Friday, October 06, 2006

Manuals Put Me To Sleep

On my way out of the office yesterday during lunch hour, I passed by my colleague’s room and caught him very engrossed in a book. Hmm…..since the fasting month started, he has been napping during lunch hour but reading now? Must be some thriller or what, I thought to myself. I popped in to his office and found that he was reading a car manual. That’s to me is as exciting as watching paint dry.

I hate reading manuals – ALL MANUALS; cars, tv, dvd players, washers, cookers, phones, cameras, computers, etc. etc…… Whenever I buy any appliance/equipment, I’ll just get that salesman to teach me the basics only - how to start, how to get what I want and how to switch off - even though that appliance/equipment might have multi-functions and multi-compatibility or multi-whatever. It’s OK really, because my brain works pretty slow and I get confused easily.

Take my car for example. It’s my car and what do I know about it other than open the car door, put in the key, get it started and go? Ya, of course now I also know how to fill up the tank and pump the tyres. This car has been with me a few years already and now I know a bit more – like when the diagnostic lights comes on, then I’m to sent it to the workshop la. I don’t even bother to refer to the Owner’s Manual because I will automatically fall asleep by the time it takes me to read the third line on the page.

I remember years ago, when I was driving the old car and it smelt funny; something smoky, but I continued my way until smoke came out from under the bonnet. I quickly drove into the petrol station at the next corner, jumped out from the car and asked for help. The station attendants asked me to open the bonnet. Huh??...... Bonnet?....Open??......OMG, I don’t know what to press or where to pull. Then one of them came to my side and pointed out the release lever to me. The radiator hose was leaking and I hadn’t notice – not even the ‘H’ reading on the temperature meter (is this the correct name?). One attendant then said, “Miss ah, you better tell your friend his car is now at this petrol station.”

“Friend? Which friend?”, I asked.

“The owner of the car la.” he answered.

Aiyooh, because I was so blur and doesn’t even know where the release lever was, this chap assumed that I borrowed someone’s car. Soooo…..malu.

But, malu for a while only ler. Now I am still not reading any manuals.
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  At 1:19 AM Blogger angel said:
Hahaha! Si liao lah, wa kui jit lai ci peng tu chio ka ah neh khuan... dun angry hor... wa sayang lu.

Ditto! Ditto! About the manual part! I am also very the lazy to read manuals! Beh tahan! U think it's a gender thing??? :D

Have a good weekend, nyonya!
  At 1:32 AM Anonymous Angeleyes said:
nyonya, u damn cute lar...
I also hate reading manuals...make me more confused than before I read them...
So, please note that the 'R' on the gear stick is not for Racing hor! kekekee
  At 1:43 AM Blogger JoMel said:
oh my goodness... I was thinking of blogging about this too... my inability to focus when I read manuals.. whatever kind, including SOPs!

I was trying to read the manual to my new hp last night and I gave up after 5 minutes and start having hands-on experience instead and do everything through experimentation.

Could it be women have something about reading manuals? Just like the adage that women can't read maps?? Could it be? so far 4 out of 4 has confirmed it. Hmmm....
  At 1:56 AM Blogger Chen said:
i'm lazy to read manual too :P
but depends also lah...
what sort of manual, some I read, but mostly I don't :P
  At 7:07 AM Anonymous suituapui said:
For someone who doesn't read manuals AND a woman, u certainly know a lot about cars!!! Oops...ok, ladies! Shoot! Ha ha ha!
  At 8:28 AM Anonymous Jemima said:
I'm in your league - don't read manuals.

Have a great weekend, Kak! :p
  At 8:38 AM Anonymous ian said:
Ahahahaa... Just pretend the car is nto yours and you'll be free of embarrassment. After all, which would you choose: 5 seconds of embarrassment or 5 hours or reading and dozing off thru the manual? Haha!
  At 8:51 AM Anonymous Prometeuz said:
Wah, nyonya ah, u got a car that can tell u to send for servicing ah.....BMW or Merc?
  At 9:29 AM Blogger sengkor said:
but sometimes manuals can make u go 'oh, got tis function one...'
i also hate reading manuals, that is why:

I still dunno how to opelate the DVD player

I still dunno how the MP3 player in car works

lucky the PC got a shutdown button.
  At 9:40 AM Blogger ah nel said:
manual car i noe how to operate but read manual i better ask my fren o mechanic what i duno mia...LOL
  At 10:03 AM Blogger jazzmint said:
haha i can join ur gang lah..I also hate manuals..dunno why they always so long winded, and after reading still don't know what they toking
  At 10:04 AM Blogger Kenny Ng said:
I also lazy to read manual book. But somehow I manage to operate it. The only thing I refer to manual book is my electric guitar gadgets la, the setting really confuse n complicated.
  At 11:42 AM Blogger Sasha said:
luckily i grew up in a car workshop, at least i know what is what. If not i'll be like you also!
I enjoy manuals. I dunno, maybe its just a guy thing. But I sympathise with you. Sometimes those 'so-called' manuals read as if they could have been written by a baboon that's just found a case of Jack Daniels!
  At 12:16 PM Blogger sming said:
funny part about ur car. :P
I abit si ai bin.. I like to find out how to operate the stuff I bought on my own.. Dun wanna ask the sales when hit the wall.. die die also have to read manual lor.. but just flip to the part I need to know..
  At 1:48 PM Blogger u-jean said:
i like reading the manual. but after reading, i still dunno what they mean.
juz get someone teach me how to do. save time
  At 3:03 PM Blogger ikanbilis said:
lorr. i hate manual as well. i once read the proton waja's manual and aitelyu, its worse than any horrible novel ever printed. simply lame and boring. haha! got problem, just go to the professional. taknak repair sendiri, later everything rosak!
some times yes sometimes no
and it depens la if you wanna to reformat your own computers kena baca la that manual
  At 4:00 PM Anonymous ah pek said:
No need to read manual wan lah.. bump few times everything oso you know oredi.
  At 11:00 PM Anonymous yeknee said:
Much as I hate to read manuals, I have no choice cos it is part of my job to edit manuals.... hmmm..

P/s..Glad I discover this great blog. Keep the great entries coming in..

luckily the attendant didnt suspect you of stealing the car :P
  At 11:52 PM Blogger AceOne said:
Manual? no no no..can someone read it for me?
hahaha.... lu happi, gua happi, everybodi happi.
have a great weekend too, sayangz.

angeleyes, gear stick only show 'G' wor? the salesman said it stands gor 'gostan'.

i suspect those handphone manuals are meant to confuse and drive you up the wall. then you'll smash it up and go buy a new one. ;)

dr chen,
but you must make sure you read those medical equipment manuals.

suituapui, are humouring me.

you don't? hahaha.....
you have a great weekend too.

i'm thick-skinned wan. LOL

it's programmed in all cars (save for those more than 10 yrs old), no?

i'm slow - cannot remember too many functions. ;)

las montanas,
sometimes when my PC acts up, i act up too. LOL

ah nel,
manual lorry gua pun boleh pandu.
tapi kalau mau baca itu buku ah, i terus tak masuk akal. LOL

i think they are written for the sole pupose to confuse. LOL

eh, lidat ah? so kalau buta huruf, susah to play the electric guitar lor.

so next time i can tell my mechanic don't try to con me., ok? if not, i bring my fren sasha, dia baru tahu. :O

hi totally depleted,
i'm so happy you found time to pop by.
at least there are manuals with proper english and i already find them confusing. don't wanna have anything to do with those written in hilariously bad english.

good for you! at least nobody can con you la. ;)

why then you read them? to improve your english? hahahaha.....

i rather read beano comics or something. at least, i get some good laughs.

reformat ke?.... apa mat ke?....i'll get someone else to do it. dowan to stress my self up and hammer the computer.

ah pek,
i suppose if you have no interest in the thing, bump how many times also still blur wan. like me la.

hi yeknee, welcome to you too!
if i were to do your kind of job, i'd clock out every evening very refreshed. (after sleeping whole day in the office). hahahaha....
you're kind with your words. do feel free to pop by anytime.
have a great weekend. ;)
pink cotton,
i don't think i looked like Ma Baker, kua? LOL

you don't read oso? lidat how you teach your customers to operate the equipment that you sold to them?
or izzit you throw the Manual and ask them to read themselves? kakakaka.....
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  At 2:39 AM Blogger Winn said:
haha... i oso very bad with my car...last time, always sei for..coz i always missed servicing my car.

it's so expensive to own a car now. need to installment la. groom them la. etc etv:(
  At 3:46 AM Blogger sotongking said:
Arghh...i dun like reading manual too but i love too explore the stuff. After read the manual not sexcited liao. hehehe...
Ayooo...only men read manuals ask the salesman to teach oso cant be bothered..hehe...ask hubby to learn la! dats y most of my gadgets all underused!
ya lor, the car hor, if you don't give loving manja hor, she might just sulk and die on you at the most 'unopportune' time.
and to manja the car costs loads of $$$$$$$. :(

poke-poke and dig-dig better hor? LOL

you same like me lor.
  At 3:22 PM Blogger Kak Teh said:
nyonyapenang, i came herevia totally depleted.
Am hopeless with manuals too. Ijust bought a digital tape recorder and until now, i have yet to learn how to transfer the recordings onto the pc.
hi kak teh,
a warm welcome to you too.
tell me about it - all those uploadings and downloadings. tried once on the camera and i dunno what happened to the picture.
do drop by anytime. ;)
  At 12:35 AM Blogger savante said:
Ooh. I am so like you. I can't stand manuals and always seem to lose them anyway!
  At 5:10 AM Blogger plink said:
I do read manuals, but I'm so impatient; never finish reading.

  At 11:52 AM Blogger Bernard said:
Nyonya, before buying, i'd go and read the manufacturer's and other ppl's reviews cukup-cukup. So, i usually just flip thru the manual and pick out some things to read. After, it's experimentation time :-)

Don't you all know that manuals are only to cover the manufacturers' behinds in the event of misuse or abuse? Haha.
  At 2:28 PM Anonymous zeroimpact said:
I can't stop laughing LOL
I have the habit of reading to know stuff so I did read my car manual...
I guess we learn things differently
Some through manuals and some through experience
Glad nothing major happened that time
manuals are soooo...... bone-dry, ya?

maybe those 'speed-reading' style would be useful. ;)

so now i know whose brain to pick on when i'm in the market for some new stuff. ;)

sounds sensible. ;)
  At 11:57 PM Blogger Vern said:
I dislike reading manuals as well.

I think manuals should come as an option - will do the world a favour in saving the usage of paper.
Perhaps someone should write a manual on "How to make sense out of Manuals" a For Dummies version. LOL
not an option, i guess.

cocka doodle,
perhaps, you can start with a
'cock & bull' version first. LOL
  At 10:16 PM Blogger **L-Y-N** said:
me HATE manuals too...the only time I will turn the pages is when I really got STUCK...else its a NO NO