Monday, July 17, 2006

Of Changing Phones & Numbers

Got an sms from one of my nephews updating me of his latest handphone number. Jeez! Just don't know how many times he has changed numbers - Maxis, Celcom, Digi post postpaid to prepaid and back to postpaid and to prepaid.......blah, blah. I asked him if he has nothing better to do izzit and his reply will be the same one - he thinks the latest package offered is far better and is value for money. Nevermind about the inconvenience of of having to advise all his contacts and for them to update his latest number too.

Well, he is not the only one into this changing-of-number 'project'. My other nephews and nieces, especially those that are still in school or college do that all the time too. And many of them are always into upgrading and trading-in for the latest and coolest-looking phones; some badger their indulgent parents or elder working siblings to get the desired model while a couple of them pay for it themselves from money earned from part-time work.

Aiyoo! Place my phone next to theirs also feel shy lah - it's actually a hand-me-down from my son. Wait, wait, don't condemn and say that I'm the typical Penang kiamsiap, ok? Actually, I've a confession to make - I think I have a kind of disability. I'm 'button-challenged'. Faced with too many buttons or too many functions on a gadget and I instantly turn moronic. So instead of buying for myself a new phone, it will be like my son takes the new phone and I use the older one with less features. No need to carry something which for half of the time I don't know how to operate.

In fact, sometimes when there is a newer 'hand-me-down' for me, I'd still insist on keeping my old unit. Feeling sentimental and attached to the old unit? Nah, it's more like I'm getting so comfortable with it and to change and learn to use the new one, oh, it's too much trouble.

And for the phone number, I am actually very loyal too - still with the same phone company that I signed up with more than 10 years ago. Cannot just simply change phone numbers lah - if my are clients unable to reach me,(nombor ini tiada dalam perkhidmatan/this number is no longer in service) they might think that I 'chow lor' (absconded) already.
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oh, me also. Same no. and company for over 10years..Too troublesome to change.
Sometimes, it is still better to remind ourselves that we own handphones for the sole purpose of communicating with the utilisation of our current microwave technology.

The rest are just accessories... I do not deny that aesthetics play an important part (size and shapes as well), but I cannot relate mobile phones being changed one too many times as if they are clothes or shoes... Some people even use different phones depending on their mood of the day. And that is outrageous!
  At 12:12 AM Blogger AceOne said:
Please ask your nephew/son if they has anymore sets to hand down. Can't afford to buy a brand new set la.!!
  At 9:20 AM Blogger dreamie said:
kids nowadays are the lucky ones. Yr nephew, like all others love to keep in line with frens and the ongoing trends and latest models in mobile phones are very attractive.
A lot of enhanced features are added in.
I wouldnt mind if i have one of those too, only not at my expenselah!
  At 3:03 PM Anonymous Prometeuz said:
Don't they have number porting in Malaysia, meaning u can keep the same number when changing carriers. I thot my cousin told me last year they have it in KL.
  At 3:28 PM Blogger Ah Pek said:
no handphones for me!! 3 years oredi.
so happy without one.
king's wife,
ya, tak payahlah cari pasal saja!

you are so right!
it's not uncommon for some people to carry 2 to 3 phones - 1 for work, 1 for immediate family/close friends, and 1 for other friends.

will keep you in mind. LOL

get sports toto to sponsor leh. LOL

number porting? not available at the moment. but heard it's on the cards.

ah pek,
Live Life Simply!
  At 9:30 AM Blogger Helen said:
I'm also too lazy to change numbers. Thank God the last time I lost my phone, I'm able to get back the same number. lol
  At 8:46 PM Blogger sotongking said:
Agreed wit Ace,next time ur son change handphone give 1 too me la..