Sunday, June 18, 2006

Are You the Master or Slave?

Money! Money! Money! I think everyone knows what money is, right? You pay out money in exchange for goods and services received. So money is meant to be used; if you just keep and keep, then it actually are pieces of paper and metal only but has value once you are able to use it to pay for something else.

I think everyone wants to own money, loads of it, but not everyone is a good master. Instead of being the master and controlling the money, they become the slave. All the woes that plague them, I believe, started from poor and careless spending habits - pocket got RM1 but spent RM2. Advances and credit are quite easily available I think; just flip through the day's paper. You have all kinds of schemes to entice you to spend, spend and spend. Before you know it, you're probably up to your eyeballs in debt. The debts keep snowballing but unfortunately your income can't keep up - nett gaji RM3000 but debts to be paid amounts to RM4000 per month. So how? Try interest-free soft loans from relatives, frens and acquaintances and also must bet religiously on KUDA, TOTO, MAGNUM and what-have-you. And must bet reasonably big lah, so that strike only meaningful mah. Digging more holes and deeper each time.

How come it never go to their numbskull and lazy bones that they need to work harder to earn more to settle their debts and not to spend if you don't have the money in your wallet. If you don't earn enough from one job, get another one and another one lah. Sitting there on your arse, thinking of who to call next to borrow some more and dreaming of MAGicNUMbers, sheesh!

Weak bones, doctor can cure; LAZY BONES - it's beyond medical help.
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  At 9:49 AM Blogger Ah Pek said:
lazy bone can be cured with a horse whip!
nyonya, maybe you can set your settings to allow non-bloggers to comment? You can do that in your 'Dashboard-Settings' area.
maybe more will be able to put in their 2 sens. If you are worried about spams, then you can turn on word verification.
Just a suggestion.
ah pek,

thanks. will do that soon.