Monday, July 10, 2006

A Cockroach

It has been a long, long time since I've met this type of cockroach. Let's call him 'A'.

'A' called and made some enquiries and asked that I see him at his office for further discussion this afternoon. I popped by at the appointed time and was ushered into this tiny office where sat a young 'bergaya' type. He was quick to tell me that the purchase will be a gift to a few of the company's special clients and has decided to spend not more than RM350 per client. All that he needed me to do was to go and see the client and explain/present the benefits of the gift, do the paperwork and all the subsequent follow-ups if necessary. Then he coolly dropped the bombshell - "HOW MUCH KICK-BACK CAN YOU GIVE ME?"

I was dumbfounded. But I managed to regain my composure and asked him what volume are we talking about and also how much he thinks I should give out of my RM30 gross commission. Suddenly it seemed to me that his head swelled double it's size and with a glint in his eye he answered, "Maybe 1, maybe 5, tak pasti lah. Beli, kita akan beli, tapi siapa yang dapat deal ini depends on sesiapa yang boleh give the highest to me lah."

I gently closed my file and politely tell him that I'll have to check with my HQ. Gave him a call soon afterwards and told him "Perhaps some other time"

Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! What a cockroach.
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  At 11:58 AM Blogger Helen said:
Hi Hi HI, just gotta dropby and check on you!! lol I 've not time to go through your previous posts, I was wondering how many years were you in sales? I guess you get to meet all kinds of people in your line.

Like you say, it's becoming almost a practice for these people in key positions of a company to expect 'gratitudes.'

Hahahaha your cockroach thinks he's your biggest client with 1 or 5 purchases?? Nevermind lar, think of him as a joke.. LOL
a warm welcome. nice of you to pop by eventhough you're so busy.
well, have been doing sales for a looong time and sure have met lots of people. fortunately most of them are nice and of course, do come across a few cockroaches once a while. when mood is good, i'd just shoo them away, otherwise, give one kick to send them to the filthy longkang; don't want to stomp on them, nanti dirty my kasut.LOL
  At 2:36 PM Blogger dreamie said:
ayioo.. this cockroach can go jump into the lake lah (hahaa..)
  At 4:36 PM Anonymous ah pek said:
i love to do business with people like that!
i make sure he has the power to decide. if he wants 30%, i top up 50. so i make an extra 20. but if he has no power to decide and yet want to take a cut just by talikng to me, sorrylah.
  At 4:37 PM Blogger sotongking said:
Nyonya,wat u selling jek? i oso wanna buy la. Meself oso doin sales and this kind of siew keong kenot avoid 1. U tell him la,if he wan more then pay more la like from RM350 "reduced" to RM450. the more he "reduced" the better the deal.kakaka...
  At 4:39 PM Blogger sotongking said:
AhPek,agreed wit u...if not power to decide then same like talk cock onli.Nonit "hiu" him
  At 8:50 PM Blogger Ianfluenza said:
Tin kosong...
ya, be fish food. LOL

ah pek & sotongking,
dis wan cockroach, not arowana (kam loong yue)
i believe arowana more captivating hor?

a very warm welcome, ianfluenza.
what do call these types in Ozzieland?
  At 1:17 PM Blogger Ianfluenza said:
Thanks! Good question. I don't know actually. Haha!
"Best business practices" of the 21st century? Nice one. No wonder he appears bejaya lah
  At 6:32 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:
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