Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Some 'Queer' Rules

I was at the car showroom the other day and I found out some queer ‘rules’ regarding a new purchase and I can recall the following:-

1/ You are ‘encouraged’ to take up a much loan/financing as possible, preferably up to 90% to 95% of the purchase price subject to as much as your monthly income can support.

2/ You are ‘encouraged’ to sign up for the longest loan/financing tenure and the ‘ideal’ would be 84 months and I have heard of some banks giving up to 108 months.

**roll eyes** Can the car last that long?? 9 years???

3/ And of course, for the national cars, (new registration) the banks charge the highest financing rate and I was told it is set by the ‘higher-ups’ and it is non-negotiable. I was offered a rate of 3.88% per annum, as against some other vehicle models which come with rates as low as 1.88% per annum. Lidat wan ar?

4/ For this car that I am interested in, the car company only allow all it’s customers to charge to their credit card a maximum of RM5,000. Why this peculiar rule, I asked? The salesperson was stumped for awhile and then he gave me the evergreen no-brainer, “COMPANY POLICY”.

I needled the salesperson a bit further and he then cautiously indicated that the Company has to pay the 2% merchant fee to the card company and thus, have this ruling to impose a ceiling amount allowable to charge through credit card. They are not willing to pay anything in excess of RM100. Aiyah…lidat pun boleh meh?

On the one hand you have the credit card companies enticing/encouraging you to sign…and sign …and sign and just charge as much as possible to your cards…ya, just charge until it hurts…and they keep topping-up the credit-limit… but on the other hand, you have companies and establishments ‘discouraging’ you to do so by ‘capping/limiting’ the amount chargeable. Why bother to increase the limit????

Apa macam, huh?

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  At 1:42 AM Blogger lijunwwf said:
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  At 2:58 AM Blogger angel said:
No idea worr...

In short, they just wanna try to make us borrow more so that they can charge us MORE interest! Ti........
  At 5:38 AM Blogger may said:
hmmmm... pay full in cash! best. wait, let me sell roti bakar for the next 30 years first, to get that money...
  At 7:27 AM Anonymous suituapui said:
'Nya, go ahead and buy cash...and straight away our good friends from the Lampaga Hasil Dalam Negeri will write u a love letter!!! And ys, a car can last more than 10 years; mine's already 12 years old. Like wife, must sayang-sayang owes and take good care...then only will stay in tip-top shape, baru bolehlah pakai keluar, masuk!!! LOL!
For a car loan, I think it is best to limit it within 4 years.
  At 9:22 AM Blogger savante said:
Certainly some queer rules. Not sure what ever possessed them. maybe they just don't want to jual kereta lah.
  At 10:16 AM Blogger Wennnn said:
Aiyo so many this and that ahhh gua baca pun ada sikit pening la.. Tarak paham... Sei lor ask me to go get a car ahhh i sure pening kau kau..
  At 11:05 AM Anonymous eve said:
this kinda thing , i let hubby have the headache...i dun like to drive , i prefer to be ferried around like a Datin..kekkekeke...
  At 12:05 PM Blogger Bernard said:
Uahhh.. nyonya wanna buy new car liao! Dun forget to take me for a ride, wokay?

err... literal ride.
  At 1:42 PM Blogger ilene said:
Buying new car eh?! Boleh tumpang? Didn't realise got so many restrictions attached! You belly good meh can korek, korek so much details from the sales rep!

NP, you're in the sales industry kah?
  At 4:05 PM Anonymous JL said:
wah... new car! ^_^

when can we trash...oppss... i mean makan angin in your liu car ;P
  At 7:39 PM Anonymous famil said:
yenjai said limit car loan for 4 years. *gasp*

kenot ler. car in malaysia not like in AU or in US one. at least 70% goes to AP holder.

anyway nyonya; active the word verification please. there's a lot of spam already. dont know how? haiya....
  At 10:19 PM Blogger Will said:
it's like that one... everyone wants their own benefit
  At 10:53 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:
errr..this is advertising gimmicks.. if housing loan say thei only give up to 70% loan u thnk ppl will be attracted ? sure no.......
borrow more, pay more, teruk jugak.

hi may,
sell roti bakar, ikan bakar, sotong bakar...all their pockets bulging with cash lar.

dowan love letter ledi. nanti gua mia kekasih jeles. kakakaka....

4 years.....gua pun tak larat lor.

they are just digging holes for us to fall in to.

lu kat london, lain.
sini maraysia lain.

meng sui leng-leng. :)

you wanna me to take you for a ride???? gua tak berani lor.
ok, we re-phrase it - gua take you go kai-kai. :)

come, be my guest and just hop in. :)
money mau keluar, mesti tanya and tanya and tanya lor.

bila-bila...err...if you are not afraid of me taking you round and round and round and sesat jalan.

4 years...can a smaller car.
word verification? good idea...shall mull it over.
and know gua ni blur and clueless hor?
wah...mau tukar kereta nampak...
  At 9:26 AM Blogger sengkor said:
maxing out the credit card is the first step towards bankruptcy..
  At 1:26 PM Blogger Kenny Ng said:
No matter how they pusing... in the end all to the same point... is to making money lor.
  At 3:39 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:
~~~~aiseh~~~ all the commission la they get from the loan...90% loan...gila ar!!! charge card for deposit~~hmmmmm but can get points and pay card bill in full later but 2% surcharge......
  At 4:03 PM Blogger William said:
I know most merchants in Low Yatt will surely pass on the credit card charges to you. Supposedly the margin so low already, so if they bear the CC charges, will rugi (read: make less profit). But most places will not complain. At Guardian or Coffee Bean, pay RM5 also can use CC.
getting a small car. :)

i agree with you.

trying to squeeze every sen out of us.

gua dare not take 90%lor.

just tak faham. they could have just say, 'CASH ONLY, NO PLASTIC!'
  At 11:02 PM Anonymous mashimaro said:
the more you finance, the commission they get!
if you are buying toyota, i can recommend you to my friend!
sure give you good deal.....
  At 10:45 AM Blogger Uncle Lee said:
Hi Nyonya, what car you planning to buy? Musang?
What about road tax? Still ada ka? Just curious. UL.
hi mashimaro,
long time no hear. apa khabar?
well, i do like toyota, but gotta buat budget dulu.
thanks for your kind offer. shall keep that in mind.

Uncle Lee,
Musang? Oh...that kancil's relative izzit? hahaha....I think a slightly bigger relative is a better bet.
  At 4:06 PM Blogger Bernard said:
Hahahaha.. wokay! We go kai-kai.
  At 4:47 PM Anonymous mashimaro said:
been busy with works... toyota cars are good cars but they cost more...
  At 10:04 PM Blogger Chen said:
in short, they wanna make more $$$$$$

can bring joseph along too. :)

i see, i see.
do feel free to pop in anytime. you are always welcomed. :)

dr chen,
i also want $$$$$. :)
  At 1:05 AM Blogger jazzmint said: all going so cheap like sale, that's why lah traffic so teruk rite
  At 4:40 PM Blogger Bernard said:
  At 5:50 PM Blogger just me said:
Hey, NEW car to usher in the NEW year, cool!
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