Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Fore To Four Meme

Tagged by AhPek to do a meme? Aiyoh, I am totally new to all these, dunno whether can write beyond 4 lines or not. Nonetheless, I will try - belum cuba, belum tau.

4 jobs that I would really stink at:-
Singer - can't hum a tune to safe my life
Dancer - got two left foot
Mama San - not enough 'ginger'
Bootlicker - don't have Bachelor of Bodek degree

4 nicknames I made for myself:-
taikah cheh
mei yan
chan siew cheh

4 movies I can watch over and over again:-
Little Mermaid
Jungle Boy

4 alcoholic drinks I enjoy:-
Barcardi Coke
Tia Maria
Vodka Lime
Dunno liao - actually don't know how to drink lah

4 destinations I wanna go before I go see GOD:-
Disneyworld Florida
Disneyland Paris
Disneyland Tokyo
Disneyland Johor Bahru

4 things I do on weekends:-
Eat More
Sleep More
Read More
Contemplate More

4 celebrities I wanna go on a big date:-
Ananda Krishnan
Robert Kuok
Lim Goh Tong
Quek Leng Chan

4 gadgets I would like to have:-
money-printing machine
robot to cook and clean for me
spy camera in the toilet, so can know who pee all over the toilet bowl
laser cutter to slice all the tyres of the cars haphazardly/illegally parked along the road in front of my house

4 Tags to ...? Soli, I veli new, not many frens yet, so not TAGGING anyone.
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  At 9:24 AM Anonymous ah pek said:
why the hell would you want to go on a date with 4 old cocks?
ah pek,
Ah Pek tu cock muda, matang atau tua? LOL
you forgot that
King Sugar lagi
latuk vincent tan
and Tan Sri Rojaks Wingz Daily
pisang goreng,
i thot itu kuok fella sugar king?
Tan Sri Rojaks is young, wor.