Friday, June 30, 2006

A Gracious Hand

Attempting something new is never easy. As much as it excites, it can also strike fear; ya, fear of the unknown and fear of failure. We want to explore, discover and learn and along the way we may trip, fall and get hurt. Crossroads abound and we may take the wrong road and find ourselves lost. Many people chose to take the safer well-trodden path with equally many taking the road less travelled. Well, we are actually free to the point of choice, henceforth, the choice controls the choser.

I have chosen to start a blog - something totally new to me. What do I know about blogging? Nothing much, I would say. Other than knowing how to string together some words to make a coherent sentence, I know nuts about the technical part and all the blogsphere jargon are lost on me. But I am game to learn, slowly but surely and if the need arises, just shout for help. Eazy pizzy, ya? And I got my sons to help me set up this simple site. Thank you boys. Mama love you lots.

It's not a mansion, but nonetheless I am equally happy and contented in this small but new kampung house in the blogging community. When I got the first visitor, I was actually thrilled - that the ever busy Dato' has time to drop-by my kampung house. Then this big-hearted towkay came along and has been a regular since. I am truly touched that such a big-timer would spare his time to teach and guide a clueless nyonya. And what's more, he has brought and introduce new friends to me. To these new friends, I'd like to extend a warm welcome to my humble abode. Please feel free to visit and offer yor comments on how to make a house a home. To Ah Pek, a big thank you.

The saying 'No Man Is An Island' - how true! We are never alone. Who we are and what we have achieved today is the result of someone at some point in time having extended their gracious hand to gently guide us along.
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  At 10:10 PM Blogger AceOne said:
Welocum to the blogger's world. I started blur blur oso dunno how to play wif the templates, post photos etc.

Everibodi start to climb the ladder from the bottom not from top.!
  At 10:12 PM Blogger AceOne said:
huh..I forgot to ask, can i link your site in my blog?? please...
  At 10:21 PM Blogger AceOne said:
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aceone118, i'm a slow learner but i believe i got great teachers - so many sifus(u one of them too) in blogsphere to help me up the ladder. You're such a sweetie and if you think what i blog won't bore you purple, then you link lor.
  At 4:39 AM Blogger Kah Wee said:
nyonya, welcome to the blogsphere.
actually you done very well with all the bigtimers like wingz and ahpek, so dont worry but continue blogging la...

cheers~ + gambateh~
ace, just link nia la... senang for u wat..~! I link liao...
  At 11:25 AM Anonymous ah pek said:
hey... it's oni one sentence from me. and i so free what. hahaha.. hope you keep going.
  At 12:51 PM Blogger AceOne said:
nyonyapenang: tenkiu..tenkiu.. i quick quick link now.
kah wee,
you are just as sweet. tenkiu banyak banyak.

ah pek,
wif your sapot, gua mesti kah yeow lor. thanks again.
ah pek so free? go take part in Int'l Triathlon in PD lah. I cheer for you.
  At 12:04 AM Anonymous Lil' Joy said:
you will be surprised to learn what a blog can do... :)
am learning. u teach me too, will ya?
  At 2:03 PM Blogger Wingz said: