Sunday, May 21, 2006

Tiga Sekawan

Was at a Shila's party yesterday, and as usual it's opportunity to catch up with many others there. I saw Shila's mom, went to say hello and was introduced to her neighbour, another Malay lady. It has been quite a while since we last met and of course, there were plenty to share and update on. The cute thing was that 3 of us, 2 Malay ladies and I, a Chinese nyonyapenang were conversing in dialects; Shila's mom spoke Cantonese and Hakka and her fren Hokkien, while I responded in local Malay lingo, Hokkien, Cantonese and a smattering of Hakka. The two ladies picked up the dialects when they were growing up in their kampungs in North and had many Chinese neighbours. Since relocating to KL many years ago, both of them hardly get the chance to speak dialects, so when we met yesterday, it was a blast. Others at the party who overheard our banter were quite amused - different colour, different background, different age group, different religious beliefs, different culture but thoroughly enjoying each other's company.
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