Monday, December 11, 2006

Balik Kampung Tanam Jagung

I was flipping through the newspaper when I saw small column on real estate transactions. The few lines told of a recently concluded sale of a basic 10-year old double-storey linked house measuring 22’ x 75’ at a cool RM800,000! And it quoted the property agent as saying that this a good deal as the average market price of similar property is about RM850,000.

Wow! Wow! Wow! That’s a lot of moolah to pay for a tiny roof. Ya, of course location counts; in this case, it’s in one of the more established residential areas in Petaling Jaya. This is a landed property in freehold land in a convenient and matured neighbourhood. But at this price?? Say, to go on 70% financing, I dare not even want to think and take out the old trusty calculator to find out how much I have to bring in each month to be able to afford the house instalments and other running expenses. Add on another huge hypertension-inducing sum for re-modelling as well as for fixtures and fittings. Match that with an equally ulcer-forming loan tenure that in all probability stretches pass my retirement if I’m lucky. If I’m not that lucky, I might just keel over before I can really claim that the house is fully MINE.

Sighhhsss……I think moving back to my kampung and tanam jagung doesn’t sound so bad after all.
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  At 12:41 AM Anonymous may said:
RM800,000?!! *pengsan*

I think I'll need to find myself some vacant land and be a squatter at one corner... and hopefully they'll award me a land title after squatting there for 20 years!
  At 1:33 AM Blogger angel said:
*waiting to strike lottery*
  At 7:08 AM Blogger just me said:
Price of properties has really escalated depending on the location these days!
My kids like city life too much for me to balik kampung and by the time they grow up, I won't have teeth to eat the jagung I tanam in kampung so...I am stuck here!
  At 9:15 AM Anonymous Angeleyes said:
Nyonya, don't flip yet until u come back to kampung here and check the property prices...think you will go pengsan! Link house (2.5) storeys in Bkt Gambir...lousy location was asking for RM600++K and have to wait for another 2-3 years for completion if corner unit asking for RM800++K! I think a 10 years old estate worth much more ler... The developer said that they can't make $$$ for double storey these day so have to build 2.5 storeys... *pengz*
  At 9:55 AM Anonymous JL said:
I did a rough kira kira using 6% interest & 20 years loan terms, monthly repayment will be around RM3000 *faint*

Almost gaji 1 bulan syiot…

BTW Kak Nyonya mau beli rumah ke?

Tanam ubi lah, easier to take care and more ways to cook it :)
  At 10:20 AM Blogger sengkor said:
RM800k can get me a decent house, a nice car, some holidays, spa.. etc..
nyonya, before you count any mothly installment...

Do you know that if you decide to go for 90% loan, the fee you pay to your lawyer already exceed RM25,000 ?!
  At 11:01 AM Anonymous suituapui said:
Aduh, nyonya! When I saw the price, my eyeballs dropped on the keyboard!!! Had to put them back!! Ha ha ha ha! Here in Sibu, half that price can get nice, nice one already??? Wanna buy one here?? Then we become neighbours and everyday can chit-chat over kopi-o! Sorry, step aside, pliz, Uncle Lee!
  At 11:38 AM Blogger sming said:
If I have that money, I think I will go travel lor. :P
your kampung even more expensive leh...cos the land are so small. :>
  At 3:23 PM Anonymous eve said:
err...nyonya..soli hor...i terforgot ur email addy one question u asked me long long ago in UL's blog..i belum jawab..nanti nyonya ingat wa manyak sombong la..
  At 4:28 PM Blogger titoki said:
I thought Penang's landed properties are more expensive than Malacca's ones?
  At 4:32 PM Blogger titoki said:
I mean PJ. Muahahaha. Sorry sorry. Paiseh.
  At 5:15 PM Blogger Inevitable said:
Can I stay at the plot beside yours? You tanam jagung I tanam kangkung... we do barter trading lah
  At 6:25 PM Blogger ah nel said:
then nyonya treat ah nel with ais kelim perisa jagung in kampung?
  At 7:23 PM Anonymous mott said:
that may be so..but in another few more years time, you'd be a millionaire..if you had that property la! Imagine....imagine...IMAGINE!!!!!

ok ok..stop fantasising *pinch*
  At 9:59 PM Blogger Winn said:
tanam rumput easier la..
  At 10:21 PM Blogger u-jean said:
penang land lagi la expensive leh. when die oso no place for me.
  At 10:22 PM Blogger See Fei said:
a lot of singaporeans and malaysians are leaving in RM 800,000 government flats. spare a heart for these ppl who mortgaged their life to the power to be. *sigh*
  At 11:54 PM Blogger Uncle Lee said:
How much for a small room in a Senior's Home in KL?
no nid so susah wan. you're young - go play badminton and win some gold medals and land la.

you got buy lottery or not jek?

just me,
maybe it's a good idea to jaga the gigi now. LOL

i dunno ler - pay and pay and pay. by the time finish payaing also about to die liao lor.

you based on berapa loan amount?

....and some nice wives...a few good dogs....

lidat, i just sewa bilik saja la.

clifford suituapui,
....and then you can serenade me with 'tay sar meh bo choh' ya? LOL

cool hor? RM80OK for a small link-house nia.

but there hor, the rental very low nia leh.

don't la be lidat, so hark hei. gua mia email:

i was told that also. that island so tiny la.

how many jagungs do i have to give for 1 kg of kangkung?
**scratches kepala**

ah nel,
ho chiak wor. lai, lai.....

by the time i finish paying, i might have to 'migrate' to happier places liao. LOL

can also. now rumput pun very mahal you know.

maybe you'd be like many others who'd be building their future someplace else. :)

see fei,
madness hor? for an average nyonya like me, it'll take me a few lifetimes to pay the mortgage la.
uncle lee,
depends la. 5-star or 3-star or no-star wan?
  At 6:43 AM Blogger just me said:
opt for tanam sweet potatoes then, they contain lots of anti-oxidants!
  At 9:18 AM Blogger JL said:
70% mah... RM560000
  At 8:42 AM Blogger Wennnn said:
Aiks work another 10 yhrs also belum dapat rumah lagi lor.... Nyonya my kampung kenot tanam jagung wor how??? Can go to ur kampung and I tanam ubi kat sebelah tak????
I heard houses in sarawak are affordable and huge!
can, can. gua suka ubi. :)

las montanas,
itu lar - suituapui mia bungalow in a ranch. :)
  At 10:35 AM Anonymous suituapui said:
Yalor...imagine me at the ranch in my Pagoda singlet and himemade blue boxers with white drawstrings, and wearing Tong Fatts and fanning myself with bamboo fan stolen from MSA Fokker plane...while nyonya in kitchen sweating it out cooking Phak-lor too kha, kiam chai goo-tor therng...for me to eat!!! LOL!!!
  At 1:10 PM Blogger Bernard said:
Come and retire in EsPee lah. Cheap and good.