Friday, June 02, 2006


I hate it when the other party does not keep to their side of the bargain. Suppose to settle it today but today has come and I waited and waited. Finally, towards the end of the day I was told that it can only be done on the following Monday because of blah, blah and blah.

I am upset, disappointed and fed-up. Why ah, no shame one ah? No integrity and no sense of responsibility. He needed help and I helped. He promised to settle it on a certain day, then should keep to his word lah. Now what?. I am mad he took me for a 'lulu'.

This is not the first time and I've told myself 'no more next time' but each time some of the relatives asked for help, I always cave in and everytime I will have to literally chase them to fulfill their part. My son says I'm a sucker for sob stories. I always believe that if I can help, then help lor. These people are selfish, irresponsible and stupid.

SELFISH and IRRESPONSIBLE as in thinking about themselves only.

STUPID as in not taking care of own reputation, credit-worthiness.

Grow up lah.
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