Friday, July 07, 2006

Weekend Jaunt

My living room furniture in a pretty bad state now and for the past few months I have been looking out for a new set. I have had leathers which cracked, synthetics which peeled and fabrics which stained, so now I'd like to get some teak pieces. I have visited quite a number of teakwood furniture stores but yet to find anything that click - the pieces that I like are normally priced beyond my budget and I find those cheaper/discounted-price pieces are of poor quality and design. There are many grades of teakwood and for the better quality ones, a single seater may go for RM900 to RM1,200 per piece. My friend thinks it's crazy to pay so much for a block of wood which is hard on the bump and not comfy at all. She also has this wicked sense to ask if I thought hard furniture will deter long visits from guests. Geez!

I have visited homes with beautiful teakwood living room furniture and instead of showing signs of wear and tear over the years, these pieces actually age beautifully - smoother and glossier and has 'character' and I wouldn't mind having these type of 'pre-loved' pieces. Some single-seaters are so rock-solid and I believe it can seat someone big and heavy without fear of breaking the frame or legs. I have had those cheaper sofa sets before and the frame broke - outside looks so nice but inside is rejected wood.

So, weekend comes and I go on my jaunt. What fills your weekend then?
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  At 8:50 AM Anonymous ah pek said:
is it true tha all nyonyas and all babas have cushy bums? if not why i see all the nyonya homes got hard teakwood sofas wan? ir is it really to make your guest leave earlier ah?
  At 11:11 AM Blogger AceOne said:
nyonyapenang, buy the leather once and for all though expensive but can last you for quite some time. Remember to polish the leather once a week to look more glossy. At least this time the the sofa set frame or legs won't comes off so easily.

Imagine if your quests sit on the previous sofa set and the legs broke off... tergolek..Wahhhhh...FREE show la!!
  At 3:41 PM Blogger sotongking said:
I myself dun prefer leather,not tat comfy with aircond especially on hot day.

My home got full set of teakwood,err...maybe not teakwood.Looks like it tho' but quite comfy if u put a thin layer of cushion
ah pek
i'd think that teakwood living room furniture very suitable for our hot and humid weather. the seats especially those with rattan weave are very cooling and comfy and you won't end up having your underpants stuck to your sweaty bumps.

free show still ok. maybe can post in blog. what if they sue 9 me ler?
so if no money, maybe can do japanese style; put some cushions on floor nia la
dat's why when you testing the sofas at fully-airconed showroom soooo comfy wan.
I also like teak furniture. It really adds warmth to the home. But not too much lah, don't want to overdose..
ya, i think just a couple of pieces and match with some sofas with removable covers would be nice. ;)