Saturday, June 17, 2006

Have a Blessed Day

Read a few Father's Day posts already and some are truly hard-warming and I especially like what Wingz wrote.

Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Teacher's Day, and What-Have-You Day; I am not really into it. Thinking back, the only "Day" I was aware of while growing up are those that are highlighted (CNY, Hari Raya, Deepavali, Thaipusam, Wesak, Christmas, Labour Day, Prophet's birthday) on the 'kuda-typed' calendar hung on the wall of the family home. Holiday mah, no need to attend school. Yippee! I however looked forward going to school and celebrate Children's Day because there will be no classes but plenty of games to play and free food. As for Teacher's Day, there will be no classes too and we were free to run around the school and enjoy the songs and dances performed by students and teachers. I don't recall though, my children's eagerness to attend school on Teacher's Day; in fact they look forward to staying home and no need to be like many others stepping on each other to present gifts to their Cikgus.

As for all the other-types of Days, I personally find it overhyped and commercialised.; eg. a RM3000 bouquet of roses; buy a ginseng and bird's nest for your folks lah, buy massage chair lah; buy Ah Yat Abalone dinner and whatnots. What's the point of spending lavishly and indulging your love ones only on a particular day a year and for the other 364 days you are forever busy with everything else and don't seem to notice their existence. Worst, if the 364 days you have been a complete jerk to do and say things that offend and hurt and jeopardise their safety.

Everyone is given 24 hrs a day and how you use it is only for you to decide - how much to allocate for say, professional and personal development, spiritual development and also not forgetting building relationships. What goes round comes round. Invest little, returns little lah. Don't gripe and blame everyone and everything when your teenage kid turns out wild and wayward. What you don't look after will turn rotten.

Have a blessed day, everyday.
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  At 6:50 PM Blogger Wingz said:
how true hor...

happy father's day to Wingz Sr n you.