Thursday, September 07, 2006

Of A Blind Driver and A P-Driver

Came across a news article in The Star yesterday about this British chap named Omed Aziz, 31, formerly from Iraq, who was pulled over by the Police when they saw him driving and veering dangerouly. The Police was astonished to find Mr Omed has no eyes (lost them in a bomb blast), is deaf and also suffers from leg tremors. How did he do it? Well, Mr Omed had a friend on the front passenger seat guiding him along with instructions to steer, brake and the suitable speed limits. When he was charged, Mr Omed said he is perfectly safe on the road. Nonetheless, he was found guilty of dangerous driving.

OMG! Like that also can ah? Missing so many faculties and still insists on driving. But then, I must commend his friend for being such a very brave fellow. Either that, or he is a utter moron.

This brings to mind the first time I sat in the car as my son, the newbie driver took to the wheel. Even before I stepped into the car, I was like saying my prayers a thousand times. Then with beads of sweat trickling down the face and dirtying my make-up, I took a deep breath and lowered my bum onto the front passenger seat and buckled up. ***cherrh, cherrrh, cherrrh…** He coolly turned on the ignition. I shot him another reminder to drive sloowwwwllly as I grabbed a big clump of tissues to try soak up the uncontrollable torrent of sweat. He let go the parking brake and the car glided (more like lunged, actually) forward. Another 50 metres or so to the T-junction, I was already yelling at him to ‘SLOW DOWN, SLOW DOWN’ and at the same time stepping on the imaginary brake pedal on my side. On to the main road, I went “DON’T FOLLOW SO CLOSE! KEEP YOUR DISTANCE! LOOK OUT! USE THE HORNS!, TURN ON THE SIGNAL! TAKE THE CORNER SLOWLY! WATCH THE LIGHTS!...BLA.. BLA....BLA..”

My heart felt like it was going to jump out of the chest. And I felt faint. And I felt cold. And I felt pain on my left palm because I held so tightly to the handbar (is this what you call it?) on the upper car cabin, that the nails almost dug into the soft flesh.

After somewhat like an eternity, we finally reached the destination – my hair salon which is only about 3 km from our house. Took another deep breath and as I was trying to pull myself together, the sweet fella cheerfully offered, “Gimme a buzz when you’re done and I’ll pick you up. See you later, Mama.”

I stumbled out of the car and limped (aitelyu, the right leg hurts because I stepped too hard on the imaginary brakes, LOL) towards the salon to get my hair fixed.
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  At 3:15 AM Anonymous Jemima said:
Marge NYONYAPENANG Simpson: [After her hair is done calls son] "Sexy Mommy needs a ride!"
  At 3:20 AM Blogger AceOne said:
Relax la. Have faith in your son skill of driving. He is not afraid you pulak panic!! got new hair style ka?
  At 4:38 AM Blogger Erika said:
I know how you feel... hubby's teaching my sis to drive and he insists on having me in the car too.. every ride is a training for our faint hearts.. :S
  At 8:58 AM Blogger Sasha said:
hahaha i won't be having that kinda hairstyle until jayden is 18yrs old!But i can imagine my hubby's feeling when he taught me how to drive last time
  At 9:39 AM Anonymous ah pek said:
hahahaa.... sampai yr hair oso turn blue ah?
Wahahahaha!!! so funny!

So did you next bring your son to try the infamous turns of some of the country roads frequented by logging trucks? Overtaking is a skill that not many people can do successfully well.
  At 11:08 AM Blogger ah nel said:
if the more u panicked it will scared the new driver on the road...
  At 11:40 AM Anonymous suituapui said:
Brings to mind Carrie Underwood's song "Jesus, take the wheel". In a state of panic, don't we all turn deaf and blind?? Don't we put our lives in His hands?? We are like the deaf and blind and the friend in the car, Jesus (U Christian too, like 5XMOM?). Gee! I'm so holy today,ya? Ha ha ha!
  At 11:41 AM Anonymous suituapui said:
BTW, if he's did the friend give instructions to him???
luckily din get hairstyle like marge. if not kenot go in the small car. LOL

gua ini memang panic-button type. sometimes clenched on jaw until gigi pun mau jatuh. ;)

tell me about it. hahahaa...

so cool your hubby - he can teach you summore. my the other fren gave hubby silent-treatment for yelling at her. LOL

ah pek, dropped oso.
you must be cool saja la when you teach your daughters. ;)

las montanas,
my heart is too weak for that.

ah nel,
that's what my frens tell me ler. lucky thing i din drive him crazy. LOL

i think if i dunno how to drive, then i won't be so panicky bcos i won't know any better.
same with my aunts and sil whom i used to drive around Penang when i first got my licence - they can't drive, so they just sit tight on a wing and a prayer. LOL

btw, that Omed guy is deaf in one ear.
  At 4:32 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:
garang lah u! more daredevil than evil knievel!!

  At 8:37 PM Blogger Kenny Ng said:
Like that u r giving more pressure to ur son la. If someone insists me like this ah... I really cannot drive. Try to relax n trust ur son la, time for him to learn on his own ma. eh... ur hair really like that ah? can have a look? I sure laugh 9 sei 1... wakakakaka
  At 10:13 PM Blogger savante said:
Whoa. Your son got good driving skill mah.

I'm amazed that you have a son that big!

see fei,
not garang la. panicky only. LOL

1st time in his car mah, takut lah gua. LOL

hei! you laughing at my hairstyle izzit? i thot it looks fabulous, no? kakakaka.....
  At 1:08 AM Blogger ikanbilis said:
nyonya, remember Guardian pharmacy's cartoon lady? i think she got that kidn of hair.. do you? =P
that one with the big spectacles? got character what, lidat!
i'm not sap-pat(18), yah-yee(22) la. LOL
  At 11:28 PM Blogger dreamie said:
hehee.. the first time i drive, i almost gave everyone a heart attack
nobody want to sit in my car anymore ... see i am that bad !
first few times oni la. now i'm sure driving for you like makan kacang aje. ;)