Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Where ah?

Aaargh! Where the hell did I put it? Been searching high and low, digging into cupboards and drawers for the past hour or so and I just cannot recall where I kept them. Recalled that I did see them lying around somewhere not too long ago when I was searching for something else then. Now that I want to use them, I just cannot for the life of me remember where I last saw them.

I can be quite absentminded at times and the recent packing, shifting and unpacking (did some minor repairs/renovation to the house), makes it worse. Many items were given away, and honestly, those that I now cannot find, I'm not too sure if I've sent them off or re-stacked in an obscure corner of the new cabinet. Might even have thrown them away.

My memory is soooo bad.
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