Friday, November 17, 2006

A Devil In The Head

Lemme see, hmmm…….I like – ice creams ler, cakes ler, chocolates ler, ice kacang ler, tong sui ler…..Sei mou, ALL these foods are supposed to be on the ‘NO DO LIST’ and yet I’m still feeding on it. And today, my body gave a very, very strong reminder to me to stay off the above foods.

I realized a many years ago that I cannot tolerate coffee, chocolates, cakes (especially cheesecakes) and santan. As soon as I take any of these, my body will react with horrible, head-splitting, throbbing headaches. So I have actually stopped taking the above foods long, long time ago…..until, until quite recently when I started to curi-curi makan chocolates again. And hey, I felt fine – no headaches or whatsoever and so I completely forgot that chocolates was ever in my ‘NO DO LIST’. And today, I paid dearly for my own folly. I had greedily swallowed a few squares of yummy chocolates in the early afternoon and merrily went about my business for the day but sadly had to turn for home before the day is up because the nasty ‘old devil’ of a headache decided to visit pronto.

Quickly downed two paracetamol and plonked myself on the living room floor and tried to placate that devil in my head. No sooner had I dozed off, a call came in. Aiyah….I had to haul myself up to send some documents over to nearby Kelana Jaya. On my way home, I felt the headache no more. Yippee…Yay..Yay...devil chau ledi!

Did some household chores and cooked a simple dinner. Wanted to blog-hop a bit but the devil re-visited. I want my pillow now.

Nite-Nite, Folks.
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  At 12:46 AM Blogger angel said:
alamak... hope nyonya get better in the morning!
*selimutkan nyonya*
  At 3:41 AM Blogger ikanbilis said:
ini malaysia la! mana boleh pantang makan! semua sedap masuk mulut telan =P

sleep well nyonya! =)
  At 8:52 AM Anonymous suituapui said:
Those are "heaty" foods. Used to get it when I drank MILO...or gorge on chocolates. Something like heat stroke! Drink lots of water after eating or opt for "cooling" drinks and stuff. When I was young, my head would go spinning whenever I ate "too kha" (pork leg);maybe it was too fat! But now, ooo...nothing can keep me away! Drool! Drool!!!
  At 9:14 AM Blogger Sasha said:
Ayio.....poor nyonya. Luckily i dun like to eat those things..
Get well soon ya
  At 9:59 AM Anonymous mott said:
death by chocolate..better than death by cancer ;-)!
Don't curi-curi so much.
You will pay dearly later.
Just an advise. No offense, nyonya dear.
aiyoh.. i luv chocolates.. especially handmade pralines oozing with liquor. :)
  At 11:22 AM Blogger AceOne said:
Standby paracetamols, need more then call me...even on the road.!!
  At 12:37 PM Blogger savante said:
Takde santan?! Alamak! How to masak?!
i know what you mean. lulu cannot tolerate tea anymore. gives me a throbbing headache and can feel the veins throbbing.
nasib baik lulu's not a tea fan.
  At 1:25 PM Anonymous eve said:
aiyo..kesian...kena migraine ke?...i kalau makan those things oso , kena migraine..tapi ubat ma..berbaloi lar for me..
Sometimes I really crave for it and go on a chocolate binge. So no more chocolates for a while, huh?
Hope the devil's gone by now.
  At 4:50 PM Blogger Winn said:
*hands liucas pillow to nyonya*
  At 5:54 PM Blogger Kak Teh said:
thank God I have not come to thatstage yet..pls pls pls - i need my chocs and cream and cheese.
  At 9:06 PM Blogger Bernard said:
Aiyoyo.. nyonya lu kena migraine ah? Kesian nia. Turn off the lights and go to bed.

I terbalik.. if i tak makan... hypo liao, kena headache... then i makan chocolate liao can get better.
  At 11:53 AM Blogger Vern said:
OooOOOooHh.. small price to pay for heavenly food!~! LOL

Rest well yea, HUGS!
  At 2:42 PM Anonymous Angeleyes said:
I also used to love cheese cake and always have those from CB&TL but sunddenly one day I started to have diarrhea after taking them so have been avaoiding till now... *sigh* Luckily still can wallup those chocolate and ice-cream!
  At 9:50 PM Blogger just me said:
Hope the "devil" left you so you can enjoy your weekend
tenkiu for the selimut.
**snuggling under selimut**

orang tua kena kontrol sikit ler.

wuuah, terbalik pulak for you.

those are sinful foods ler - good that you tak suka.
tenkiu for your kind thoughts.

you chocolate addict oso ah? enjoy while you can.

yalor, i memang wai-sek.
thanks for your advice, doc.

las montanas,
don't la tempt me summore! ;)

what? besides all types of office equipment, you supply paracetamol oso ah?
btw, if you take paracetamol, please go slow, ok. not too good for the liver leh.

pakai susu pun boleh. ;)

what a lulu,
nasib baik kita sedar which one is the culprit and then can avoid it lor. didn't realise that tea can make the head throb too. thanks for sharing. ;)

hahahah....berbaloi pulak!
at least dr.eve would be in a better position to know what actually went wrong. rather than like me, oftentimes running to the doctor. ;)

king's wife,
the devil's gone ledi and this is a 'guest' i can do without. LOL

kak teh,
ya, ya, enjoy it to the max.

bernard, terbalik jugak. i thot chocolates will give you a sugar-high and then proly you'll just run round chasing joseph.
so best hor, for people like you - got migraine, then cure with chocolates.

looks like i kenot 'afford' to pay the price.

now i baru realise 'normal' foods and drinks can lead to so many different reactions.
lucky thing i can still wallup ice creams (i think i better stay off chocolate ice creams though).

just me,
that devil left but another 'devil' paid a short visit. :(
you have a great weekend too.
  At 5:22 PM Blogger u-jean said:
it must be hard to stay away from all those gorgeous food
so eat while you can. ;)