Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Since the beginning of last month until now, I have visited 4 friends who have given birth and the fifth friend is due anytime now.

As the norm, we bring gifts for the new born and sometimes some foodstuffs(usually suitable for confinement diet) for the Mom. I am really hopeless in buying gifts and don't fancy walking round the stores searching out suitable and meaningful items. More often than not, I end up doing impulse buying - buying things for myself which I do not really need and still no presents for the intended. So, I took the easy and safe way out and present an angpow, usually between RM50 to RM100. A few of the parents actually told me that as much as they appreciate all the gifts, an angpow would be preferred. Some of the newborns receive clothings by the dozens that they outgrew them before the got to wear them; or so much toys that the parents can consider setting up a small store; or 3 prams; or 4 bouncinets; or 8 musical mobiles; or baby toiletries to last 3 years, etc. etc. All these sure make the baby specialty stores very rich.

A few of my friends did comment that I am an old-fashioned Ah Soh - everything (birthdays, weddings, reward to a nephew/niece) also give angpow; funeral also give cash contribution. Eh.., not creative at all lah, they say. Say, to send a reasonably presentable bouquet of flowers or wreath costs something like RM250-RM300 and it's discarded after a few days. What a waste. Ya, I sure need work on the creativity department, but I always believe in being practical.

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  At 9:07 AM Anonymous ah pek said:
yup! mee too. give me an ang pow anytime! what for the flowers and stuffs.
When ah pek celebrate 50th wedding anniversary, remember to invite me ok?
Gua janji hantar angpow.
  At 6:32 PM Blogger JoMel said:
yes nonyapenang, I really prefer receiving cash than presents. ;)
hi lil'joy,
thanks for dropping by.
I think i recognise that smile of yours, no? OK for me to link u?
  At 9:11 PM Blogger JoMel said:
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  At 9:13 PM Anonymous Lil' Joy said:
Pls don't link me. tq very much :)
ok, lil'joy. Pls feel free to visit anytime though.
  At 10:04 PM Blogger just me said:
Am only now slowly reading your earlier this is a late comment

I am also a very practical person..(all ladies are, right?)