Friday, January 05, 2007

Are They Really So Heartless?

I was relating to my friend my unpleasant experience with those tow-truck operators and how they were like fighting tooth and nail among each other to tow the damaged car. My friend thinks there are reasons why these ‘vultures’ are soooooo persistent and ‘bersemangat’ and determined to get the damaged vehicle.

He thinks they get a cut from the towing charges which can range from RM150 to RM500 or more, depending on the distance as well as on the time of towing. Midnight rates are definitely higher. But this is considered just the appetizers/starters. What they are really interested in is the ‘main course’, that is the total repair cost – the bigger the bill the better – because they get another delicious cut here. So when they come across a very nasty accident with badly mangled vehicles, all they can see is $$$$$$$ and more $$$$$$. Sorry, if there are casualties, that is not their responsibility and not their area of interest. This will have to wait for the ambulance to rescue. Their main job scope is to ‘rescue’ the vehicle and this take priority over human lives. Many people have suspected too, that when there is a lull, as in business is slow and yawnny, they have no qualms about helping to create an accident. All this, in the name of earning a living and bring home the bacon. Someone had also commented in my earlier post about himself working a short stint as a tow-truck operator but he got put off by all this horrible work ethics. **sighs**

Are they really so heartless?

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  At 12:23 AM Blogger JoMel said:
yes nyonya. it takes all kinds to make this world go round. Unfortunately.. or fortunately, depending how you see it.

HAPPY NEW YEAR... if I have not said it already :) *HUGS AND SAYANGSSSS*
hi jomel,
how are you? thanks a lot for your wishes. lemme wish you a great and superb 2007. **sayangzz**

ya, i agree with your views; macam-macam pun ada in this planet.
  At 12:31 AM Blogger angel said:
Gua tak tau... but looks like it hor?

Mai ko cai siaou liao hor...
  At 12:40 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:
i want bacon.....bacon...n eggs......
yum yum yum....
  At 1:01 AM Blogger famil said:
Sad to say, they are indeed inhuman.

My friend is a volunteer for Red Crescent and he got all the sad stories from the ambulance drivers.

He said sometimes, the tow fcuker would yank the victims out of the car and just tow their car away and leave the victims by the roadside.

And got 1 or 2 cases where the victims died because the backbone snapped when this kanina moved the victims.
  At 1:15 AM Blogger ah nel said:
they being given 15% of the car damage claim and even a simple damage they can claim 1k++..thanks to those expert...
  At 4:08 AM Blogger Uncle Lee said:
Hi Nonyapenang, We have similar kinds of 'vultures' here too, but now regulated and controlled by government where prices are concerned. No more cutting of 'throats' whatever when people in accidents still in trumatic state.
By the way, grandma house undergoing upgrading and new systems functions, no visitors yet, UL cannot answer visitors.
  At 6:27 AM Blogger Wennnn said:
Aiyoh all those ppl where got heart one??? The eyes oni see money money money lor!!!This is the world tat we actualli live in la... Not only bek home but all over the world mebbe they are not tow truckers somethin else also wud be the same story lor!!
  At 7:15 AM Anonymous suituapui said:
Unfortunately, yes! Money is the root of all evil!! But "with all its sham,drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Strive to be happy!" (DESIDERATA)
  At 8:36 AM Blogger may said:
hai lor... some mechanics can be real vultures wan. the one outside my house has stepped on quite a few people's tails because of the way he "slaughter pig" his customers... ishhhh.
  At 10:02 AM Blogger ilene said:
I wish we have a law to regulate these heartless vultures! These tow trucks always seem to be around in a jiffy! They sure got very good networking!
  At 10:19 AM Anonymous mott said:
I'll tell you what's heartless, Nyonya...

They start the accidents sometimes. YES! They'll spill black oil, put gravel/stones/shrapnel to increase your chances of accidents.

That's why I *waves fists* so TIU-ed at them. BLADYFARKERS!
ya...ya...lan lang siaou ai chiak hamik ho boh? :)

and....potatoes and bake beans....yummy

OMG, that's horrible!

ah nel,
wuaah, no wonder they are like chasing mad lar.

Hi Uncle Lee,
I missed you.

Oh, Canadian 'vultures' are tamer and well-controlled. :)

so sad lor lidat.

it's still a beautiful world because they are beautiful people like you around. :)


ya lor, they'd just appear out of nowhere.

ya, that's what i heard from many people oso. :(
  At 12:10 PM Blogger Kenny Ng said:
Yes... they r so heartless, I still remember my friend's accident caused of the tow truck. Tow truck also can steal cars anytime, it happens when after TDDI Jaya flash flood last year, many cars missing because those tow trucks took the opportunity to steal some cars.
  At 1:01 PM Blogger Sasha said: dad used to be a call-man. the guys that goes around to hunt for accidents like this. Whoever who found the accident will get like RM500, the 2nd that came will get 200 or something liddat. So they die die have to make sure that thier toll truck guy get to tow the car back. You should see the way the whack each other up just to tow the car back...seeeshh...
  At 4:09 PM Blogger just me said:
People who take thrive on others' misfortunes, I think I call them "vultures"
  At 5:04 PM Blogger sming said:
Happy new year nyonya... may it be a better year ahead for you and your family...:)

about the tow truck ppl...they are like vultures to me..
but.. dirty business huh..
  At 7:46 PM Blogger William said:
Desensitized liao. Cries of pain are only a distant buzz.
lulu's mum's car was held ransom by the workshop people. the initial bill was 11K. insurance co not willing to pay. negotiate-negotiate-negotiate. 6 months later, agreed on 6k then they "fix" it. we had to get our mechanic to go with my mum to collect it. and there were additional repairwork we needed to do for it after that. the car was no longer the same.
i think every industry has their own version of heartless people. just had someone in my office come see me to backstab people on her own team so that her load can be reduced.
  At 10:40 PM Blogger JL said:
yaloh... so horribly terrible these people *geleng geleng kapla*
  At 11:11 PM Blogger savante said:
Sigh. Which is why we shall charge them double when they come by to see us.
  At 11:42 PM Blogger Chen said:
these people are really heartless beings :(
kenny ng,
aiyoh, so jialat wan ar? :(

thanks for sharing. didn't know it's so lucrative - patut lah diaorang fighting tooth and nail.

just me,
it is not supposed to be lidat mar. they are suppose to offer an invaluable service!

dunno how it turned out like this. **sighss**

and thanks for your kind wishes. lemme wish you and your hubs a very good and happy 2007.

sad lar, lidis.

what a lulu,
that was what i was afraid of. i know it would be difficult to get the car out from their workshop once they towed it in and you face problems from the insurers. thank GOD, your mom finally got her car out.
re: your office colleague, gua pun pernah tengok - all shapes and sizes of daggers summore. jialat la.

try not to let them come near you. LOL

they are an intimidating lot, Paul.

dr chen,
sampai hati, diaorang ni. :(
  At 2:04 AM Anonymous Angeleyes said:
Happy New Year Nyonya!
Oh... no sure if you saw one show televised a month or two back which told a similar story... it was exactly how these vultures used dirty tactics to create biz for themselves so they can have income.

Best to join AAM, pay RM60/year so don't have to worry so much.
  At 2:55 AM Blogger Bernard said:
nyonya, liddat means really heartless ard. And greedy.
  At 3:33 AM Blogger FireHorse said:
Tan looi mah Nyonya, maybe got many anak have to feed, buy skool shoo, skool uniform. I know it's not right but some time laylee got no money, what to do? Money makes people ugly wan mah.
  At 7:40 AM Blogger Winn said:
govt has no control over the services industries.


they are not heartless. their hearts kena eaten by liucas.
Yes, indeed they are heartless. There were reported incidents where they deliberately cut the fence and chase the cattle onto the the N/S highway in the hope of creating accidents.

Whenever there is an accident on the PLUS highway, their personnel will immediately tip off the tow truck companies to get a cut of the commission.
happy 2007 to you and family too.

i'm a member of AAM too - used their services for breakdowns and it's FOC; if accident, you can pay them to tow to your workshop of your choice. don't simply use the tow-truck services - refer what a lulu's comments re: her mom's car.

very sad lar, lidat.

not easy to control oso. **sighss**
just have to watch out for ourselves lor. errr...liucas won't eat me hor?

cocka doodle,
when sooooo many people say things like these happen, there must be some truth lor. jialat la, lidat.
  At 6:37 AM Anonymous yenchiew said:
not just tow truck drivers i think..
even those people running funeral parlors..
hoping for more deaths to keep business going..?
sad reality
  At 9:37 PM Blogger _butt said:
Blinded by money kot. Sad, isn't it?

  At 9:38 PM Blogger _butt said:
Oh ya, thanks for the link! :D
  At 10:27 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:
did u go for ride on big windmill?
i hear PM is back , but overslept.....
Nice to have met you ... !!!

Well ... I've heard of all the dirty little tricks these guys sometimes do to create 'business'. But I don't know if it's true ...

I just hope these guys will kena a taste of their own medicine ... kena tiok by mechanics and other tow truck operators when they no more in that line.
hi yenchiew,
a warm welcome!
tell me about it. those are BIG business that rolls in alot of moolah.

thanks for popping by and please feel free to do so anytime. :)

they only see $$$$$$$$$ and nothing else.
thanks for linking me too. :)

freelunch2020, ler. gua ini scared of heights and also dowan to be pening-pening lor. afturds kenot think straight la. LOL

moz monster,
that was fast!
my pleasure in meeting you too. hope to see you again sometime.
re: those tow-truck operators, just pray we don't ever need to meet them. :D