Monday, January 29, 2007

Back Into the Groove

Each morning when I wake up, I'll get myself a mug of hot Milo, turn on the computer and then go through my emails and do some blog-hopping but of late, I have not been accorded this luxury due to the erratic connections and all. Nevertheless, if I am not in a rush to run out of the house, I'd still religiously go through the paces of my morning ritual, hoping and praying for things to get better. Ya, it CAN only get better!

And yessssss...., this morning, one click was all it took to go here, another click to go there, and another click to go everywhere and good wor! I just couldn't believe it and I went **klik-klick here, klik-klik there, klik-klik everywhere** and reached all places smoothly. Wuahhh....bestnye, this Monday morning. So, quickly ran here and put up a short update before all my supporters abandon me.

To all my friends, thanks a million for your support and guidance and patience. I shall try to get back into the groove soonest. C'ya!
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  At 9:01 AM Anonymous suituapui said:
Don't worry, nyonya! STP will always stick by your side through thick and thin, for rich or for poor, in sickness or in health, for better or for worse... Slow, slow also never mind! Like doing fox trot: slow...slow...qucik, quick, slow...!
  At 9:08 AM Anonymous may said:
welcome back to a speedier connection! though still could be better lah, heheh. don't worry, not abandoning you... unless... you abandon me? we joget bersama-sama ok! ;)
  At 9:27 AM Anonymous zeroimpact said:
Heh heh heh
Good to have you back
it's really syiok when you get to click here and there eh
  At 9:42 AM Anonymous Jemima said:
Bring on the gendang!!!
Kak Nyonya is back!
  At 10:19 AM Anonymous FireHorse said:
Come sing with me "that's the way a huh a huh, I like it a huh a huh doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo, yes dats the way a huh a huh..."
  At 10:54 AM Anonymous eve said:
been coming here every day...but tarak updates..ingat ke apa dah jadik..laaaa..itu connection rupa rupa nya...sabar je la..
  At 12:06 PM Blogger Sasha said:
Aiyo...Nyonya mana pigi lama tadak dengar lu punya celita...gua miss sama lu la
  At 12:20 PM Blogger Uncle Lee said:
Hi Nyonya, can imagine what the feeling is like when the computer naik angin.
Just imagine 30 years ago or 40 years, nobody could spell computers yet. Post a letter...nanti 3 weeks get a reply. Today, 'kilk klik, go around the world.
Next time got pc problems, mandi ayer bunga, ha ha. UL.
yeah!!! nyonya is back in eksyen~! gero gero gero...the fans is still worries...gerori~~~
  At 12:29 PM Blogger Wennnn said:
Ahhh finally Nyonya is bek... Bravo.. can klik klik together gether liao.. Nyonya come I got spesial deication to U from my blog.. Go klik when free...
  At 1:14 PM Blogger famil said:
i tot nyonya had forsaken us already :p
  At 1:18 PM Blogger angel said:
LOL @ UL!!! Mandi air bunga when got PC problems?? Hahaha!!! Cheo si wa laaaa...
welcome back !!! i've been checking in all the time, hope to see more postings soon !!!
cumm...i give a big HUG. :D

am praying hard for a speedier connection too.
noooo....nooo....gua tak sampai hati abandon all my kawan-kawan baik.

hehehe....hear the **klik-klik** sound pun best ledi. :)

let's joget, jemima!

**rock steaddyyyy...**

tenkiu for all your sapot.
now kena crank up the enjin again lor. :)

errr....gua pigi shaliuliuliuliu...

Uncle Lee,
mandi bunga ayer ar??
you mia pc pun sometimes naik angin, right? lidat we mandi bunga together-gether, ok ar? :P

tenkiu, tenkiu.

kamsiah, wennnn. :)

no lar......mana sampai hati.
gua ini sayangzzzzz all of you loads.

wait ar, gua tanya Uncle Lee mau mandi togeder-geder or not.

moz monster,
paiseh lor...soli lor....
lemme crank up the cold enjin first.
  At 2:43 PM Blogger Will said:
good to hear that you're finally getting back some speed there :P
Don't worry.
I still come here everyday to wait for your update.
  At 5:15 PM Blogger ilene said:
Me same boat with you! So frustrating hor? Now pulak, I can't retrieve my emails from the office coz this tm net went to do some upgrading job!
  At 5:31 PM Blogger Kenny Ng said:
No worry... like what I told you, I'm your supporter mah... go go nyonya!
  At 7:43 PM Blogger Chen said:
kong hee kong hee :D
click here click there
so syiok hoh?

ur connection is ok again!!!


we just cant live without internet these days huh??? :P
  At 9:00 PM Blogger Kah Wee said:
nyonya... come come... cant wait to berjoget with u.. lolx..
  At 9:03 PM Blogger Kah Wee said:
btw, i moved back blogspot d...
  At 11:10 PM Blogger jazzmint said:
wahh..finallyback, thought where u went
  At 11:23 PM Blogger Sam said:
Goodie goodie. Now we definitely know the internet's back!

When you gonna swing by my place? =P
Glad to know you are grooving again! :)
  At 1:00 AM Blogger ilene said:
Tonight still slow lah! The sites take so long to open wan! Are you experiencing the same as me?
  At 8:54 AM Blogger sengkor said:
'it's alive!! it's alive!!'

-dr frankenstein
no worries nyonya...we faithful followers ma...
  At 4:11 PM Anonymous JL said:
The Nyonya's New Groove

"Boom baby!" ;)
  At 7:09 PM Anonymous marsha said: can say that again! I couldn't believe my eyes when everything came on within seconds again!! Yay!!! My life is complete again!
really hope it can sustain. :)

kamsiah, kamsiah. :)

adoi, lu pun sama like me ke?

kamsiah chay-chay.
we go minum again, ok?

dr chen,
but hor, still got a little sot-sot sickness leh. mau kasi ubat apa ar?

pink cotton,
what we dunno, we won't miss.
now like kena addicted ledi, susah lor.
and nice meeting you that evening. do call us again when you are here.

hahahaha...joget ar? boleh, boleh.
and ok, i shall update your URL later. thanks for info.

gua kena rocked by quake ler. LOL

improved a bit, but still not very stable ler.

king's wife,
hands itchy, legs pun itchy liao. :)

tell me about it! grrrr....

who died? who died?

paiseh lar. gua ini macam half-dead lidat. thanks for the support. :)

kadang-kadang out of groove jugak. LOL

it went cranky again and the came back and then putus...aisehman, what game ini lar?