Thursday, June 29, 2006

Simply Spend Only Lah!

Have been reminding myself the past few days to re-stock the green tea sachets. So after seeing to my appointment this afternoon, thought I'd just pop by 1U to get them.

Instead of going straight to the outlet that sells teas, I decided to take a walk around the mall and landed myself in a store which is having a sale. Great. Now maybe I can get a nice T-shirt or something as I find the pre-sale/regular prices at this store to be beyond what I can afford. But oh boy, you must see those shoppers; they have pieces piled on their arms and over their shoulders, they queued first to try them out and then into another queue to whip out their Gold/Platinum/Titanium and what-have-you cards at the cashiers. Wah, they really know how to use their credit cards lah. Me? I found a white T that I like and it costs RM79.90 and I walked around for quite a while, taking it and putting it back. I was trying to justify the purchase - RM80 for a simple T, am I throwing away good money? In the end, I joined the queue at the cahiers'.

Oh yes, I have to get the teas. On the way to the tea outlet, I de-toured to the pharmacy and spent another RM100 or so on some toileteries, and then I remembered I need some detergents too. At the hypermarket, I ended up with a few extra items and the register rang RM86.28. And lastly, the tea - it costs RM20.

You see lah, wanna go and buy tea only, and ended spending so much. Simply spend lah like money grow on trees. That is why I don't like going to the mall. I think next time I should just put the exact amount of money in my wallet whenever I want to buy an item.
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  At 11:42 PM Anonymous Lil' Joy said:
de ja vu ;)
  At 2:30 AM Blogger AceOne said:
oh nyonyapenang..i got an idea. Next time just list down the things you wanna buy then hor grab it money.. and dont look left or right (u might see other things which interest you) and move straight to the car park. SEE.. !!
If you bring exact money you could be introuble if the price changes. Also you still will see things you like. Then you make two trips. And the second trip your item might be gone, or worse you find even more. Wau! Really can get difficult.

Maybe hire a professional shopper and then you are safe.

Visited you per Ah Pek's directions.
  At 9:47 AM Anonymous ah pek said:
better idea! use your gold card! then don need to take out money what.
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familiar, ya?

wear blinkers? hahaha

simple american,
need to practise more self-restraint since cannot afford personal shopper.
thanks for visiting. can i visit you too?

ah pek,
only got telephone RING!RING! card.
I know,I time ask someone to buy for u.Lidat can skip watever temptations waiting for u at the mall...
  At 12:21 PM Blogger dreamie said:
I had the same experience
and got lost track of the
time and overspent espcially
if i got detour to the CDs, DVDs
and books sections.
I can totally relate.
"Let me just run in to get some milk and a loaf of bread".
15mins later, my trolley is full!
not nice to kacau people lor.
also, tenkiu for popping-by.

this de-touring thing happens, ya?
thanks for visiting and feel free to pop-by anytime, ya?

king's wife,
you oso lidat ah? hahaha
and a warm welcome to you too