Thursday, September 21, 2006

Where Is The Plaster?

I was having some tongsui with 2 colleagues when one of them accidentally stepped on my little toe. “Adooiiii, suuuuhhh…suuhhh.”, I yelped.

The culprit who was sitting next to me quickly looked down at my foot and exclaimed, “Aiyoh, so soft only I step and the skin all peeling and red already. Sorrryyyy. Go get you a plaster.”

Actually, the little toe was already peeling and red even before my colleague stepped on it. You see, I have this bad habit. Each time, whenever I’m doing some reading, whether sitting on a chair or lying on the bed, with left hand holding the book, my ‘free’ right hand will automatically seek out my right little toe. Ahhhh…... Let the peeling begin. Peel and peel and peel and there’s so much to peel. The more engaging the book is, the harder I peel and I almost feel no pain while I’m at it. Sick or not, lidat?

I’ve actually rid myself of this disgusting habit once before by covering the toe with a strip of plaster. So each time before I sat down with something to read, I’ll first reach out for the box of plasters. After umpteenth strips of handyplast, I’m cured. And lately, I think it’s coming back.

Where is that box of plaster, damn it!

According to another friend, she said that all this is very normal wor. When a person is buzy and occupied with other work, the hands cannot stray. Thus when the person is relaxed, they need to find some use for the hands lor.
-picking their noses and closely studying their ‘loot’
-a male with a tweezer trying to pluck out every stick of hair from his chin
-a male putting his hand under his shirt and giving his protruding tummy a good rub
-holding and pressing all the buttons on the TV remote

Make any sense to you?
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  At 5:45 AM Blogger ikanbilis said:
heh. nonsense? lol. i just hate it when i'm running out of one because i just love to buy those transparent one for fun. then when i need it, i just don't know where to put it!

back to the "uncle this auntie that" post, we Penangites are just one big happy family. i won't be suprise if I know you in real life, because we're just connected by few degrees line. like say you could be related to my friend's friend's friend's uncle, auntie friend's friend's or something like that!

  At 7:44 AM Anonymous Erika said:
my mom has this problem too.. she peels and peels .. makes her feet skin very kasar leh! mebbe you can buy those stress ball that you can squeeze while watching tv?
  At 9:00 AM Blogger ah nel said:
you didnt went to kitchen for some cooking after toe session lar ho? :P
  At 9:56 AM Blogger JoMel said:
sick sick sick!!!

But I am sick too. I do that peeling to the skin at the side of my thumb nail.

We are all sickos!! ;)
I touch my 2 day old stubble; that is if I am too lazy to shave.
  At 10:18 AM Blogger sming said:
After all the peeling you still got more skin to peel? *feel painful too*
I do have this "bad" habit too.. :P
but not peeling.. just hand cannot stop... I used to draw and scribble when I boil phone porridge. :)
  At 10:23 AM Blogger Kenny Ng said:
i have a bad habit too since i was a kid, i like to fold something like a piece of cloth into sharp shape then put my hand on it and my skin will peel off. now no more and change to play my chin hair coz it's quite sharp too... LOL
OMG!!! I peel the skin at my last toe too! Aikes! Dunno why but I cannot tahan when the skin is like thick, my hubby said if I continued peeling it will become thicker and thicker..ayai yai..but I will not peel if I've gone for a pedicure...errr..due to have one soon~
  At 11:29 AM Anonymous ah pek said:
yess... also one of my favourite pastime. digding here digging there. korek here korek there.. very shiok lah.
  At 1:39 PM Blogger alvin said:
I also have that problem. I peel not only my little toe but all my toes as well, the hard skin at the soles of my feet, the skin on my fingers and finger tips(lots of dead skin on the finger tips on my left hand as i play the guitar) and earlier this year, i started plucking stubble from my chin. Usually done when I'm watching tv or reading something. Gets excessive when I'm stressed. But that korek hidung thing, that one I cannot. Maha disgusting leh...I've seen people not only korek hidung until like damn shiok, but after that taste the booger somemore wor. That one lah called sick. Maybe we should give a name to this syndrome.
  At 2:36 PM Blogger AceOne said:
Me different wor, whenever I read the other hand for sure holding my cigarettes wor!! Habit leh!
  At 2:51 PM Anonymous Angeleyes said: younger brother has this habit as well! both his soles kena peeled like dono what...looked like a transparent pink sock covering...eeewww!
  At 4:13 PM Blogger u-jean said:
it's true that the hands must be kept occupied. if had a paper in my hand, i would fold it over and over in many ways, and then gulung it, and the repeat the same process. or else i would stick my fingers between my toes and gosok-gosok
  At 6:07 PM Blogger ikanbilis said:
ah pek!! apa korek korek? nose shit ka? =P
  At 6:54 PM Blogger Chen said:
most of the time, I can still keep my hands free :P
  At 8:53 PM Blogger Vern said:

habis jadi wayar lurus.
  At 12:28 AM Blogger angel said:
haha! we're all sickos!

i think there's a name for this habit/syndrome la... but i can't remember the name...
  At 2:49 AM Blogger pisang said:
aiyoh all same here...
same as me....
hand suddenly move to peels and peels..
some times sratch even no itchy...
  At 3:02 PM Blogger savante said:
Aiya. Stop playing with the plaster :) Certainly no need with all that if the wound looks alright. Your immune system is tough enuff!
  At 8:06 AM Anonymous suituapui said:
Gee! U fetish attraction for big toes or what?? My little nephew would bend over and suck and suck...!! Must be deprived or addicted to sucking, so when mum's tit not available, anything iwll do! Eee...when relaxed, have stray hands??? Must be the devil working on the idle mind!!!
what about those colourful ones? i personally don't like those bcos it draws attention to the wound.

hmmm.... stress balls. sounds good. thanks.

ah nel, time dowan to wash, then maybe my cooking will taste spesel sikit. LOL

hahaha.... it's a sick kind of therapy lor.

las mantanas,
feel very man hor lidat? LOL

and on that poor little toe only. jialat hor?

wuuah, you into origami ah? LOL

i thot i'm tak betul! LOL

ah pek,
shhhhhiokkolingams leh!

hi alvin, welcome!
aiyoh, lidat better wear socks and gloves all the time lor! ;)

smoke gets in your eyes - can read meh lidat? ;)

aiyoh, your brother's feet mesti very sakit when he walks la.

looks like we have queer habits hor? so, gosok-gosok that time feel very good la. LOL

dr chen,
i thot your hands always hold sotong wan. LOL

then the clip become a lethal weapon. LOL

so when your hands free, you 'piak, piak, piak' people ah?

hahaha....feel good after that hor?

i use the plaster so that i won't be able to peel the skin summore.

definitely no fetish. more like a stress-level indicator. LOL
  At 2:27 PM Anonymous zeroimpact said:
I can so relate to the peeling
It's just not easy to not do anything with the hands noh...
It's just nature I guess... we cannot stop for a minute without doing anything
hi zeroimpact, welcome!
my mom used to say i got itchy hands - must peel this and tear that.
  At 7:50 PM Anonymous Jemima said:
Kak Nyonya, your tangan so gatal kah? hehe *cepat lari* ;)
  At 9:25 PM Blogger Helen said:
Hahahaha how about grasping something?? Hubby with you? :-P

Or just twirl your hair like I do.. lol
yalor, luckily NOT peeling and tearing at other people. LOL

hmmmm.... must learn the flirtatious twirling-hair style.
hahahaha.....siew sei yan meh. gua so tua ledi summore wanna flirt wor.
I dont think so it is normal lo...
I call those...Bad Habits