Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Cat Satay

Woke up this morning bleary-eyed, walked straight into the kitchen, pushed open the windows and waaaa....., a familiar shitty smell wafted through. I almost puked - an instant wake-up smell, you may call it! Must be those dammed cats and kittens doing their business in my backyard again.

Quickly opened the backdoor and tried to search for the offending lump of poo. Can't seem to find it. Went back into the house to continue with my morning chores but as soon as I stepped near the kitchen window, there was that horrible stench again.

Haiiaah, went out to the backyard again and this time literally looking high and low. Then I found it - hidden underneath the old washing machine was that big lump of cat poo. Immediately got down to work. Plenty of detergent thrown on it and followed with countless pails of water to wash that gooey mass away and for good measure, I almost emptied the bottle of Chlorox. Hopefully, the strong smell of the bleaching liquid will keep those cats away.

Only about 30 minutes or so of manual labour and I was already drenched in sweat. Niamah, early in the morning and there I was, cursing all the inconsiderate neighbours who keep those pesky cats. It is really very irresponsible of them to allow their pets to run loose and make a mess in other peoples' homes. Have they ever thought what it would be like if I should let my doggie treat their garden and backyard as an open pooing and peeing ground? Wait till I get my new doggie.

Meanwhile, I shall probably ask around if there are any orders for cat satay, cat jerky, cat floss and cat whatever.
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  At 1:08 AM Blogger angel said:
OMG! Ewwwwww!!!
Must be some huan na's liuliu cat, rite? Tsk tsk tsk...

Pssst pssst... maybe can ask ah pek and see if his shop got sell any cat trap... :D
  At 1:54 AM Blogger Erika said:
darn those neighbours.. yeah! get a doggie to scare away those cats! what type of dog are u getting? :D
sure to ruffle some cat-lovers.

cat satay...you know the kiasuland laws against people who mistreat animals including cats? JAIL!

I used to have cats last time, or rather they made their way here. So I can understand neighbours' frustration when I see my cat doing big business on their lawn.

Similarly, some stray cats occasionally would do their business on my garden. Normal shit ok, its those that got diaarhoea in a brown puddle.. eeuuuuwww!!!! stinks for days!!!
  At 9:30 AM Blogger Ah Pek said:

yes i do! i have a trap for musang which will do exceptionally well if use for trapping a cat.

and yes, how i hate those cat shit! it smells teribble.
ah pek: cat shit.. lol! the angmohguis think durians smell exactly like that!!
  At 11:08 AM Anonymous suituapui said:
Usually they don't poo anywhere they like leh? Place a bin of sand somewhere in ur compound, they'll do it there. They're quite well-tiolet trained! Otherwise, they'll do it in ur flower pots and things like that! I hate cats - very noisy certain time of the month. The males would go, "Maaaa...u!!" and the females would go, "Tak maaa...u!" all night long! Ha ha ha
  At 11:56 AM Anonymous Jemima said:
Try the chinese restaurants..they might want them for making "siu mai".. hehe

GOSH! I'm Evil! #slap herself#
  At 2:28 PM Blogger sengkor said:
garfield dropped by last nite?
  At 2:33 PM Blogger Helen said:
Cats are evil!! Last time, my neighbour's cat like to perch on wall to irritate my dogs!

One fine day, I got mad and let my Dalmation loose. Being athletic, my dog jumped up the wall and managed to drag the cat down. My stupid neighbour was screaming away... I intervened and the cat got away. I really had a good mind to let my dog have the cat for dinner. Serve them right! *evil thots*
  At 3:39 PM Blogger savante said:
For a minute, I thought you'd cooked the cats and I was gonna cheer!

  At 5:06 PM Blogger See Fei said:
as a cat lover, i am alone here. i had kept cats since young but cant do it anymore cos living in high rise pigeon holes... and i know garfield cant fly for nuts.

tot cats r more hyg thans dogs. they usually "bury" their poos and wipe their mouths after meals.

come nearer nyonya penang, let me brain wash u... cat satay is bad, very bad, extremely bad, BAD BAD for YOUR health!! STAY AWAY FROM CAT SATAY!!
seefei: Are you the guy reported in the papers with 50 cats in the apartment? 20 persians, 10 prussian blues, 10 strays, 10 kucinta?

don't like pets. but would keep a clouded leopard or lynx if got opportunity. :)
yalor, betul jialat mia orang.

have not decided whether to get one but i prefer short-hair breeds.
you keep dogs too?

las montanas,
the neighbours can keep whatever pets for all i care. would appreciate a little responsibilty on their part.
hmmm.. notice now you prefer big cats.

ah pek,
rat poison can kill cats or not?

but the cats in my neighbourhood grow up in concrete jungle - they don't hunt rats and they shit on hard ground - cemented backyard, tiled driveway, tarred backlanes, etc...

cat rendang and cat serunding oso can.
**am worse than evil**

garfield's poorer cousins, i think.

many, many years ago, one of my neighbour's stupid cat came into my frontyard and i think my doggie tried to shred her up. i was out and when i came home, i saw clumps of cat fur all over. dunno the cat died or not after that.

you like cat meat? hahaha....

see fei,
i believe you are a very responsible pet owner and your cats behaved well. i just cannot tahan la when the cats mess up my place - they poo in the open spaces and i had once driven over cat poo. i had to send the car to the carwash to clean the undercarriage as well.
you can try mt method....
if that cat poop again , burn that place that cat poop
well what i mean is remove your washing machine 1st then pour some kerosine or any flameble liquid then you burn that cat poop
it gerenti work..
that cat will never come to berak again!!!
pisang goreng,
the burnt smell will keep the cats out? ok, thx alot. ;)
  At 8:21 AM Blogger Ianfluenza said:
At the pet shop...

Shopkeeper: Hi ma'am, how can I help you?
NP: I'd like a dog.
Shopkeeper: Ah, I see. So what kind of dog are we after here?
NP: I don't care what kind it is, as long as it can poo like mad!
Shopkeeper: ......


Neightbour: Oh hi NP, nice doggie! What's its name?
NP: Stealth Bomber
Neighbour: That's a weird name! Why did you name it after a plane?
NP: You'll see. *evil grins*
hahaha.....that's evil alright!
  At 9:19 AM Blogger Sasha said:
Hahah This Morning on MHI they highlighted about this Angmoh or something liddat tried to fry 5 kittens! Crazy fella. But ppl discovered early and all 5 kittens survived.

My current cat poo in the toilet bowl (the squatting one la). Not bad hor?
I hate cats and cat poo, ewww....You are so great, salute salute. If I were in your shoe, I'd prob get hubs to do the cleaning :)
the angmoh proly wanted to make AFK (Angmoh Fried Kitten). LOL
wuaah, your cat really toilet-trained mia. very good wor.

the answer will be like "wait lah...later oni do lah..."
i kenot wait, so i do lor.
  At 7:06 PM Blogger See Fei said:
LM: i only have one pussy cat at home and a mouse at home.
That's why I had to bring a dog home cos mom kept complaining of the cat litter! Now she's complaining about the dog's poo poo! I give up!
just can't stand those irresponsible cat owners hor?