Saturday, July 08, 2006

Promise Only

These past few days I have been hearing complaints about showroom car salesman; not so much about their salesmanship but more so regarding the way they force/insist that the buyer MUST take up the 1st year insurance with them - NO, CANNOT, TAK BOLEH use your insurer of choice.

Say, your existing car is insured with Co.A and your current NCD entitlement is 33% (into 3rd year of cover) and now you are trading-in your car and getting a new model. Salesman insists new car have to be insured with Co.B and you actually tell him to get the NCD entitlement transferred to the new car. Again he said CANNOT. He will convince you to pay full premium first and promise he will help you with the cancellation of the earlier policy and apply for the refund. After waiting for a few months and no refund in sight, you call him and he said 'WAIT LAH. IN PROCESS ADI' You wait some more and when you try to call him next, 'SORRY AH, I NO MORE CAR SALESMAN. NOW I SELL WATER FILTER. WANNA BUY AH?'

So, the next thing you do is you call up insurer Co.A to chase for the refund cheque. After listening to repeated voice recordings to 'PRESS 1 for....., PRESS 2 for...., PRESS 3 for......' you finally manage to speak to the correct humanoid officer at the correct department and it goes something like this:-

Officer : When you cancel policy ah? No records here wor.

With the patience of a saint, you asked him what to do next.

Officer : Bring original policy to my office n fill some forms lor.

YOU : I not free la. You post to me & I post back lah.

Officer : Can, but lost don't blame me OK?

YOU : @#&%*+%!!!!

So, going back to the main story - you already got an insurer you are happy with and this fella come and tell you to cancel it and promised to settle everything and 'kau thim' for you. My friend Jen, is now very, very mad.
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  At 9:39 PM Blogger AceOne said:
  At 5:24 AM Blogger Kah Wee said:
adoiz~ this is the trade of a salesmen la... blardy liars~
  At 3:38 PM Blogger sotongking said:
Come to me la...I can settle this case
i wouldn't call them liars; it's just that their customer care/service is zilch - 0!!

u in this industry? then, if nid help, i know who to go to lor
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