Thursday, October 05, 2006

"Barefoot In The Mall"

Oooucchh….my calves hurt, no thanks to walking around on 3” heels yesterday. I wanted to buy a new gas stove and I thought I’d get a good offer at Jusco 1U because there is a sale going on. So I parked the car at the old wing and first stop, the home centre. Asked the blur sales assistant and she directed me to the lower level. Can’t seem to find it at the lower level, so I asked the next ‘sotong’ assistant and he said it’s at the other corner. I headed to the other corner; still no sight of the item. I asked again and this ‘not-so-blur’ chap directed me to 3rd floor Jusco. Aiyoooh, this is how helpful those ‘sotongs’ are.

Anyway, I couldn’t get the model I wanted at the 3rd floor and I decided to walk all the way to Giant which is right at the other end as I wanted to buy some groceries too. Found the stove and got the slightly brighter sales assistant to check out a new set before putting the whole box into the giant trolley. A quick zip around to pick up some groceries before hitting the queue to pay. The nimble-fingered cashier rang up my purchases in no time... tit, titt, tit, titi.tittit…., “RMxxxx” read the register. Eh?? Wait minute.

“How much is the stove?”, I asked

“RM89.99”, the cashier answered

“I saw the price inside the store as RM79.99”, I said

“No. Scanning here show RM89.99”, she countered.

“Nevermind, you cancel this item first and I’ll pay for the groceries first. You please check the price for me”, I said.

As the cashier was not able to leave her post as the queue was long, I then walked into the store again to look for the chap who attended to me earlier. Ya, the price on display was only RM79.99 and as I turn back to go, this chap told me I have to wait for his manager to amend the bar-coding; if not I cannot make payment. After 15 minutes or so, the unsmiling manager gave the green light and I happily walked to the cashier. Tiiit, tiitt…tiiit RM89.99 AGAIN ar??? @#$&*% My face also turned colour already. One of the supervisors standing near the cashier’s came over and after some exchanges over their walkie-talkies, I paid RM79.99 and went my way. Felt very happy – all for RM10. :D

Arrgghhh. ….I have to push that wobbly trolley all the way back, tottering on my heels to the other wing of the complex. I actually thought of taking off those damn killers and walked barefoot la, but then was afraid if someone took a shot of me and post it in his blog probably titled ‘Barefoot In The Mall”. Shy ler!
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  At 12:39 AM Blogger Kenny Ng said:
LOL... y wear so tall high heels ah? The price always different from price tag and after scanning at cashier, luckily u aware bout it.
orang pendek, macam ini la. LOL
  At 1:35 AM Blogger angel said:
Sibeh hoh cheo lah nyonyaaaaa!!!

Looks like nowadays we gotta be careful what we do out there, eh? HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I can't stop laffing!!!!

Laughter IS the best medicine!
TQ again, nyonya.
*huggies & kissies*
  At 3:02 AM Anonymous Angeleyes said:
aiyah...nyonya u very hiau leh...go groceries shopping also wear killer heels... should wear cloaks mah... then hor when angry at those sotong sales assistants you can tap-tap loud loud to show ur unhappines...kekeke
  At 4:40 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:
Hi nyonyapenang. Love reading your blog. I actually work bare foot home before. My sandals gave up on me at the subway station and I just took it off and threw it into the dumpster and walk kaki ayam all the way home. Here in US nobody care if you walk without clothes or shoes. I don't think I dare to do that in Malaysia.

  At 6:41 AM Blogger Winn said:
guai lous always like bare foot in the mall /....

i tired before. in one Utama...
i was late mar..and running in my heels hurt! ..
so i took my shoes off and ran to TGV.....haha i dint care whoever was looking that time!
phew luckily i havent blogged yet that time!
  At 7:17 AM Anonymous suituapui said:
Barefoot only, ok lah! As long as not naked!!! BTW, I thinbk these people purposely do that to cheat customers. Some will just buy at the higher price, others will give up...very few will be so persistent and insistent...and will be branded "That difficult woman!!!"!
  At 8:52 AM Blogger ah nel said:
i ever kena at here also when saw the price cheap and pay for it diffrent price came out and more expensive...

the reason they gv its coz weekend discount n now weekdays they forgot to change the price...
  At 9:22 AM Blogger Sasha said:
i'll do it if i'm u!
  At 9:40 AM Blogger Ianfluenza said:
I pity the girl at the counter, and I also pity your feet lah. So, did anyone check you out in your 3-feet heels? Heheh!
  At 10:12 AM Blogger JoMel said:
Incidentally I was at 1U yesterday evening too... but I was buying a very small item lah, so no lugging things around and my heels weren't that high too ;)
  At 10:16 AM Blogger sming said:
Foot reflexology after that ?
  At 10:26 AM Blogger Kenny Ng said:
Like that I also must look for a man's version high heels lor... coz i jugak orang pendek... LOL
nyonya pendek? i thot 173cm!
Girl...I hoped u strut fiercely on the mallway trollying the gas stove and groceries. Doesnt matter how bad it hurts, as long as it looks good, that what I believe whenever I buy clothes one size too small and shoes too painful to walk.
  At 1:32 PM Blogger AceOne said:
Wah..if nyonya wear bareback and mini skirt with 3 inch high heels lagi killer la!! I bet the cashier dunno how to work ledi.
Yay for Nyonya!!! RM10 or RM1 does not matter, we have to stand up for our rights. If still have to wait after that, you just take off your heels and throw it at the cashier :)
  At 6:16 PM Blogger ikanbilis said:
nyonya save RM10! *wheeeeeee* now can belanja me ABC =P
  At 6:58 PM Blogger angel said:
*leaves some Love, Hugs & Kisses*
TQ for the luck & sayangz... :)
  At 7:41 PM Anonymous Jemima said:
I was told that once in a while, we should walk barefooted on the grass - some sort of detoxification. I don't know how true the info is & I've never tried it. :p
  At 9:32 PM Blogger jazzmint said:
wah can imagine, leg so sore, but still got to *kut ha kut ha* walk to the carpark...this is what I hate bout shopping. How I wish got ppl push me around when I'm tired LOL
Wah 3" heels n shopping! Geng ah! Ayo...if it's me, I would hv given up and walked away without the stove ler..memang patient ah.."Chin heh hao pi heee lor ni.."
I can understand how your feet felt. From Jusco to Giant, and back! In high heels some more!
lu chio wah ar?

went straight from work and don't have 'kha kiak' in the car leh.

Hi Wan, welcome!
no blisters on your feet after the walk home? champion la you.
don't even mention about no clothes or no shoes - here, you got no hair also people look & stare. LOL
thanks for dropping by. do visit again. ;)

hahahaha......carrying your shoes and running to the cinema. nevermind, those people must be thinking you're in the Amazing Race or something.

but will look silly wor - working clothes and all tapi kaki ayam. LOL

ah nel,
they said forgot to change the price, then you tell them la, "Now I remember, I don't want to buy liao!"

next time i'll do it, but you plomise hor, if you see one barefooted nyonya, no taking fotos, OK? LOL

don't laff la. i can't grow any taller already, so have to 'cheat' using heels lor.

aikss......would have said hello if i had seen you. ;)
you have the height, so i suppose no need to wear heels that are too high.

last had foot reflexology more than 5 years ago. the 'monyet' rubbed so hard until my foot bruised. never been back since.

don't; unless you got 'ah bengism'.

las montanas,
if i am 173, then would have been ms maraysia 3 decades ago liao. LOL

sakit tak apa, style mest ada, ya?

aiyooh, nanti they salah tangkap gua - thot i baru lari keluar dari tg rambutan. kakakaka....

hehehe..... i've even asked for my 3 sens change from the kedai mamak.

ABC wif aisklim!

you're so khek khi. bikin gua malu saja. kam siah to you for being my fren. :)

actually walking barefoot is like reflexology itself but we are so used to wearing shoes liao.

shhhh.....don't say so loud; afturds faythe hear you and ask you to sit in the trolley. LOL
  At 9:41 AM Blogger ah nel said:
i memang put it back the thing...LOL
  At 1:04 PM Blogger Bernard said:
If there's a difference in the prices between the tag and the cashier, the lower price applies. Yay for nyonya!
ah nel,
i'll do that too. LOL

unfortunately, not all stores adopt that policy. ;)

must b painful! i feel for u! =)

perhaps you should have bought a selipar jepun as well while you were shopping..muahahaha
mm heh hau phi hee; it's more like being obstinate - won't let go until i get what i wanted. hehehe....

king's wife,
i think must keep a pair of flatties in the car. ;)

pink cotton,
ya, getting a pair soon. ;)
aiya...u should go buy RM3.90 slippers frm giant and change lo...
at that moment, brain atrophy a little and cannot think straight.
  At 2:41 PM Anonymous zeroimpact said:
You did the right thing with the stove...
But then again walking barefoot... what a great idea... next time must try...
Or may be next time got hitech shoe, the heel will retract with push of a button