Monday, November 27, 2006

Where You Park, Huh?

The conversation went something like this:-

Angel : Where you park?

Me : Up the slope therrrrre….Got Indian man selling kuih wan la.

Angel : Huh? What kuih?

Me : Nehh….that fried-fried wan lor. Dunno call what ledi.

Zeroimpact : Vadai.

Me : Ya, ya, ya..that’s the name.
You leh? Park where ah?

Zeroimpact : Inside shopping complex.

Me : You all leh?

Winn : Neh….behind only.

Inevitable : The other side.

May : There only.

Sengkor : I park the other road. Got parking meter wan.

King's Wife : Wei, you go and put money in meter ah?

Me : hehehehe……

Sengkor : I know la – today no need put wan la.

Angel : I park outside there only.

King’s Wife : Today got pasar malam. You better go and check your car lor.

Winn : Yalor, afturds they display all the ikan and sayur on your car la.

Angel : OK, mai tan.

We all then split. Met so many new faces yesterday - nice meeting all of you. ;) Stomach felt full and heart felt light, I walked with a skip and a hop to my car.

The place I parked give free 'artwork'. Nice or not?

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It was lovely meeting you too, nyonya. You are really a live funny!
Psstt..Uncle Lee said goodnight yet? lol!!
  At 1:14 AM Blogger Chen said:
Trying to imagine how nyonya walked with a skip and a hop to her car...

The birds are very artistic leh..
  At 1:26 AM Anonymous may said:
really yummy meeting you! ok, I come say hi more often, ya...

p.s. Hello, Uncle Lee!
  At 5:14 AM Blogger Wennnn said:
Wah nyonya now got new fan la!! *psst* Psst* wat type of magnet U use la even ur car also attracted all the birdie's poo!!lol
  At 7:24 AM Blogger Kak Teh said:
wah, tak aci you met little ms may oredi! I only met her midflight - we waved to each other - i was on the way back to malaysia she was on the way to london..dont believe ask her! glad u all had a nice time.
  At 7:52 AM Blogger jazzmint said: free spraying service pulak kkekeke
  At 9:24 AM Blogger sengkor said:
ha.. wait till u see my car. *pengsan*
  At 9:59 AM Blogger Winn said:
wah nice nice! wats ur car number ? we make sure we dun buy
  At 10:05 AM Anonymous suituapui said:
Yalah...simply letak anywhere u like, sure got all kinds of problems! Wah! Sengkor so kwai, park at kena bird shit kah!!! Kesian!
  At 10:40 AM Blogger sming said:
How nice.... a meet up !!
Can I join next round? :)
I absolutely detest these birds!!! (mynah, crows, starklings)

Their population needs to be managed.
  At 11:36 AM Blogger AceOne said:
Faster..go buy 4D. Bird stools got bring luck wan!

Glad you having a nice time meeting those other bloggers.
  At 11:51 AM Blogger FireHorse said:
Kalau can still skip and hop nyonyapenang must be young or at least young at heart. Long time I never skip/hop takut after husband think earthquake again-lah.
  At 12:21 PM Blogger Sasha said:
Bangsar Ka???
  At 1:20 PM Anonymous mott said:
Eh..why you always kena the bird sai ah? You very "ONG" ah?

sure win lottery one!
  At 1:30 PM Blogger Inevitable said:
Hi there!!
Nice meeting you!!

I can still recalled what your son said to you about installing msn for you. Hahaha!!
  At 1:37 PM Blogger carcar said:
car is here :P

*nice not?*

hey like the way you post in conversation type.. commotion going to start like that :P
  At 1:53 PM Blogger Kenny Ng said:
Must be in Bangsar... my car always kena there... LOL
  At 2:37 PM Anonymous eve said:
eh blogger's meet....never call me one?...but of course i m not considered blogger oso la..but but...ok time ok? time i get yenjai to come oso..hehe..
  At 5:24 PM Blogger angel said:
hahaha! alamak! looks like the outing really very 'ong' ler... u are still 'lucky' kena bird shit nia... me hor... i kena 3 scratches while trying to drive out from the sempit mya pasak malam/petang mya lorong :(
Looks like I'll hv to take pics of my 3 scratches and blog about it liao...

but hv to thank ah may & zeroimpact for helping to be traffic wardens :)

Hello, unker lee! Lu hoh bo?
  At 6:31 PM Blogger liucas said:
Hmmp! didnt invite me one! :(

i could've help to jaga your car ma....i dun simply poopoo on ppl's car oneeee
  At 6:39 PM Blogger William said:
Swallow's Shit. Kena kereta better than kena kepala. :D
  At 7:14 PM Blogger savante said:
Apa mau buat! Like that lah. I also park bawah pokok also.
so normal in the klang valley....

u do know that crows wereIMPORTED from India during the 19th century to Port KLang....

that's why they are EVERYWHERE now, no natural predator mah
and somehow, i have to agree it's bangsar.....

typical crow haven... just wondering what they like about this area....

king's wife,
it's my pleasure too. ada chance, kita jupa lagi. ;)

dr chen,
....and with a sanggul on her head. LOL

hi may,

huan ying, huan ying!
happy to meet you too. ;)
feel free to pop by anytime.

no need magnet la....just hold the hand tight-tight lo.

your kapalterbang can wind down the window wan ah? next time i shall request for a window-seat, just in case i see kak teh flying by. i wanna wave oso. LOL

dis wan called bird-art. LOL

**booommmppp** adoi, gua jatuh from kerusi liao.

don't gamble la - use the money to buy me ice-kacang.

i think the birds got diarrhoea la.

u mau join chin-wag ah? can, can. ;)

las montanas,
burongs bolehhhhhh!

lidat you cepat-cepat pigi stand under the trees la. :)
ya, we enjoyed ourselves very much.

come to think of it, must be due to my skipping and hopping ler - i frightened all the birds until they lausai on my kereta.
you skip & hop also la - at least your husband can have earthquake drills. kakakakkaa......
(joking nia la, beh sai khi honrg, ok?

spot on. maybe shud change the name to bangsai.

i think i frightened them birds ler.

hi inevitable,
glad to meet you & gf.
gua veli low-tech wan la and alot of things oso blur-blur lor.
got chance, kita jumpa lagi, ya?

no commotion - we all veli peace-loving people la. dat wan edited conversation becos we actually yakked for 4 hrs. ;)

aceone say lidat veli 'orng' - so you ada kena lottery or not?

landlord and tenant oso can come. ;)

no nid to talk about them la - i suspect the traders dunno how to baca clock wan ler.
adoi, 3 scratches ah? gua mia hati pun sakit liao la. cuba pakai polish and see can help or not.

you're suppose to jaga all the kereta mah. where were you? i'm gonna complain to your mommy liao.

surprisingly it does not seem to bother the indian chap selling kuih there. aiyer, dunno some got dropped into the kuih batter or not leh?

not all pokoks got lausai birds wan la. ;)
  At 11:16 PM Blogger Bernard said:
See-lah, jumpa kawan ledi tok until sooo long. Sampai the car oso kena mesingan liao.
  At 11:33 PM Blogger plink said:
Bangsai? Aiyohh.... Then everything also have to change name oredi: Bangsai Shopping Centre, Jalan Bangsai....

Hello Unker Lee! Jiak par boei?
  At 12:01 AM Blogger Angeleyes said:
nyonya... some souvenirs by the birdies mah!
the searcher,
the crows are known to attack humans summore and dunno what the council people are doing about the numbers. :(

errr....crows like bangsai becos it's a happening place mah.

we all hor, like 'kai tiong mm thuin' lidat - yak, yak, and more yaks..

real lausai place lar. :)

got elephant art; dis wan bird art.
  At 12:43 PM Blogger just me said:
Am waiting for uncle Lee to tell some bird-related stories, where is he?