Saturday, August 05, 2006

Ms Blabbermouth

Yay, the MEGA SALE is on and this afternoon I was at one of the malls for a 'look-see, look-see' but with nothing particular in mind to buy. Oh my, the crowds, ya, the crowds - everybody is buying something and everything. Can eat one, must buy; cannot eat one, also must buy; can use now one, must buy; not using now one, also buy and keep for future use. Those loads of shopping bags that were lugged around bear testimony to this buying philosophy.

I suppose I was not tuned into the buying mode this afternoon because after a while I lost interest in searching out for bargains. I was more attracted to people watching and was looking out for something to amuse me.

As I walked along, there were a few sales promoters handing out brochures and inviting the people to try out their product. Then I overheard one of the promoter calling out in dialect, "Hello, Auntie ah. Come and try out our latest product lah. Good and effective for your pot-belly." Holy Cow! Instantly I turned around to find out to whom that sweet voice belonged to and there she was, a quite a sweet-looking girl with a slim and trim figure accosting a midde-aged lady. Ms Blabbermouth had a potential customer within her grasp and she turned on to full 'attack mode' jabbering away in a mix of dialect and Mandarin. That poor Madame Potbelly. She appeared too dumbstrucked to react appropriately, like say, stuff that little towel she had in her hand into Ms Blabbermouth's throat.

Sheesh! That was tactless, crude and outright rude. I have had my share of encounters with Ms Blabbermouths too, from "Hello Madam, Come and try our super effective hair tonic. This one not only strengthen your hair but guarantee to grow more hair also." to "Hi Auntie, we got solution for your freckles. Apply already your face will be very fair one."

Niamah fu lat! I find their approach offensive. Wonder whether these sales promoters have ever been sent for training or not.
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  At 5:15 AM Blogger angel said:
They really hv to be sent for training, kan? *LOL* Sheesh...
When I see all these promoters, wot I do? I cabutttt!! *LOL*
Malaysian sales promoters are not very professional. I am surprise promoters in Hong Kong, the hub of hedonistic capitalism, can still be friendly, tackful and polite!
  At 9:30 AM Blogger Ah Pek said:
YALOR! I oso very fed up with them lah!
next time throw the ball back into their court lah... "eh ah di, you so skinny!, even auntie's daughter got more on the waist then you! Want I recommend you a product to gain weight?"
would appreciate more tact and discretion.

the searcher,
hong kong ones used to be rude. they had no qualms about about telling the potential customer off if the customer as much as ask 2 more questions. but thankfully, they are more customer friendly now.

ah pek,
you oso ah? i thought you'd have turned on you charm kaw-kaw lor. LOL

las montanas,
or maybe say "eh, what ails you? better visit a doctor lor."
hahahaha.... so evil of me.
  At 3:55 PM Blogger AceOne said:
Got free product testing ka? No harm trying ma..afterall its free punya.
  At 9:27 PM Blogger Helen said:
At least that was a young girl...

Last week, I was happily checking out the new Satria when the salesman called me "Ah Yee...."

Look, I'm not exactly young but being bestowed this honour by a balding middleaged (who looked older than me, OK?) salesman I really DNMCH!! Hello?? Take a look at yourself in the mirror b4 calling me lar!!

I really wanted to ask him what in the world made him think he's younger than me? Hubby quickly pulled me
  At 9:31 PM Blogger savante said:
Madam Potbelly?! OMG she should have gotten a handbag in her face!

oredi no shiok la. apa pun ta mau test. ;)

yalor, dunno where they learn to address their potential customers.
summore hor, they can be quite loud too. one call oni, everybody seems to turn around and look at you. jialat betul.

no point teaching a moron. LOL
Opening word has to be, "lenglui...", then only I will pay attention. LOL!!
  At 2:16 PM Blogger dreamie said:
aiyaah.. making ppl so uneasy how to get them to buy their products leh?
king's wife,
ya lor, then say la something like, "wuaah, you got such nice skin. our product will help you maintain it" :D

they dunno how to ambil hati customer la.
Yalor, praise the customer mar, not criticize, WTF sales tactic is that?

I like King's Wife's comment. If people call me Lenglui, I sure pay full attention one, dont buy also recommend other people. Lol
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