)

got tapi tak pass censorship board ler. hahhaaha....

hi tunku halim,
a very warm welcome to my humble blog and thanks for the kind compliments. i'm a 3rd generation penang nyonya and i treasure the culture very much too.
do feel free to pop by anytime - the pleasure is mine. :)

pink cotton, met me once nia lor and you recognise the EYES. :)

thanks for your compliments.
you go and find you baby photo and put it up - consider i tag you. :D
that's what many of my frens here said, except for Angel.
  At 3:59 PM Anonymous JL said:
comel nyer... come kor kor give you candy :P
  At 4:21 PM Blogger sengkor said:
got coconut tree.. last time very heng one wor tht style..
  At 8:01 PM Anonymous mott said:
one thing abt this coconut's timeless. It never runs out of style. For children, that is..hahahahahahaah!!!

I gotta ask this question..Did you like wearing dresses?
  At 8:29 PM Blogger Will said:
khai ma... you so cute ler... hahaha
  At 10:07 PM Blogger Bernard said:
Uahhh.. that little girl must have been very proud of the pretty dress. :-)
i want ferroro rocher cokolat. :)

now still 'heng' mah. :)

that's why do all that you want when you are still a child. hahhahaa...
and yes, i love dresses. that dress i was wearing was stitched using 're-cycled' wedding gown material by my aunt who was a 'sang khek mm' (mak andam).


i am a vainpot. :)
  At 1:24 AM Blogger Kenny Ng said:
Sei!!! I lost my baby pics... have to find out jor.
if kenot find, then put up pics of YOUR babies. :)
  At 6:36 PM Blogger See Fei said:
when was the pic taken? 20 year ago? :-)
see fei,
pics taken more than 40 years ago. :)