Wednesday, November 01, 2006

It's Halloween!

Was just looking at the calendar and I realized that I have not been working for close to 20 days – the short holiday together with the Hari Raya break. Just imagine, 20 days worth of unfinished tasks and with the month end rush, my brain is being fried real bad.

Arrggh……up to now I’m still clearing my mailbox and responding to all those sms. Calls are coming in reminding me on outstanding issues as well as on new things to look into. Everything is urgent and everybody wants their things - yesterday. Sheeeshhh. What I owe them, they are chasing me and what they owe me, I am chasing them too. This is not my idea of fun – running in circles with ‘who chasing what, and what chasing who’. I need a life. And oh, the schedule also show I have a few training sessions to attend this week and next. Errrrm…. Those sessions I attended before my trip, sei ler, I am all mixed-up and confused now and, and… God forbid, some I have forgotten already. OK, OK, gotta go for a refresher.

Holidays are supposed to relax and calm the body and soul. Now it’s like a bad storm after the calm. Aiyah……it’s just busy, busy, busy…….I’m turning into a zombie liao la. Might just as well. Then I can blame it on HALLOWEEN – it freaked the daylights and ‘nightlights’ out of me and caused selective memory loss.

Perhaps, I can go something like this:-
“Sorry dearie, I cannot remember saying I’ll help you get your things done. But I do remember clearly you haven’t paid me for that piece of kuih angkoo yet. See, see… it’s all recorded in my buku tiga-lima.” Kakakaka…………..
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next time if you going for holiday
just record a massage like this

"this is ......... answering machine please dun leave your massage bacause i'm on holidai good bye!" BEEP!
  At 1:43 AM Blogger ikanbilis said:
wah hantu nyonya! hebat!!
  At 2:29 AM Blogger angel said:
haha! i understand how u feel! slowly ler, nyonya... lu very berpengalaman wan.. sure can handle wan...

maybe u should prepare yourself to destress with our Aiskrim Session?? aye??
  At 8:22 AM Anonymous suituapui said:
What costume did u use last nite?? Mean ol' witch?? Ha ha ha! Savante can be Vampire!! Go around biting people on the neck! choice lah! Big, fat and round...can only be jack-o-lantern!!!
  At 8:55 AM Blogger Winn said:
i dun remember i celebrated haloween before......err!! to me it's always ppl with black costumes and pumpkins! hehe. smiley pumpins and scary ppl!
  At 9:14 AM Blogger JoMel said:
Halloween is one holiday that I have never experienced... cos I have never lived in Amerika. But I would love to be able to partake in some costume parties. Can I come in a bunny costume??? ;)

Second Angel's aiskrim session!!
  At 9:30 AM Anonymous Jemima said:
LOL! Kak Nyonya pakai Buku 3-5 jilid ke berapa sudah? ;)
  At 11:25 AM Blogger Kenny Ng said:
now still using buku 555 ah? LOL
I know that... I'm here working with a lot of deadlines yesterday on today
  At 1:21 PM Blogger Sasha said:
holiday is good but then when u come back from holiday and start work..DIE!'s never a holiday isn't's just temporarily avoiding or procastinating work only!
pisang goreng,
oooh, lidat can ah?

tipu wan la. ;)

can handle or not, nobody is interested. just have to deliver the goods, somehow.
chiak ais keyleng ah? ti si? ta lok? kui tiam?

my sarong la, of course.
ooooh.....such big jack-o-lantern; you must have lighted up the whole kampung. LOL

i don't celebrate too. just simply using it as a lame excuse for my own tardiness.

so, so, you checked your calendar already or not? LOL
maybe this time you can come in your bunny costume so i boleh cam sam lu.

errr....Jilid 33 Vol.18, i think.

buku 555 very user-friendly and most important, tak boleh kena virus wan.

perhaps we should be thankful that we have deadlines. just imagine the other scenario.
have a good day & take care. ;)

'blog a little, work a little, blog a little, work a little........'
sikit-sikit, kerja pun selesai lor.

laundryamah, was good while it lasted.
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  At 9:49 AM Blogger JoMel said:
Nyonya, I will confer with Le Angel Baby and let u know okie..?