Thursday, August 03, 2006

You Have More of Me To Love

Read an article in the newspaper today about a 31 year-old man who wanted to lose some weight and he decided to get it done through surgical means. He underwent gastric lap-band surgery and unfortunately he succumbed to complications - excessive bleeding and organ failure. How tragic!

The Slimming Business is BIG business. There are so many slimming salons/santuaries and also many companies (MLM and non-MLM) offering a multitude of slimming programmes and solutions - pills to swallow, herbal teas to drink, creams to apply, all kinds of wraps, inner garments to wear, equipment using electric current to massage and zap away all the unsightly blubber...etc. etc. All these and more do not come cheap, it cost a fortune.

Talking about the slimming suit (not sure if it is that the correct name) reminds me about an incident years ago at an office 3 shoplots away from my old workplace. As I was walking back to the office after lunch, I saw a crowd gathered along the five-foot way and nearby was parked an ambulance with the strobelights blinking away. Then I saw a stretcher with a lady on it being brought down the stairs, pushed into the waiting ambulance and whisked away. Heard from the crowd that the lady suffered breathing difficulties, chest discomfort and fainted. Later heard from my office tea-lady that the cause of the breathlessnes was not a heart attack but she wore an extremely tight slimming suit.

Despite numerous reports of unfortunate misadventures, the industry is never short of willing customers. Well, for whatever reasons, it is the customers' choice.

As for meself, I am very the 'kiasi' and also very 'the boh duit' to spend on this. And I can't resist good food. So if I am big, I will chose to see it as 'you have more of me to love'.
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  At 11:49 PM Blogger angel said:
I also hv "alot more" to be loved but but no one loves me worrr... how like dat?
  At 8:47 AM Blogger Ah Pek said:
i'm free.
  At 9:38 AM Blogger Helen said:
I dunno. I'm tempted to try some crash diet s becos I'm angry I let myself go these few years. Sigh...

BTW, I'm contemplating starting a diet log (blog) .... I'm trying to force myself to lose weight. lol
Dont feel bad.. look at those voluptous meaty figures of the Renaissance period in Europe! Must have been the craze then. Too skinny not nice one. so bony, feels like hugging a skeleton! (those catwalk models.. some are lidat).
  At 10:15 AM Blogger dreamie said:
Oh i see.. (look at the skinny me), thats why lah...

*Boss cepat!!! kasi gua,
susu lembu segar satu
mee goreng (besar) tambah telur
roti canai special (standby)*

Wooeee.. tomolo weekend can get more of me to love too. (lol)
I used to be on the other side - too skinny. Growing tall puts even more emphasis on my lack of mass growing horizontally. I feel the same frustration at the other end. Pls do not go "at least you're skinny and not fat!" I bet many others who faced the same genetic predisposition as I did will beg to differ that we are holding on the better end of the rod.

Speaking of which, does that mean I can say "You have LESS of me to love?" Hahaha!
dreamie: that meal sure will add 1kg overnight. But it is NOT enough... in fact must eat everything that is goreng, not steamed. and lots of lemak!
  At 11:34 AM Blogger savante said:
True, more of me to love sounds fine. I wouldn't want a Michelin Man but just a bit of flesh is quite nice actually.

  At 12:13 PM Anonymous suituapui said:
It's the person...not the shape and size! U may be the most gorgeous looking but people hate u cos u think u're God's gift to men/women!...Besides,u may be fat or u may be thin but as long as u are healthy, that's the important thing!...And as they say, "beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder"!
  At 8:54 PM Blogger JoMel said:
If I am a man, if its purely based on looks, I would prefer a body with more flesh than a skinny bony gal.

Like mine lah. LOL! HAHAHAH! *so the thick skin hor?
open eyes big, big and see; love is every where.
there, 'point, point' ah pek calling liao.

ah pek,
i know you are a generous man!

they say itu crash diet hor, you may lose say, 5kg fast but you will pile up double that lagi fast.
your regular swims sure keep you in good shape wan.

las montanas,
but the clothes hang so nicely on the models.

dreamie & ianfluenza,
good metablism and oso less fat on young bodies. flaunt it now. ;)

"a little bit of flesh" - at the right place, I must add. ;)

you are so kind.
ya, health must come first.

no, not thick skin lah! lidat is being comfortable and confident in your own skin.
  At 11:08 PM Blogger Helen said:
Swimming will not make u slim..:-(

L'll Joy - If I'm a man, I definitely go for you... :-P
  At 2:09 AM Blogger angel said:
ah pek is free for... ??
  At 9:06 AM Blogger Ah Pek said:

  At 3:47 PM Blogger sotongking said:
  At 6:49 PM Blogger angel said:
Waaahhh... ah pek, ngor hou laam ahhh...

sotongchai, u hor, learn la from ah pek... tsk tsk... :P

aiyak, ahnyonya arr... soli... guna u mya space to tok tok... :D
no worries. more lau juak lidat.
I still think slim & fit mean HOT. That's why I decided NOT to be a big fat potato. These days, I feel so incomplete if I don't hit the gym. At least, I am losing weight the natural, albeit the HARD way... heehee
  At 12:06 PM Blogger JoMel said:
*pengsans at Helen's reply*
the searcher,
good for you.
  At 12:29 PM Blogger sming said:
Yay !!
Very well said !!!
My bf gotta read this !!
ok, ok, semua orang pun boleh baca. LOL