Friday, December 22, 2006

Happy Tang Chek

Happy Tang CHek

Happy KOr TunG

happy Winter SolStice

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  At 1:06 AM Blogger angel said:
waa!! u make wan?? so karerfoool!!

Happy Tang Chek to u too!
  At 1:06 AM Blogger ah nel said:
wuahhh....duno how many yrs i din eat tis Tang chek...
  At 1:25 AM Blogger famil said:
never eat one. how does it taste like? is it me, or your blog is acting funny?
U make ah? the bola inside got gula melaka or not? I like that one the best.

Happy Kor-Tung to you too!

(btw, I can't see the post. Only can see the first picture)
yalor. come, open mulut big-big - i feed you one spoon.

ah nel,
lidat you forever 52 yrs old nia la bcos each year you makan hor, you tua one year liao.

it's just tepung pulut mixed with water, add some colouring, put it to boil and then scoop it into plain syrup. it's kinda chewy in texture.

huh? my blog acting up? not that i can see from here.
  At 1:35 AM Blogger AceOne said:
fuiyoh!!! veli kalerful tang chek. Long time didn't take that oledi.
king's wife,
dis wan original penangnyonya style - there's no filling inside.
those with fillings are very bigger ones and also more troublesome to make.

this is the shortest ever post..just 3 lines oni. you mean you can't see them?

wuaah, anoder 'never-grow-old' fella. (after eating, considered one year older liao lor) LOL
  At 2:29 AM Blogger Winn said:
wow nyonya can cook one dun tok siao!!!
  At 2:30 AM Blogger Winn said:
did u joget when u cook? or the tong yuen joget? lol
  At 3:04 AM Blogger JL said:
Heppi Tang Chek!

Tong yuer Nyonya berkaler kaler,
cantik dipandang sedap dirasa :)

Must letak pandan leaves kaw kaw baru best ^_^
  At 6:19 AM Blogger just me said:
Feel older and wiser yet?
  At 6:22 AM Blogger Will said:
happy tang chek! :D

nyonya's tong yuen berjoget special :P
  At 7:16 AM Anonymous Jemima said:
Kak... nampak satu gambar sahaja.

Selamat Ber-Tang Chek!
  At 8:11 AM Blogger Chen said:
happy Winter Solstice
happy Winter Sonata :D
Happy Happy :D
  At 9:36 AM Blogger Inevitable said:
Looks very the delicious woh. The tong yuen got inti or not wan?
  At 10:03 AM Anonymous suituapui said:'s tang chek today hor!! Nyonya eat balls today hor??? LOL!!! Got sumthing comeout one meh??
  At 10:27 AM Anonymous ah pek said:
  At 10:55 AM Blogger dreamie said:
TUNG JIT fai lok !
it is a family get together time for big sumptuous makan !
  At 11:07 AM Blogger Kenny Ng said:
I missed it many years lor... that mean I still young la... kekeke.

Happy Tang Jek nyonya n family.
  At 11:21 AM Blogger Wennnn said:
Nyonya: I also wan U spoon feed me la!!! Hehehheheh... long long time no eat this lor becoz dun wan to grow old la... But if Nyonya feed means sure will gip face eat one la!1 can choose the color or not ah? I like red color!!!
  At 11:23 AM Blogger Wennnn said:
Aiks not red color wrong one, I was thinkin of sumthin else.... hehehheehh.... I like the pink and yellow color la...

Tung Jit Fai Lok!!!!!!
Sayangzzzzzz Nyonya
  At 11:58 AM Blogger FireHorse said:
Oi we both think same same lah except my blog no pigcher of kuey ee. Nevermind, next time you visit my kopi tiam, maybe I got sugee cake for you.
Merry Christmas & happy New Year to you and your family!!
Happy Tang Chek to you too. I look at the pic already feel like going home and eat :P
  At 1:32 PM Anonymous mott said:
happy tong tong tong tong yuen!!! Makan bola bola jadi bulat bulat!
  At 1:39 PM Anonymous eve said:
happi tung jit....n merry makan besar hor?..too bad i kerja sampai pukul 9pm..ish..balik makan maggi je la...
  At 3:32 PM Blogger titoki said:
Happy Dong Zhi, Merry X'mas, Happy Boxing Day and a Happy New Year to you!!! Ho Ho Ho~ :)
  At 3:41 PM Blogger sengkor said:
happy winter solsis.. i mean winter sossis.. what already? oh ya, happy winter sonata. okla okla dunno how to spell. happy eat tongyuen day. done.
happy "khor tong" nyonya! lulu's mum also made tong yuen today. now lulu must do work fast-fast so dat can get home for dinner on time.
btw, lulu part of the "can see 1 picture only" club
oh, my mom made the dough, passed to me to boil, alamak! no gas pulak, it's malam oredi, just boil in rice cooker, jadi oso. hahaha! husband and i dua orang makan i feed u, u feed me. so happy! :D happy tang chek!
  At 11:07 PM Blogger ah nel said:
ohhh...liddat then i eveli yr 52 lorr...dowan thinkof eating it liao...
wanna learn to make tong yuen bergolek? go look for jl. :)

gua suka karerfull wan. :)

just me,
first one definitely yes.
second one, errr... not sure.

itu tong yuen bergolek-golek nia la. :)

ya kah? gua pun dunno apa sudah salah wor. soli, ya.

dr chen,
lokter suka itu sonata mia cerita ar? my kawan cakap itu very laaamm mia movie ler.

it's yummy. gua prefer plain ones so tak buat yang berinti mia.

before eat hor, must roll, roll and play, play first wan. :)

ah pek,
kamsiah chay-chay. merry christmas and a happy new year to ah pek and family. :)

enjoy your big mum-mum with your beloved family. :)

ya..ya...gua tau lu very young nia lar. nin-nin sap-pat soai. (every year, 18 yrs old) :D

come ...come...duduk bangku sini next to angel. ok, one for for wenwen.

great minds think alike. :)

have a good feast with your family. :)

makan bola-bola jadi cantik-cantik la. :D

eat some tong yuen also. :)

kamsiah, kamsiah. gua wish you and all at home semua happy-happy, merry-merry and joy-joy of the season. :D

hahahaha....take out that mask, then you can pronounce better. happy hornidays to you. :)

what a lulu,
have a joyous family makan-makan. :)

woowww....such a lomantic tang chek. :)

ah nel,
thinking oni but no eat, then eveli year 52 la.
dowan thinking and summore no eat leh, then eveli year tolak satu lor. lidat get younger and younger and alwes hensem. :D
  At 12:55 AM Blogger Wennnn said:
Thank U Nyonya sayangzz veri delicious!! Lickilicious too yummy yummy.......
  At 3:09 AM Anonymous _butt said:
happy Colorful new year to yoouuuu!! :D

i like ^_^

HAPPY BOLA DAY (as chen puts it) tho its over :P

or shud i say MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE'S EVE...hahaha
nyonya, Yes. The plain one without anything inside taste the best.

(should have told me leh. I would have order house delivery from you, haha)
have some more, mm sai paiseh. lai...lai...lai. :)

tenkiu. may you have a blessed Christmas and happy new year too. :)

pink cotton,
a melli-melli klistmas and a happi new year to you and all at home. :)

yenjai, ploblems. next year.
merry christmas & happy new year to you and all at home. :)
  At 1:07 PM Anonymous famil said:
Nyonya.. some browsers will show like this:

Happy Tang CHek
!--[if !vml]--
!--[endif]-- !--[if !vml]--!--[endif]--

and people thought its 3 pictures some more. last nite i went to cyber cafe and open yours.. it shows the correct one. it makes sense then.. :p
Happy belated Tung Chit...and Here's wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas too!
  At 6:48 PM Blogger Sam said:
Oooooh... glutinous rice balls. My favorite. =P
errr...itu browser ada ploblem hor lidat? least now you have seen the right one. thanks.
and here's wishing you & all at home a very HAPPY NEW YEAR. :)


hi sam,
a warm welcome to you.
you like kueh ee too? had some this season?
here's wishing you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR.
just feel free to pop by anytime.:)
  At 9:06 PM Anonymous Uncle Lee said:
Hi Nony, if not for you and Wenwen, don't even know its kueh ee time. Pity here nobody makes it. Love your colours, love the white ones especially. You have a nice day.
ps, you put daun pandan in sugar?
uncle lee,
i did invite over. but i guess you were having problems with your computer a couple of days back. nevermind, i kept a bowl for you (with more white coloured ones) and ya, the syrup is flavoured with pandan leaves from my tiny garden. :)
  At 10:16 PM Blogger ilene said:
After eating the "kueh ee" we are all one year older hor? Did you also do the dry way (with peanuts)? Not those with the stuffed fillings inside the "kueh ee" but "kueh ee" mixed with blended nuts and sugar. Anyway...., do let me wish you a very Merry Christmas and a blessed 2007.
  At 11:32 PM Blogger ah nel said:
but now i ugly worr then younger n younger ugly...wuahhh...liddat i rather 80yrs old...
you mean the muar chi izzit? i didn't make those because tak laku with my boys ler.
oh, let me wish you and family a merry christmas & a happy new year too. :)

ah nel,
you confused ar? okie, go eat koay ee and go sleep now. tomolo shud be orite ledi. :)
  At 12:10 AM Anonymous Angeleyes said:
Can't see the pics leh Nyonya... anyway, wanna wish you and your family Merry Christmas and a Great New Year!
  At 4:10 AM Blogger JoMel said:
Merry Christmas Nyonya :)
aceone: you long time din take that means u haven grown lah! think tis year I also dun take. :P
soli la, dunno what happened,
anyway, here's wishing you and all at home a very merry christmas and a happy new year.

thanks a lot.
merry christmas & happy new year to you and all loved ones too. :)

las montanas,
ya....forever young.
merry christmas & happy new year to you and all at home. :)
  At 5:28 PM Blogger Chen said:
frankly speaking, i never watch that winter sonata drama leh.. I only know the drama names !!! kakkakaka... :P

Wishing nyonya & your beloved ones, including bigboy & smallboy a merry and joyful Christmas :)
  At 6:01 PM Blogger JL said:
wish Kak Nyonya, Ah Tai & Ah Sai Merry Christmas and A Blessed New Year! ^_^
  At 2:17 AM Blogger Inevitable said:
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
  At 3:03 AM Blogger ah nel said:
ah nel stil da same ugly worr...