Friday, August 25, 2006

I'm ONLY 60% Malaysian Wor!

Congratulations nyonyapenang, you are 40% not Malaysian.

That means you're as Malaysian as...

Michelle Yeoh!

How Un-Malaysian Are You?

What is the other 40% then???????
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Nyonya: This is serious! how can!? Are you actually a foreigner in disguise?
  At 2:44 PM Blogger Ah Pek said:
never mind. as long your nen nen as geng as hers, 0% oso nver mind.
  At 2:49 PM Blogger savante said:
Obviously the nyonya bit is a confounding factor :P
  At 3:28 PM Anonymous Jemima said:
I'm only 40% Malaysian & I looked like Guy Sebastian. :((
better than me ler...40% only nya..sometin long...
  At 9:55 PM Blogger angel said:
eh caya meh??

oh btw, itu puisi finish oredi
tima kasih daun keladi!
  At 12:48 AM Blogger AceOne said:
Wa, how could it could it be!

Scratch head ..scratch eyes..!!
  At 10:53 AM Blogger dreamie said:
pweeeett !!!...nyonya! ..your look alike ke? you too must be a great beauty !!
  At 1:25 PM Anonymous flowsnow said:
I am 100% chinese and still people think I am this and that other than chinese. Am I tat dark? Muhahahhaha....
  At 4:58 PM Blogger ah nel said:
wah...tis nyonya oso a latuk...
  At 2:28 PM Blogger See Fei said:
wah, u look like latuk yeo ah? nonyapenang's hubby is one lucky man!!
  At 9:49 AM Blogger Ianfluenza said:
Hahaha... You're doing the test too ah, NP? We both are the likes of Latuk Yeo eh? Hahahah!
  At 3:03 PM Blogger Helen said:
What contest?? Ok I 'll go try.

60% hot like Michelle Yeoh also not bad liao... lol
  At 3:16 PM Blogger JoMel said:
NP, I got the same score as you leh, which is surprising because I thought the percentage would be much higher than that (Being not malaysian I mean).
Got excited, tot I was looking at your pix :(
Hi Nyonya, thanks for dropping by my blog.
Michelle is 60% silicone ah? LOL
  At 5:38 AM Blogger Erika said:
I got 70% UNmalaysian.. I am surprised I still have that 30% since the only time I have been to Malaysia was when I took a bus from Singapore to Johor.. :P
sori for replying so late.

las montanas,
dunno how the give score wan lah. LOL

ah pek,
her nennen ipoh pomelo lah. LOL

they salah kira. :D

semua itu tidak boleh percaya punya.

memang wrong lor.

tipu mia lah semua!
also, thanks for taking the time to write the betul-betul oliginal mia puisi. mmmmm.... sayang, sayannnng.

lu dapat berapa per cent? if they don't give u 100%, then they very salah liao. ;)

siew sei ngor meh? buden, when i was a baby that time hor, my mama said i very cute leh. hahahaha.....
(anyway, to all mamas, their babies are cute wan)

wow, your eyes must be big, nose high and sharp, rose-bud lips, heart-shaped face, svelte figure - patut lah they confuse. ;)

ah nel,
ehhh, ekkk, khokkk......
soli, betul lu cakap. gua batuk lah!

see fei,
noooo.... gua nyonya original - tak sama mia. ;)

a compliment????

gua caya lu hotter than hot! LOL

you put me to shame lor. ;)

aiyoh, that datuk middle-age bird, gua old bird. LOL
psssst... dare not put pikture lah, nanti nobody wan to visit.

cocka doodle,
errr.. you find out and tell us lah.

you must have picked up something during the short ride.
  At 4:00 AM Blogger angel said:
hehe... TQ sayang me... so now hor, gimme the chance-see to sayang u bek... cos u hv just been tagged ;)
  At 10:40 PM Anonymous Anonymous said: